Toshi-Aline Ohta and Pete Seeger Memorial Garden is Visited by the Independence of Work

    Well folks. At some point Bicycle Couriers may decide they're listening to me. So, where better to start than the Toshi-Aline Ohta and Pete Seeger Memorial Garden. The Garden is featured, now, below another of these -

The Proposal To Fix New York City's Customers' Food Delivery System

    Couriers set the trail out, looking for what was lost from submission to economic imbalances. Whatever vernacular from war applies? Couriers went through enough. The motions of involvement themselves, just ran frivolously through chivalrous chatterAbout how what unites business with, or without, union couldn't mean symbolizing togetherness. When the tussle wasn't really among those doing the work. Basically. 
    Could have been, and be a minor point that coagulated into such a monstrous mountain in the hands of the willingness to make sure not one damn 1 or 0 ever really ever gave, or gives, a damn. And if the satire fits? Shrug it off. Shake it off. Take it off. Be like the idiot ex-president and insist it doesn't fit. Right. Appled oranges.
 A basic delivery system by efficient machine, was disheveled and tossed away because the ledgers required tightening labors' last survival thread. 

    What amazes couriers most are displays originally planted and grown from ideals enriched generations before generations were even calculated being born.  

    Then well ... YES this linked comment about the next floral arrangement, was described best by the Guide for looking at on the video screen above. Arranged like one of those Rock Band NEKTAR videos the additional garden installations' author likes

    "No. No no" the Guide said. "If you can't see where the picture flows in from above, impossible to recognize flow here below." ... "Come, plot thickens still."

This one? June 13, 2023

The New York Times, The Soapbox View, Facebook, comment on Times' Post of Mayor Eric Adams' Courier ANNOUNCEMENT

Thank you, Mr. Mayor, I'm required to address this issue too.
COURIERS need $15 to work which means some hours bring in over $20-25 to compensate for lesser hours. Bicycle Couriers will deal with this travesty of justice taking away the customers 10-22 minute delivery window, expectation, that's unwrapped everyone's lives around the algorithmists' rulers unjustified need to pretend ethics aren't quite enough satisfaction. Or what excuse? Broadway celebrities could depend and use restaurants nearby and I'll bet even they've lost faith in a system that said we'll fix ourselves destroying what works. Oh yeah, there's eight years of evidence no one's walking away from. Especially me. Joe Hendry? Anyone is welcome to tell me off Uber? Door Dash? You've both coercively acted in unison as a monopoly destroying the competition for labor established years ago and now Ubereats is weakened so the competition withers away. AND PROMISED CONVENIENCE FOR RESTAURANTS continues as charges hard to absorb when customers are told the app works and problem is everyone else. Problem is APP WORKED VERY WELL as designed by the Bicycle Couriers of San Francisco and when it got here going in, we couriers knew the old was over and uber paid extra hanging around to give the best service and ensure their favored slot. But cabbies frustrated by an insolvent financial flow killed themselves but couriers had our system of competition in place replaced by the corporate will to dominate a simple bicycle business that WILL NOT STAND FOR IT ANYMORE. Fix what's broken because consider me always fixing the mess done to bicycle couriers next. And NOW. NOW! Or an End Result could be what? Keep your money and let New York City and State run the business right for ourselves with your help, please? As I've asked from the beginning for these eight long years till you gave up and decided the extra cars could be filled and what satisfied a suburbs was good enough for a city that's thrived on the bicycle all along. Like China deciding it's okay to choke themselves with the automobile so The Oil-Dripping World allows their tagging along. You midget-head wardens of impoverishment, office narrowed, strung out and tied-up getting along mismanagement of what mismanagement needs to get along. Numbskulls. I have something else to do I'm apparently not making money for doing. YOU PEOPLE. I invested eight years to have the ability to pull in $200 a week for the right hours now, when really needed to focus on my work as the corporation promised all of America, and I got bupkus. Point to what I turn down. I wager all the bicycle couriers dare you ...
Ha ... Ha ... Ha ...

    LIARS! I don't believe anyone looked beyond this stifling ideal of let's catch up to inflation and pretend our undermining a decent business model isn't seen. Who is exactly involved with our mayor lying to himself as well? Mayor Adams, please your attention. Because it's broken. THERE IS NO MORE TWO YEARS LEFT TO FIX WHAT IS DESTROYED. period  

    What happened to create another PUBLICITY announcement? Back when the City Council also announced their stake in the future's heart with an utterly irresponsible promise that then set rates plummeting to adapt to bouncing back to a compromise sabotaged before couriers even reached the end of the month.

    Raising, only dropped and tweaks of starting back are sabotaged weekly and even down to daily. Now again the idea of two more years till something is eventually inadequate

    Probably always realized, if fired, there's a phone number to call and start legal whatever. When all my texts and pleas ever asked, from the very beginning, was stop ruining what's already fixed. Sometimes people become haunted by the truth and things get faced. And at least I'm facing me.

    To recap, and slide my own neck further, firmly, where the guillotine places me. As of yesterday I have not been fired. Apparently know there's eight years of my getting madder and madder ON THE RECORD. And when I'm done with this page, as an essay, and proposal, I'm sending it to Albany and calling the next day to see if anyone has the guts to venture with me in understanding where I stand. And get it? The NLRB owes me an election I won't spend dime one on, because we all know something's ruined the whole city of NEW YORK CITY really saw working. Back, once upon a time till the money decided getting out was just a matter of being destructive with irresponsibility one more time again. Let's see what the voters really want? 

 So same subject, what happened? Another committee decided to read another assigned New York Times piece that couldn't get past and under the shadowed nitty-gritty? Maureen Dowd of The Times even asked the most critical question of the CEO of uber, some time back, about people wanting to make a living, from the app, that weren't able. AND THE CEO answered the pat answer of a few years before of sorry they've not mastered the app yet. App mastered and manipulation decided it wasn't worth their time to supply enough money anymore, so destroy it. No? THE MASSACRE'S documented all over THIS PAGE.

  Pete Seeger 
before the House Committee on Un-American Activities was a turn in the road, but not from the vantage of exploited extremes. Sinister's the boiled over Shakespearean cancer "when you first practice to deceive" - "double bubble, toil and trouble." To fondly embrace more innocent times is the false narrative consumed American political scene. Get over it. ... . Dylan went electric, so what?
  She entered life in the this side versus that yoke, on the that side. Attending Manhattan's Little Red Schoolhouse. The world's overrun by casted first stones, no? ...
  Past the fabric enclosed, bamboo supported, arched entry, is the enclosure's circle of pictures and sonnet-ish expressions relevant to Clearwater's Founders' lives. Environmentalism isn't a cover for commies. But guess what is. Aspirations to humanity's ecological awareness that're so important in the first place, is wrapped in the stories of saving the (local) river.  
    And this picture endlessly fascinates me. Missing the Great St. Johns River flowing through much of Florida's Heart
Entering the circumference I took a right turn. 

  They say they said such brilliant things people can hardly miss taking note.   

In recognition of how much I appreciate the Bicycle Couriers of San Francisco's work.

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