caringkind Alzheimer's Walk 2023 ... oops, I Apologize Mike Marza

    This is why I am, very happily still, appreciating being @ the caringkind day in Central Park. Dr. Jim Glisson, Florida sponsor of the first Martin Luther King Jr. Day in USA, and I had a very important conversation on a park bench once. He spent his last years with Alzheimer's and seeing his son's Facebook updates that "Dad" had a good alert day uplifted. Remembering ooo I need to write about Dr. Glisson. Click to You Tube, he's in video lamenting something as per usual.
    Father and son had/have a successful medical practice making stringent professional care affordable. Assume most can't. We're kidding ourselves not understanding things are made harder and harder by abandoning a penny's actual value. Speculating, the whole miasma just sharks. Big deals.

The Little Girl Bicycle

Raised $450.5K Our Goal $600,000

ABC 7 Bill Ritter & Soap Opera Hunk Mike Marza 35th annual Caringkind Alzheimer's Walk in Central Park 

    Last time I was specifically at the CENTRAL PARK NAUMBURG BANDSHELL was maybe 1989. IN LIVING COLOR did a POP UP Concert of songs and two goofball friends got us there and did just as GUY BABYLON had at the OREGON 
concert in that nice downtown Tampa Theater. 
    Guy said he'd watched, at other shows, and he wanted to see. We sat where we just got up and went through a side door and there we were with the group. I was looking in the smiling face of Collin Walcott who later passed away. And Paul McCandless in New York City did a show in the old BARNES AND NOBLE at Sixth Avenue and Eighth Street, that yes I uncomfortably slept relaxingly through. That bicycle sport was past what the glamor athletes get programmed through. Funny no, oh well. That's the breaks. 
    So anyway the goofballs have us behind the bandshell and Corey Glover's like what the is this and I think Vernon Reid and I might have smiled but it was fast. "Enough of this" and I think we all laughed out of here. I saw their first show at CBGB's when recording a short-lived PARIS GREEN first before the PYRAMID CLUB and Malcolm Forbes and my ever more illustrative meeting. The official PARIS GREEN.
    The gist of what Malcolm and I discussed is resentment of the rich is used against us and it's the excuse the rich pretend they need to have their money defended. Leads to all the totalitarianism effects. I paraphrase myself.
    So Alzheimer's is the reality of everyone's lives. We see it not in people but the nature of things is deterioration. From exercise I know I live different from other 66 year olds but past 65 things get softer and yield in different ways. I could go any distance I have to on the bicycle but the gain isn't the same where there's complete bounce back. Building resilience, observable in retreat.  
  Look why I apologize. Mike (Marza) took over emceeing for Bill Ritter some years ago. So I was wrong being so sensitive about women's position. I was wrong but not about being sensitive to how women are positioned in competition with men. Who like whites pretend the damage done isn't involving their coercions in cooperating in the modern context that's just political deception. ON THEIR PART! Supreme Court Be DAMNED!
    I won't ask if his co-star on the morning NEWS, Shirleen Allicot ever did this gig. Turns out I AM THE IDIOT! He took over for Bill some years ago and Bill's back. But sensitive to women's position is the proper historical position. As specifically pointed out by JESUS CHRIST'S  sacrifice on the CROSS.
    So AMTRAK is kicking me out because the ticket for tomorrow morning isn't qualified. As neither is their president who supervises a country for the elite to be idle in airports while the lesser class can be treated like dirt. 
    TO HAVE BLACK PEOPLE in-the-positions of on-the-ground badged-power,  LORDING ENTITLEMENT CRAP OVER the lower classes' situations is Evidence of LOSING OUR SOULS. 
    Realize we're the burdens built by complete arrogance. Placing BLACK PEOPLE wanting to be in a better police position, conforming to acting out America's chasing inflation well-paid authoritarian atmosphere of bullcrap drama that the world's morons are onto as any working formula that hides not facing things. Blame Dump? Not an original thought in that cockamamy head. GUARANTEE IT!  
    The point I'm making is to think. As we've figured out Alzheimer's is a disease. In fact we're all affected by aspects of the symptoms in normal deterioration. A fact in that after these centuries children are born with problems - means the chemicals we CREATED on our own behalves are leveraging us as an entire planet from dealing with problems. The brain is a physical entity.
    Money won't solve everything but is the tool used. Why the catastrophe of medical professionals alienated from the one-to-one relationship is bottom line wrong why medical care marginalized for the effect of pretending we're calculating is organically why government and private enterprise can be and functionally are the same darn difference. 
    Because numbers have to match? The industry mixed and matched so long for generations, they're overcharging the public in the thousands of percentage points on basic STUFF. THOUSANDS OF OVERCHARGES in the millions of patients we needed fixed because the money managers destroyed the penny! 
    Oh well! That's the story, we have to eat it? SOCIETY WIDE ALZHEIMER'S FACING OUR HISTORY, GOT US TO THE POSITION WHERE shedding money's become the only game the elite plays. Don't kid yourselves. Communists destroyed themselves faking their totalitarian capitalism. We've not grown either. 
    Why the generations-long Republican Party scam ends - or we are what? Still in the wrong GOD damned position, of crap owns the money ultimately so just blame GOD for details we don't face NOW. 
    NOW that the Arctic's in FULL RETREAT of scavenged and irreplaceable dimensions! Smart capitalism, no! A poliitcal dogma - vacancy of incoherence. Saying money doesn't mean you're facing it either. . Just tune into Donna Brazile in what she's confronted them with over MANY months and they never face their faults. Just mumbling back some point of jargon SHE JUST SHREDDED! 
    So. Full effect of Alzheimer's is the loss of ability to be master of your own misfortunes that come at us fast. In my case, I'm defined, as Mike Hammer confronted me to my face, and State Attorney made sure I saw his playing I need money represented as doled out to me by a woman in charge of a retirement she was told mob mind can't accept years ago. 
    Confronted she admitted controlled by money was the disaster of her life and she wouldn't melty that happen. I let it go. Screaming I made a big deal out of pot is just the beginning of how my life confronted sitting through little things. Not of my work. 
    I was specific, that's whole year working on my figuring about three hours a day. Worthless momentum. Destructive. No pot for weeks, I'd read. Think. But survey widely what I'm doing? Pot or not.n Those people are kidding me I'm not gonna be very mad finding out. Oh right, looser no money. He won't inrterfere in the game pretending conservatives and liberals defend the right to hate like Jews, Muslims and Christians like the other people really have different faces. LYING IS THE SAME. No one is better. HATE'S THE SAME!
    In-the-end the woman portending casual control? Screamed her and Mikey HAMMER never talked. I saw them talk more than the three of us ever had that amounted to much. A decade ago, told in the editor's kitchen lies were faced years ago? Hammer just looks with eyes of maybe he'd get around the nut. Paid enough people imagine anything. 
    Why Kurt Vonnegut learned enough for Hammer's Dame to show me their photograph with his eyes gored in my brain like that time we passed in the park. I said that's it, "I don't care what they do. You and me are talking over there." And she grilled me to see that I saw at least something. 
    She guided me through Hammer's contrived background check try at me, that was unraveled by challenging the entire organization for the policy of standing around caretaking when the teams were young people there to play baseball. Then using the Dick Wolf Law and Order connection, that pulled the Total TV creations in place, it became problems solved by suspending me to go away. Meanwhile no friend reinforces discoveries my dame problem can't confront. But I told her, I'll fix the world for free I don't care. But money talked.
    We all talked the baseball volunteer first year. Anyway, sad scene repeated enough. I still shake knowing Christian families managed to have a homosexual moderate me when I finally got my money back that had been hidden from me. Sanford people. The daughter confronted me about marijuana at Florida State where trouble was sidestepped for me. Daddy knew Mafia was involved. Daddy wanted me confronted by WHITE ARISTOCRACY'S Use of Italians in Crime? People raised to be that's enough. I think they all expected more Military Industrial Empire Subsidiary Windfall. Right, my fault war for profit is engineered. That Ayn Rand crap about respecting the morons with vision to obliterate anything. Come on. Soviets idiots. To jump up and down and sophisticate obvious points around the banality of sycophants which is how she lived her PARK AVENUE LIFE. Right, Greenspan erase your chasing inflation suited hypocrisy. The conn of shredding money still exists is on everyone's loss of face watch. Expert indifference shaper and no doubt, party favorite? Go ahead, hide behind your wife. Americans massacred by debit card theft. Really, criminals are that covert. I don't buy it. Greenspan and all thew experts, I bet $92 in VISA coffers rhymes in all your fried lost consciences. Norman, financial titan - Nixon will lick your butt and Ayn Rand cheer. Witch and you lived among her like that NANCY WHORE claiming Ronnie's necessary to guard her capitalist integrity. FOUNTAINHEAD? Norman Greenspan your history's babbling the money at the top soars anyway so imagination's unaffordable. Exactly,, you';re also OVERPAID CRIMINALS crediting yourselves solving _____hit! 
    Brother, in that family sponsoring the homosexual playing with my head, played Jesus next to me in a play. Ran unfriending from me on FACEBOOK and the reality INSURANCE LAWYER & Union Buster Lawyer and Indifferent Lawyer is where money twists ALL! All trapped. 
    CORPORATE CRAP? Worse, conspiracies of individuals. Right down to Chinese ruling authoritarian capitalism with slavery's whip. That father's desire to face me as an idiot. Same as Chinese who've mountain topped themselves. Like I give a crap at this point. 
    YOU'RE ALL OWNED BY GUNS TO ME, no matter how self-righteously self-depicted. GET IT sanford/lake mary industrial militarized wasteland! THOM LAKE, racist liar, and ya'll knew it, perpetrates his prickly arrogance with my life. Demanded I not go see GENTLE GIANT with Guy Babylon. That's how evil Elizabeth's twisted friends were. Drive to Daytona Beach pick him up. You asked for a ride, what do you mean you came to spend weekend with me. That's nonsense. Could never explain himself and wouldn't leave me at Guy Babylon';s apartment when clear we all knew the jerk was messing with may life.
    It was just the bottom line. That face. Those eyes. Mike Hammer's same. Racist cop in Wilmington pretended he's performing a service alienating Americans. Best station, Moynihan in NEW YORK? Blacks perform the racist task of qualifying most as un American enough with too little money. The elite shriveling pennies and lower level commercial housing did that. The people who own the world who expect admiration for living out the perfection of lying to ourselves. Probably just let AMTRAK tell me I lost the $10 on the reservations I didn't fulfill. Big deal. Rich enough I'd be reminded click something, maybe or not. Doesn't matter, the market wanted is the money throwing itself away.
    I watched Sanford pinheads. GOD DAMNED idiot that killed TRAYVON MARTIN IS sponsored by Sanfordites from way back. ZIMMERMAN? ____head. Sanford made him and well, me with nothing and miserable is a point of pride. I arrived at 15. Hammer, "why don't you go to their reunion." I was raised in Eustis, jerk. 
    It's stupid. LIZ gives me birth or not, she was just a woman who claimed motherhood and I could never figure out how she could portray herself that way. She'd do a he doesn't like me in front of people. HELL, _itch hated me to my face. 
    But Mike Hammer? Trapped me. National Enquirer is actually Bankruptcy Walking but same principle bankers saved THE DUMPSTER. Damned lack of financial imagination not getting away from the KNOWN RACIST! 
    So the money's retirement and I couldn't afford a mate. Got bargain having a companion at all, considering how well known disfiguring me was figured out. No Patrick Henry in the Grimes faces! 
    I told editor Jay long ago I just want to figure out how to make her life better. Right, stay so her emotions aren't hurt. Anyway, five months ago I was clear I KNOW! Hammer, bit me! 
    Beat with money I have to take. That's the game and people need all of theirs. Publishing well? - The genius Wayne Bryant, early eighties, who'd been through the foster system his mother had to negotiate, just shook his head, "mother" when she offered contacts that could get me in the mailroom at Orlando's Hardcourt, Brace etc. Two decades before a Simon and Schuster employee was specific, "my boss won't help you."
The owned executive class - OUR ARISTOCRACY!
    The nut? Not solving a financial crisis that would only take three days of devoted attention to get $92 to survive. leaning on a friendship, uncomfortably or retreat where THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER itself stated satisfied I'm fried. 
    GEE WHILIKERS WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MIKE MARZDA? I wrote he's the first in 66 years to actually confront confronting me. Background.
    Surmising personal life nonsense is actual CIA sponsored, from way back, Mike "NATIONAL ENQUIRER" Hammer demonstrated by threatening me eye-to-eye that my only source of life support is money I'd not seen as mine for years? I knew. By that point I'm just watching what could never be told me about our Hammer friend. 
    When I, jumped up excited and leaned across the table, told him in the editor's kitchen that ELIZABETH nonsense was all lies, his eyes said really in too deep to be out I realize. When I came back downstairs, he'd already left. The torpedo that, as Jay said, was disappointingly obviously on too much alcohol
    Always liked Mike, the illiterateness I hadn't fathomed so diseased. Literally little clue to how moronically corrupt. More character than his glamorous friend, who introduced us, whose living on past stars' smiles and the common fallacy that burned bridges can be best left burnt. THE MIDDLE EAST proves that's nonsense. Asked his problem in acting troupes is he's the designated affair to tick off competitors. Advantage to the ruthlesser?
    Speaking of which witch - Netanyahu has to bury his disgraceful face in the chest of a crying American President! These people live to be a reason for IRAN to hate. 
    RESPECT JERKS For Their Power? GOD never equals war. Preposterous. 
DAMN YOU NETANYAHU! You are deterioration personified. 
   JEWS dishonor that shallow hateful man or answer for that jack__s forevermore. Reality doesn't change because people are owned by voices that drown out perspective. As that CRIMINAL from Australia Rupert "dust for brains" Murdoch continues doing. 
DAMN YOUR ever self loved soul. 
MIKE D, in white hat, how's tricks?
I can't stand it, I know you planned it
I'ma set it straight, this Watergate
I can't stand rocking when I'm in here
'Cause your crystal ball ain't so crystal clear
So while you sit back and wonder why
I got this fucking thorn in my side
Oh my God. It's a mirage
I'm tellin' y'all, it's sabotage

So, so, so, so listen up, 'cause you can't say nothing
You'll shut me down with a push of your button
But, yo, I'm out, and I'm gone
I'll tell you now, I keep it on and on

'Cause what you see, you might not get
And we can bet, so don't you get souped yet
Scheming on a thing, that's a mirage
I'm trying to tell you now, it's sabotage

(Our backs are now against the wall)

Listen, all y'all, it's a sabotage

    FOR DECADES Hollywood-oriented theaters inflated prices ahead of inflation. Denying the facing. of any responsibility for how they managed money's inflow. SAG-AFTRA.
    Never have prices charged, caught anything. Lied to selves so long, the answer that was always an excuse? Drowns us a thousand million times worse as the saying goes.  

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