Thursday, July 11, 2024

The TV Network and Fabricated Celebrity Arrogance is defiantly displayed not scared of Elton John fans.

GAME OVER. THEY WON. I am Destroyed. Blame Myself? Not kidding folks. Everyone's allowed the FOOLS destruction of me.

Common Sense Is Not Censorship, Described by Thomas Paine II 

    The Night Security Fraud just claimed to "never do anything to me" and belief in JESUS. Screamed me "go to jail" into street with cohorts my last chance to see Sade last January, among many things. How willing to lie, already well established long ago. Taunting me, the Associated with Killing Guy Killer. 

    Nice the gaul, finally reached to lie to my face. These FOOLS! He left delighted with himself as all the NETWORKED FOOLED are tooled to Male Figurehead Inability.

Security Jeff, your fate's everyone's now VOTED FOOLS RULE! 

    Can't fix your idols, world. To HELL with me has ruled. But your cooperation judging yourselves, judging me, is appreciated nonetheless. 

    Special fond farewell, leaving here, to Bill DILDO Figurehead MIKE MARZA. The picture perfection of delight with arrogance as a systematic way of life. 

Done with you Fools Tools.

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