Bike Tarrytown Anyone?

    Dan, Tarrytown (TWITTER) Dan, sir, ... Malcolm ...
ya know one cultural institution or another has their way of defining themselves so don't let me bother you. As just done with someone else in an institution in Manhattan who wasn't amused. So I erased everything and left. I can be a pain, right? | | T: @BikeTarrytown | F: @BikeTarrytn

America is really carried by donated time, 


Bike Tarrytown Updates

    Happy Birthday, Ms. Hellman ... there's a, dog-eared by others, book or two on the shelf and your mannered explanation of Mr. Hammett's coordinated fate is accurate and beyond whatever people think patriotism requires about the debate. NO kidding the Soviets were led by idiot dogma and us too. And for emphasis - - -

NO! NOT an ABBY HOFFMAN Steal This Book prop PROMOTION. The meaningfully linked page is an invention of American History. Born of Contemporary Times need to deal with the present as THE FUTURE INSPIRES now. NOW. … NOW …  

    Look at that, Dan? You'd think her picture could be the last word, but you should vie for that actually. having invested a decade of your time to give Tarrytown some chance of civilized survival. Sure, people grew to think everywhere was a fascinating by car till they ended up driving all over the country in a parking lot. Well things change. Or idiots keep complaining no one can fix what they keep breaking. Would be nice to belie not so, when unfortunately is. 

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