Angela Davis and I Welcome America LISTENING!

    No? But no longer facing issues, should no longer be in effect. At all

    Yes, right. Addressing why The Soapbox View language reached a more direct tone? Polite was apparent to not have taken a big enough bite from people's pretensions. So illiterately ineffectual understanding held sway among the money's the only thing worth anything whatever anyway that got us in the - whatever mess anyway _____hit artists. 
    Thing is, in time? Anyone is actually capable of seeing the points The Soapbox View essays get at. Rather than just taking the tone of manipulating off an offended posture. Americanism folks? Kidding? That I insisted on speaking before the teacher and calling Americanism a fraud in 1975 as a high school senior probably didn't help me. But it was intended to help everyone else!

    For a period of time I and The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service were honored as shown after Angela Davis onBALL TV in New York City's VILLAGE. Thank you Stone Tone! 

  So! Everyone else! ... Angela Davis will not back down from every accusation she's leveled at this society right down to no hesitation regarding a racist police force as of some necessity. No? Then GOD DAMNED for not caring enough to understand the many sides of even very simple world problems people've let be handled by the most unethical people possible. One Big Cavity! 

    Jordan of Ohio leads House of Representatives? Should not be a question, much less thought. Man who tirades before public about innocence of UBER-JERK so tarnished by criminal elements, the American Public itself can't be brought to face the complete truth. 

    Angela Davis is a Communist? So what! Grow up and face things were so twisted legitimate can be frosted flakes made of nuclear waste when you get down to the tragedy of the modern world. 

    Sure. Totalitarian idiots were frauds in the USSR. Hardly making Nancy and Ronnie's Pharmaceutical Nuclear Gas Heads a reality the world should tie its economy to forever. So those lies can lie long after dead as is the tragic not modern enough world. 

    Good history isn't lying and America? Face you ____ed up. Or we've ____ed up. PERIOD. 

    What's left to tell people, Sade? Lying's big bucks won't give up? Touché, I'm torched. So I'm going to just reminisce some time with a woman who did some time as a receptionist at a 16 East 34th Street place that did a couple times a week bank officer pick-up at 40th and 5th. 

    Not related as I personally know. But officers at that International Bank were implicated, time back, facilitating money needing to do nothing circulating for people who had enough to do enough anyway. Ah the charades - money. 

    Oh right. So a few times I'd wait for some end of the operation's completion, and we talked and she mentioned singing at the ASHFORD AND SIMPSON place on West 72nd. 

    I don't have money to head south really, and I heard from the Florida police enough, that just get out of here means watching me's a pain. New York, heck. The Military industrial Complex can't be specifically proven as trying to destroy him? Me. "What else is new? Are you kidding? This is New York. We're all in a vice. Pshaw!" ...

    So! Sade, I love you has to be interjected so what's important isn't confused with bull crap. Miss you ... This distance between us, obnoxious I see. And a personal wall of sorts, defining individual space. Though looking at you I'm just pure stunned. But this distance clears up the idea of our beginning. Ending? Sure, I'll wait! I'm in any damned way! How angry could I get? Be?  

    Anyway. As has happened over and over generations. That GOD DAMNED VACUOUSNESS OF an Xpresident represented and represents STILL -COMPLETE CRAP! Steroidially deformed jargon inhaler, PERIOD! 

    Advancements in schooling? Kids see past training. Some to get by, others to exploit and rest lament. Always been a de Santis as manipulative as ALL the people fooled to believe prejudice is useful. They've just adapted to being tools. Enough paid enough to destroy ourselves? That's Contemporary History evolved from generations ago. 

    The fact that's what I write about for NOW currently less than around 100 people a day? As opposed to the 5000 a day days of weeks ago. Before maybe employers pulled the plug on lookers titillated enough to rub selves raw as happens when celebrities are carved from infamous actors, acting of the stature and exceptional buffoonery of Curtis Sliwa who is well cited as acted out drama queen forevermore. QUEEN SLIWA crowned with a cap full of ____! 

    Hey! Not like I destroyed commercial housing eliminating full circulation, and combined, socially, with the moron who designed, his own exclusive Robert Moses prison designs falsely claimed to be Public Housing. Generally all delinquently designed. BUT SOME Unions early-enough fought for their projects to be more thoroughly ran! 

    But Housing Authority trucks? As with police cars, patrol late to fix but collect, maybe! MAYBE what's broken to begin with. The rich would have destroyed their buildings without doormen + individual housing staff too! A commercial staple of successful REAL ESTATE, but let's preach White Arrogance Blaming The Poor! 

    Unions already established minimums in all workplaces as is the law that once gotten, all workers get it. That protects all established work in this country. Professionals can't help defrauding this country having built good lives from the shriveling money process. However poisoned, but no one's condemned for that. It's for the lying about trying, and as the saying goes that's with everyone's maker - GOD. 

    Conservative Christians? BITE ME! You lying scumbags, worming around repeating principles you laugh your own selves out of obeying. Integrity? Mike Huckabee runs for President to become Perpetual Hype Celebrity Spokesperson. NOW compare the money making schemes currently between former President Bill Clinton and X-president DIPPED IN _HIT! 

    Spokes without wheels, YOU ARE ALL SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITICAL PERSONIFIED! Case Closed. Screw SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS! How dare you BLAME JESUS CHRIST & make this world believe judging others solves something! Ooo, we're with JEWS in the MIDDLE EAST. You are carved up JEWS. MOST JEWS KNOW NETANYAHU IS A COMPLETE IDIOT. 

    Our president defends THAT JACK ASS! THE HELL with all of us. What do you people think you're playing? Agreeing with Iran that letting that NUT Netanyahu pretend he defends ISRAEL SO Iran's got a perpetually destroyed economy under its belt, in PALESTINE, to wave at stupid GOD DAMNED NETANYAHU with no GOD DAMNED integrity in any GOD DAMNED HAND! 

    Get it poisoned Delaware Acceptable Chemical Giant Politician? Wilmington, where you elegantly commuted, as everywhere is a GOD DAMNED monument to the vanity of BIG OIL up some other titan of misery monster offspring of colonialism's vanity's ___. 

    Mazes of highways cover up downtowns' train stations, originally designed as centers to complete the effect of a connected America! Not just the one vainly now watched from self satisfied parking lots, sometimes named freeways! BECAUSE if anything HIDING BECAME PARAMOUNT. Just look! New York Public Library Building stands empty years to put a Greek Oil Spilling Pinhead NAME on it. 

    Because poisoned money satisfies long enough to burn a path where? Screw me? Yes, I know.

    Whew. No wonder Sade doesn't level me a look of here or there, or whatever for that matter. We're still right here where I'm the little failed writer, elevated to proven worthlessness financially. But that was the formula! Shove the truth down the country's throats by every means necessary

From Lincoln's podium in The Great Hall of Cooper Union, RACISTS, final answer, as REGIS PHILBIN asks, TO HELL WITH ALL YA'LL!

    Yet I proved if smart enough, ya'll could have fixed ourselves with what I've written facing the historical ghost pulled strings undermining us. Twain, ad nauseam etc. All literature laid out the shame laid as LITERATURE's Great Disgrace. The gall. Rich Bezos does Nero's fiddle in every position,  so the more tantalized perversions don't feel left out. 

And WHITEY Shot Upward, Toward,  @ The Moon! What an ___hole of an addiction, lying to pretend. 

Protest Your Own Dicks, MIKE HAMMER, National Enquirer and little prick Queen Rupert Murdoch of GOD DAMNED HELL from right here you piece of literal shit. 


    Did I personally always know I 'd write like this, no. Do I know I learned what evolved is what I'm describing? Yes confident. Why however radical American Historians may venture to depict Angela Davis, to do so as done deforming America puts that historian spliced square through the hearts and minds of Criminalized American Justice. 

Check, Mate

    Checkmate _other_uckers! Since the expression evolved from how you GOD DAMNED RACIST LEGACIES manage(d) slaves to produce the best machined forms. 

    NFL? You're on HUGE Screen in CANADA, written out as outright liars you're TITANS of Finance. You're a MONOPOLY, not worthy of being TRUST BUSTED. Big Daddy Lipscomb didn't do heroin! Prove to me scumbags somewhere in the LEGACY had nothing to do with that! Like CAR BARONS bringing in the MAFIAS then saddling UNIONS with the image. NFL, it's just self-forgiveness has a certain stench. People died. Injured. High school coaches trained kids to be lethal hitters, with nowhere to hit when school proved useless except for defining what hadn't been taught or learned.
    American History written to ruin the world is written in mediocre PUBLIC RELATIONS. Historians with integrity, fried this freaking world's exploiters for all times! Why Ron BABY De Santis says read his books he can't even write himself. But vote for him, his professionals can't really debate because it's an easier living once you adapt to stabbing in the back just for the HELL OF IT! AMERICA? 

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