May 15, 2023 Welcome To Damage Control Monday 


Sent reasonably earlier ...

Dear Clerk of Court: United States Supreme Court and Scalia Law School, 


This United States citizen is registering notice, wanting the residue, cited above, washed. Not whitewashed. The Fake Conservative bandwagon can get involved, throughout, to any degree, right up to and including placing me in the electric chair for thinking what I think. Though I’ve read I have the right, no matter how others frame me anti-American, to express myself. But that’s history and I’m trying not to beat around the bush, as Fake Conservative interests have redundantly framed public dialogue for generations.

However minor my novelist’s position, those still reading should know relevant (newspapers, etc.) parties are BCCed. I feel obligated to be open, without coders reiterating their specialness. Time the contrived deceits ends. Truth is, the lot of you Fake Conservatives present an image to the public while manipulating however you want. I know. Suits and ties are nice covers, that the Chinese, even mimic, wearing them not realizing they are just a Party of factional parties killing, and imprisoning, each other before their opponents can. Can’t even look each other in the face when on public display. I blame your Fake Conservative deceptions as more irresponsible than theirs. Theirs evolved from a Soviet Communism of enriched elite, pretending to live on just enough while the slave labor society was, kept in the dark, collecting their crap. Bolshevik tyranny faced a Czar tyranny. Mao and Chiang Kai-shek faced similar nonsense. Chinese long-view still OUT TO LUNCH. Could explain further but you all are part of the problem so not involved in solutions. Wish I feel yet goes in that sentence. 

Go ahead, believe this next point changes subjects. I dare you. Run bigotry for President again as all your current candidates represent in their degrees. And women candidates, moderating your bull crap platforms, is just further insult. And, no doubt, when lip-dribblers THE EX and DeSantis are understood, as babblers of controlled nonsense, gig’s, lucratively, up. As opposed to our fellow currently financially doomed Americans, ya’ll have lots of cushion built on money inflated out of proportion. Wall Street just watched that housing bubble destroy America? I don’t believe it. I believe a confluence of interests allowed that deception’s proliferation. Ask yourselves what would have happened if I were in the position to destroy America’s personal housing wealth business? Fantasy of stopping that would have probably failed. But at least we’d know more about how to stand. Nice, fracturing America’s legs and removing the crutches. Right. No law against. But not facing ethics is something none of you quite get is still a debt to be paid. 

Oh yeah, that was some nice publicity how individual Democrats on the Court exploited perks TOO. Similar to hiding the jerk behind loads of court cases, to maintain cultural celebrity. The interests that built that Tower of Trumped Up Babble are on all of you. Take him out or go down with him. Meanwhile, I think the Federal Government has always had evidence Trump Tower has always been a base of ongoing criminal enterprise. Hiding from truth either stops, or have nice vacations. 

And why a black man has to be one of the biggest laurel resters, I’ve ever seen, is maybe deep down cynically that he’s always thought he was showing up the nonsense for what it is. Though he’s the primary evidence against that speculation. Loves driving around our (he and his wife’s) country in his mobile house, back-patting with conservatives. All pretending it’s just a party. No nuance. Liberals are responsible for bomb throwers, while the January 6 insurrection is denied as connected with the very idiocy that made it happen. Mr. Not Responsible For Any Repercussion. Your toy, and others. Not mine. Please put your games away, and out of manipulating the public consciousness into admiring the hiding behind our American Flag. Go ahead. Cut me down with it. I’m fine with history. Denying your Roy Cohn stances only places exclamation points where they belong and lie.

So either jerks are looking for loopholes or I’m writing for readers that realize fed up is all that’s left. Waiting for growing up, over. Let’s try decoding the public’s being led to believe Conservative political divisiveness is part of a two-sided equation. For people’s sake. Face something, Right. Not now? Fake Conservatives will keep saying anything and circulating sycophantism, but every day a growing number of the population will see as future historians will. And I believe America will feel better if your jerk-ass methods, of remaining an elite rich above a mass you refuse real responsibility for, ends. Money should be fun, not something desperately sought and kept away from the achievement of full prosperity.

All of you, as a group, showed either incompetence, being duped, or complete self-interest, by accepting that man of NO SUBSTANCE for president. That man was last viewed, by me, as posing angry with Sean (let me play too) Hannity. Neither face what they’ve mumbled for lifetimes. Really Sean Hannity? You don’t actually know how feeling loyal differs from pretend? Hey. Hit me jacka__. Rather burn in hell forever than loyalty to either of them.

This FOR THE RECORD, challenge, is already longer than I’d prefer. Believe it or not, I’m trying to wrap it up. Your faults, not mine. So face this. Much of these generations of nonsense, is on behalf of removing oil from the earth that should probably evolve where it is. Earthquakes in Oklahoma. Brilliant, hiding behind politics, jerks. The Man behind making Oklahoma cavernous, and earthquake ridden, extracting oil from the rocks, killed himself ramming his car into a road embankment. History, not even the Supreme Court faces. And that is American History. The Supreme Court figuring out what America thinks, until? Until standing on the laurel of morality is more important than every child STILL not being raised so alone. 

Saudi Arabia isn’t facing much more than bank balances and advertising rates. Fashioning an incomplete liberation of women, while their leaders held onto a lighted globe with a PROVEN disreputable man that glommed on to the Presidency with the Republicans self-serving acceptance. Now justices serve directly appointed by that man. As honorable as they pretend, under the circumstances the right thing is to resign because you three are compromised.  PERIOD. Or at least required re-approval by Senate. That whole shenanigan about a Supreme Court Justice’s adopted child. You are in the law. Time, you don’t have. Any reading of English History reveals children are loyal to their nannies. Yours were probably replaced often enough to mold the child's knowledge to just what the paperwork accomplished. Every adopted child/adult, I ever met, is jealous of me because my maternal grandparents adopted me the day I was born. And as such, the woman that gave birth to me spent a lifetime trying to untie the resources, left to educate me, for her own enjoyment. Meanwhile my sister(s), who were scattered because my parents couldn't afford more, were never bothered by her. Otherwise I’d know now. Point. Change circumstances, women don’t need interference. Women need men in their place. If Elizabeth had gotten away with aborting me, none of you would have anything to do with my soul.

So what your specific justice group, along with your co-sycophants, refuses to face about abortion and hides from this generation, is throughout history women were killing themselves because men forced them to carry out all the responsibilities they themselves considered beneath men. Again, not exactly on point that your group reality twists. Adam and Eve is an origination story? No wonder people think GOD isn’t everything, and somehow how up there pointing at favorites below. Although everywhere, GOD is probably very, very, extremely tired of hearing people distort inspiration. Adam and Eve’s fall from grace is, most likely, a fabrication. A next generation woman never mentioned? HELLO! Cain and Abel is a Cultural Origination story of the nature of our competition and revenge. Look how that book actually does trace begats and then the men decided to sit on their laurel. Centuries evolved into our still wanting praising GOD to be all it takes, while led by puny mortals who bought the Supreme Court to hide their making mistakes.



Chalres M. Fraser

P. S. Frankly, as that jerk repeats, I don't see how anyone has any use for the US Supreme Court going down in history with the gasoline powered engine. After all, it (gas engine) built an economy it then, for generations, undermined. The Supreme Court, contrary to its establishment, has allowed itself to be a pawn of political interests since the very beginning. And Chief Justice? You are on the hook, and record. Publicized all over the country as caring about the court's reputation. It’s your sound bite, in case handlers neglected to inform you. And you're dangling on protecting a cocoon of interests that displays the nature of two types of people. Those who can think of themselves and others, and those whose thoughts center around our manipulation. Chief Justice Roberts, look? Sickening, the roots of self-interest madness manifesting NOT fully functioning capitalism. Follow this, fringed on humorous, anecdote. Man runs for president. Self and handlers make him a celebrity, and his daughter trained in what, really(?), becomes governor of Arkansas. If I allowed myself to gamble, I'd bet the state needs a law requiring all governors take a class of some kind. In class. Actually hearing students' questions, and not audit (appearance) appearances as you should understand many surmise were Supreme Court judges’ relationships with Scalia Law. The gaul. Ask New York Times columnist David Brooks, who will still go out of his way to demonstrate fair, how long ago he faced that cocoon the Times' article described. If Conservatism meant more than conflated interests, that president never would have tried describing evil emperors as cute toy dolls, in America’s eyes, like himself. 

In case this submission, to the court, seems written to cover myself politically and not place my own neck on the guillotine. It's one thing to have Notre Dame as a laurel, but whole other ball game to just sit on it. And note to try to conclude on. Conservative Money Machine. Hyper-driven because a fake Australian had to prove Conservative credentials to get into the Chinese Media market. Got carried away. Just as the Supreme Court has allowed a confluence of interests to tarnish our whole country. 

P. S. S. So. Conservative hoax kept money from out of full financial circulation. I know Scalia Law never cared, but it is FRAUD not having an ongoing attempt to fix the Industrial Medical System pricing. Right, get at the drugs is a fun game. Nitpicking bull, in the game of skim. If the accountants hired to chisel at the infrastructure can’t grow up, we need new. Not under the court’s purview?  Republicans abandoned all purview. Too much actual work? The Medical Industrial System charges American taxpayers over $3000 for a first-time medical Medicaid visit for the poor. Fix medicine undermined by the skimming that fractured common sense. Yes, I know. Sitting on your money can last a lifetime. And as a lot of people know, and Fake Conservatives claim to understand. God decided who's lucky to inherit the earth. 

For those keeping score. Direct to Scalia Law email is CCed Men 46 WOMANHOODS 6. 

And to conclude as seriously as I can.

Kamala Devi Harris For President, and Bernie Sanders Vice, is my current registered Republican preference. And of course Biden over any Fake Conservative hypocrite. Hypocrites.  

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