Friday, May 24, 2024

PRESS RELEASE - ABC-7 NEWS SOAP OPERA Male Figurehead Glass Ceiling Wall Hiding From Women's Superiority

Author wants Dr. Armand Hammer's Liar Bill Ritter off my back, leech!

11:25 PM, May 23, 2024, Mr. Bill Ritter sitting at the ABC-7 NY News Desk, before witnesses, Sam Ryan, Sade Baderinwa and Lee Goldberg, signaled that I, the author of The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service, am worthless and crazy with Bill Ritter's crazy hand signal circling Bill Ritter's ear

Coming down a hall I confronted Mr. Ritter, from front door. Both hands circling both ears. While Mr. Ritter grinned he didn't have to face me then. He knows I won't allow his lying to me again. Face your lie and leave me alone. All ever warranted after Bill exposed he targeted me. 

    Ms. Sade Baderinwa witnessed Mr. Ritter's smug confidence in ignoring me, that kept him big in his own eyes. Celebrities don't fall well from their own heights. Don't forget! Judy Garland was pushed by Hollywood Manipulators. Known as powerful men who were just ruthless boys. 

And yes Liza Minelli and I rode a 7th Avenue and 54th Street elevator, alone together, without bothering each other. Thrilling. I recognized her silhouette at the far away front door and held the elevator. She nodded when I told her that. 

Wore the Plaid Reading Shirt from my Roy Cohn Doorstep Reading. That outlines Donald Dump's an outright fraud. I apologize I refuse to cite that name that specifically requires the distinction REPULSIVE! 

That Soap Opera Court case to side step reality, while he's convictable for so many, many, things. Donald Dump is a TRAITOR! 

I was in THE OUTSIDE PRESS GALLERY at Thursday's May 16th DONALD DUMP TRIAL. Ever publicity desiring, and conscious, Donald Dump? The Fraud Dumpster went out the back door. Out the back not facing THE Hammer and Cycle Roy Cohn PLAID Reading SHIRT in front under the glare of publicity he so admires for his hair. NOT KIDDING! 

While some PRESS may have caught Sade Baderinwa and I re-perform The Donald Duckster's Bible stunt. I mimicked Dump's stone face while swimming in Sade's eyes as always. 

It is discernible from the Bush Section CIA's The National Enquirer Mike Hammer, my friend, position. That the Big-Oil Military Industrial Complex already psychiatrically chased my life in 1978 & 1982, illustrates Bill Ritter isn't even a well tabulated checker of my life's progress. Crazy didn't doesn't work Bill. And besides. Crazy Mad at what Bill's responsible for, between Sade and I that has NOTHING to do with him? Already proven known by NYPD on Wednesday, May 22nd. Nope, police don't send me memos either, Bill. Frustrating, huh? 

Choking on power Bill Ritter's Legacy is already under Cornell University's Founders Wall. Where all history's disasters are stored by me. Honoring Cornell's need to destroy the Edward Bernays Bacteria that claims Cornell on his resume. Let's deify a Freud Nephew near unassailable like GREAT DISASTER BILL! Scatter more minds with made up patriotism. Bullshit for boys liquored up on POWER! Like Dumb as Hell BILL RITTER!

This is for women. All across America Male Figureheads, like that boy child Ritter exemplifies. Replaced with boys worshipping gasoline. Guillotine works? Step on it. CASE CLOSED! 

Set out on a line Mr. Bill Ritter. Not even washing and folding you. Your Security wouldn't call POLICE because you've always known you're hiding from me! 

Finally I insulted one or two and the Police came and we talked 20 minutes establishing I am who I am. What was already established between THE POLICE AND I, by us by my being allowed to stand within THE PRESS where no one was allowed. My spot the entire time. And of course Sade Baderinwa and I performed that Glass Wall, on Center Street, that enshrines Boy King Bill. Shallow Naked Emperor of all his head can grasp. Not even marketable Swiss Cheese Brain at this point, Bill.

There we were waiting on Center Street. Without the Pathetic Bill Security Blanket. She had to leave quick. Why? How do I stop staring at her? Smart woman. Miss you ...

Nine months my enemy, and Oil-Pit Ritter doesn't know Bill Ritter knows he targeted me.  Just innocent caring for his lie Bill. Like NASCAR claiming they don't know they symbolize ruining the world polluting. While people come to watch accidents happen. Is there a party when gas hits a thousand miles per hour? Well. Fact is, pride in car development has been smothered and squandered by the abuse of THREE & more NASCAR GENERATIONS. WORSE THAN EVEN SCUMBAG BILL RITTER! Condemned selves NASCAR. Any consciences in there?  

Who cares what you didn't know Bill. You knew 3 NEWS DESK people respected me. Proof you're just a foot soldier for disreputableness. SUE ME ARROGANT FACE! 

What I know is Malcolm Forbes warned me in 1989 that Dr. Armand Hammer already knew about me. I refused to have lunch with Hammer and he knew an objective book shows he's guilty. Hammer and Cycle gives him a light touch. But Dr. Armand Hammer is guilty of doing things that destroy the world for his ego's satisfaction. Tool of Washington's and Moscow's manipulators.

Hammer hated me as did that racist Sheriff Groveland Four Murderer Willis V. McCall I was raised near. Why Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. confidant Dr. Ralph Abernathy looked at this White Boy in awe. His eyes and our never forgotten hand shake. Because this White Boy's Black Funeral Home paid for all of my college education. Home less than a block from that racist's. He knew what I'd face. Fake Not Racist Bill!

So LA HAMMER CAPITAL meets, in some fashion, hiding "LA Business Writer" Bill "The Big Heel" Ritter. As testified to by Bill Ritter's own - don't blame Bill for what Bill started nine months ago. Thinking Roy Cohn Avoid Reality works as is Donald Dump the emblem of in court. Check Mate. But Bill's a checker still playing that. 


Boy King Bill's Male Figurehead-in-Waiting Stand-in? Who is up at 4 AM weekdays? Sits in Fridays now because irrational Bill still pretends his family is equal to ALL ABOUT BILL! Sade always did Fridays alone before. For years. For years! Mr. Mike Marza Bill Ritter's Dick Cheney-in-Waiting.

Bill hiding his real motives is exactly how Big Oil's Mediocrity has historically played out. American Transportation sold as the Public abandoned trains. While BIG-OIL bought off and dug up track. Not much? Should have been none. Before the 20th Century even started, Big-Oil Executives pushed everything else out of the way. They knew even before the 20th Century it's all about the size of the battery. 

    Close enough now for generations! But led by over-priced gasoline riddled, inebriated, mediocrity. That in addition had motives to kill President John F. Kennedy. The money made on gas back-and-forth to drop Napalm on Vietnam that was money shriveled away in American Pockets is American History too. Facing our flag, means facing everything. What American Patriot Colin Kaepernick means. 

As Oliver Stone's JFK pinpoints - "They all wanted him dead." 

Monorails would spill less chemicals across America period. Bad design of American progress by Lazy Oil Wealth is historical fact. Bridge or tunnel, that's it! Cars and trains should never cross each other. Otherwise designed accidents. DESIGN IS EVERYTHING! The wasted efficiency by pretending money is better spent flying away from the job. 

Bill Ritter in fact, well over 3 years ago, when time is never allotted for extras? Had everyone describe their gas cars so Bill could praise we should all still be grateful we're all owned by gas. When our economy should circulate and not be owned at all. Stock market up and down should be that money. Not what houses, clothes and feeds the whole world. Greed up the infinity! Bigger than meant to be. 

Eyesore Bill saved Sade Baderinwa for the punchline last. I left the kitchen, before even knowing I'm already in love with her, thinking - don't worry about it Sade. I just heard  Big Oil Gang Bang Bill. Swear. Bill was even confronted when he started the Let's Praise World Pollution Theme. Bill laughed at, "Why are you doing this?" LAUGHED! Forgive My Face Bill.

Nine months theoretically BUSH SECTION CIA Bill blocking Sade Baderinwa, from her and my talking. After we spent two months making sure that's where we were headed. Neither of us had time to bother with playing love. Made sure that's where my heart was and she was listening. Neither waste time playing love, I imagine. 

Why did I lose my voice screaming at Bill? Sade Baderinwa is single. Obvious explanation is the Woman has waited for me longer than I realized I've been waiting for her. Never lost my voice before. I'm angrier now because this is tomorrow. The Blackest White Man Alive, me, is specifically non-violent too. Security Facade is Bill's speculatively Bush Section CIA Face. As so many tangents of history, just grapple with scattered disarray for hiding behind. Like Poor FAKE-FACE-FOR-A-LIVING Bill. And Ultra-Stupid Donald Dump. Both fake I'm invisible probably. Intellectually insolvent _SSes.

Because basically he's important All About Bill Ritter. As with Dump. Unaccessible Celebrity Mountain Top Above Facing Any Truth. As Roy Cohn preached. Dump even brags his celebrity is the-most-important-of-all in the whole world. Describes himself unassailable. Shoot me Trumped Up Disaster. Self-Idolized Cesspool. 

Mr. Bill Ritter was viewed lying ON AIR that everyone should feel grateful BIG OIL threatens to collapse the economy. Unless our accessorized guilt's kept in place. The economy needs them was always THE BIG LIE! 

Lied for three generations under the umbrella of well financed Public Relations. While John Lennon's death? He wrote such insightful lyrics, he was gotten out of the way of America's further expanding minds. NO _HIT! More than Lennon's Assassination will be cited in a Soon-to-be-Released-Pamphlet.

Common Sense Is Not Censorship by Thomas Paine II 

Honoring Open History Stepping Stones Raisa and Mikhail Gorbachev 

Founding Father Thomas Paine favored independence writing COMMON SENSE. Then British Colonists created the United States of America reading COMMON SENSE. 

What’s My Line? Was another American landmark. The television show initially ran from 1950 to 1967. With an emcee cavorting with four sophisticated panelists. While today’s ABC reincarnation features how the guy’s mother would rule the world. The original’s highlight are the four pontificating panelists. Witty cosmopolitan interplay in debonaire repartee. The widow of playwright Moss Hart, (1904-61), Kitty Carlisle, Peggy Cass, Bill Cullen and Don Ameche among revolving notables. A simple reliably applied, demographically accessible, platform. For the Game Show Ages. An integral facet in amassing the inevitably facilitated Commercial American Heights. 

But just as European Aristocracy is mistaken superior status. American Achievers, though broader based, sit similarly on prestige. Resulting in the actual dismembering of American Political Discussion. A Virtual Fanaticism that warps the actual competition of politics into mere Jousting Saboteurs. Who drink or scheme together-after-work. A Voyeurism centered on successfully getting away with slapdash jargon. Slogan signposts. Molded to hide from not fully facing Cultural Facts for generations. Belittling as ignorable, even the very clearest of messaging and information. Why PBS is scapegoated as just liberal. Because of FRONTLINE and other shows’ pinpoint revelations. By a pre-fabricated fake conservative opposition. Just the amplified bandwagon muffling of  American Politics the last century. The Password is “Politicize.” Shutting ears to hearing substance behind anything. Channeling Vision.   

Belittling American possibilities. Attacking the extremely slightly government subsidized, public funded, Public Broadcasting System. The as per usual evidence of Flippant Propaganda Symbolism. Maintaining Partitioned American Thinking that’s not evolved as the Nature of our American Political Dialogue. Public Dialogue that could have even led to actual National, State, and Local Debate. Rather than calculated, verbatim channeled American Mediocrity. 

Telling the country, while patting their backs, that endless advertising equals over-arching patriotic fervor.  


War Contractor Martin-Marietta built Disney World's first circle monorail, highlighting their never being in the American Transportation Business. Displaying an entire American Infrastructure that could have, across the nation, Built America Better back then. Connecting Disney to Orlando would have made the State's easily networked trains The Real Vacation Paradise advertised. Instead of sparklers we all wonder why we don't see while reality hits the road congested real estate. So to speak. 

    50 years ago designed to sit in Interstate Parking Lot Traffic Jams. To pollute with gas. Door-to-door convenience destroyed the world for convenience. Longer hurricane and tornadoes means we went too far and BIG OIL Still Lies. Electric at every gas spot. Or conspiracy to destroy remains. Buy your gas where electric sold. REVERSE by every means necessary. WEATHER is a line in destiny's sands. Meaning we're the ruiners. BOTTOM LINE. 

    Congestion Pricing should be a dollar. Charging The Public for Lazy Wealth's consequences, isn't right. While of course the polluters propel gas voters to the polls not knowing any nuance worth a difference. 

The  American Transportation System was designed to mean the public chose the car. No. Confronted eye-to-eye, face-to-face, Robert A. Caro, noted biographer and respected New Yorker? Confirmed to me. Personally. That indeed, confronted? Robert Moses knew it was CORRUPT making everything car centered. Robert "Dick Cheney" Moses closed his book AND RAN! 

Entire Gas Car Industry built around survival. Radio News full of squawking - preserve destroying the WORLD. LOCAL CBS RADIO NEWS? Friends of SCUMBAG BILL RITTER? "Want a normal marketplace" Gas Pipe Spokesperson is quoted. 

As Big-Oil paid to cover their behinds three generations. In 2000 I slammed the floor. This is cursed! I screamed it before that condemned Liar George Bush even said, "hold on." NBC LIAR BUSH WITCH GET OFF THE TODAY SHOW MORNINGS! CRIMINALS clothed in Legal Criminal Supreme Court bought off finery. Giggly WITCH! Complain to Dick Cheney's Daddy Warlocks your condemned father. 

Beg for anything! King George Bush Legacy Deniers!

Let's continue ...

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