Toshi-Aline Ohta and Pete Seeger Memorial Garden

before the House Committee on Un-American Activities was a turn in the road, but not from the vantage of exploited extremes. Sinister's the boiled over Shakespearean cancer "when you first practice to deceive" - "double bubble, toil and trouble." To fondly embrace more innocent times is the false narrative consumed American political scene. Get over it. ... . Dylan went electric, so what?
  She entered life in the this side versus that yoke, on the that side. Attending Manhattan's Little Red Schoolhouse. The world's overrun by casted first stones, no? ...
  Past the fabric enclosed, bamboo supported, arched entry, is the enclosure's circle of pictures and sonnet-ish expressions relevant to Clearwater's Founders' lives. Environmentalism isn't a cover for commies. But guess what is. Aspirations to humanity's ecological awareness that're so important in the first place, is wrapped in the stories of saving the (local) river.  
  Entering the circumference I took a right turn. 
  They say they said such brilliant things people can hardly miss taking note.   

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