I Love You Sade

Why else would I ultimately go to Baltimore?

    I am illustrating how people treated like yo-yos is not capitalism or socialism. But success clearly used against us. Spilling oil in oceans of food, delivered from plantations owned by ELITES? Aristocracy capitalism was the Confederate States and as wrong then as NOW! 

    Hey look what I happened upon in the 67th Street window on an ABC game show last week. Holly Rodney Robinson Peete, the couple that stunned me at the steps of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church when I'd read they'd begun dating. Deciding not to attend Midnight Mass there, I started back down the steps and they're grinning at me from the sidewalk. We nodded and I was happy for them. A moment similar I suppose to Sade zapping my brain. No question that. Anyway I remember thinking her darn cute before he showed up. In fact his grin at me was bigger than hers. 

I propose we ...

    I fall in love with every picture too. So, Sade, of course you'd believe I'm restricted for 24, now 20, hours from Facebook commenting and posting for sharing the following post with so many friends. Really, from which direction should I care? 
    Fact is, always suspicions. A candidate who clicked to GET ME FACEBOOK, could be the brother of the man who called saying all he needed to know was where I was as if offering help. I'd not told him anything those four months ago. He offered stay put advice without told I'd severed the Argentinian's emotional bond from me. I worked anyway. She's mature, she'll get it. People? People are soap operas all our lives. Crap hounded me, I was busy NOW I noticed. 
    IDIOTS DON'T KNOW THEY'RE  SHALLOW? Everyone's fault.
    I said, "too late to be that stupid." Sanford people, where Zimmerman was encouraged. "Had to" introduce me to Ken Sandon who targeted me to accuse as a molester. Something Enquirer's Hammer seemed to think was an in the bag thing. Thought told a decade ago fabricated nonsense. Sandon apparently wanted in on some direct cash by the 80s. 
    Although the con man, Citibank night computers, had a hippie friend, Fred (looked like Zappa) who provided some potent pot the Fall of 1978 when that Elizabeth the Fake Mother tried proving I'm crazy. Her kiddies dancing around like their event is coming. Stage managed _itch. All I ever wanted to figure out is how that woman thought she got away with portraying herself mother. Cause seriously. She knew I knew she hated me. It wasn't a confusion. She knew she abused my good will constantly. Hammer was told. I wasn't even curious about the lies. Walking behind me he did say "a lot of money" when I thought I was telling the story to friends. Now it's humorous how even Liz's kids are a dimension where my care is revealed useless to their facelessness to me. PINK FLOYD asked, "Which one's Jane?" Youngest. At this point they could all achieve equal stupidity at any given point.  
    Even with the bad grades for at least Elizabeth to be kept at bay, the haphazard way I gave my professor the YES review related to my Cold War work ... Money Talked and led temptation to evil Mike Hammer - of the more than ability to recognize stupid is controlled by people ruining your very own relatives too. 
    Everyone's not paid off or we might have a stable penny, huh? Thinking this thing The Times covered is pure set-up too since its' BEZOS' team The Enquirer idiots are evidenced working against. Legitimate liberals. Not the ones bought to make New York look bad so tourists go home complaining you haver to buy food just to be told there's no rest room and when there is they look at you like don't you know we're bought off indifference. It's a comedy tourists coming to the devastation and seeing nothing's for tourists. Bathrooms etc. And real estate tears down the historical attractions to divvy up 20 year bank loans etc. The Art of the deal is all deal. No dividend. No investment. And it Tok 20 years while America ignored Bezos's outright participation in destroying the whole foundation of wholesale-retail. Destroying me proves easy as done to millions of Americans. All to keep an economy priced for the elite blaming the poor they pat themselves on the back making a mockery of charity. The dangling parts of the lower middle class load up on free food just to run from the inflation piled on by massacre-ers of free enterprise. They're Faceless Ethicless Executive Class Technicians. 
So anyway scam Bezos saves face. You're not caught red handed destroying things as he is, and grin as he does publicly, and not be protected by the worst humanity raised up to insult the very word pigs.
    In 2019, Astronut Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, accused the Enquirer of extortion and blackmail in exposing his extramarital affair. The Enquirer’s publisher, formerly known as American Media, was pushed by its majority owner, the hedge fund Chatham Asset Management, to get rid of the tabloid. 
    All South America's sex partners, eligible for Bezos' superior's use, are landed gentry as distant from work as their minds are from ethics. They hire mid-level sharks swimming with other sharks so the underpaid of the world can offer Americans bargains we wouldn't need if these same jokers weren't ruining the penny's basis of an economy everywhere. So what, it's no big deal any Amazon executive can buy Bezos whatever he wants because he's not carrying anything at the moment. 
    Carrying a pile of ____ and I find it hard to believe he can access the intelligence to get out from under. After all, Warren and Billy Gates never let out a peep while that man terrorized Americans and got law firms to protect their stakes in pretending what UNIONS have already won has to be defended against. 
    That's why the SUPREME COURT IS OUTRIGHT OWNED by those fiends! To stop America from improving ourselves and ruining their stupid rewarding life-long vacations plus laughing at the destroyed. No? Try proving other ____ing wise.
    Hammer was more than told and looking at me with superiority doesn't change that man's dimension of vain he was a part of. People placed as hurdles in my life. "Handsome Drew" hanging with you, hammer, without his paramour. Clearly you're devout loving each other without, maybe, the sex was a turn off for her. Alone long enough,ree you'll devour each other. 

Visit us and hibernate as friends. Clearly all the editors email said. Probably knows the card to pay for Homer and cycle website was nixed and then the weeks before processed payment for site rejected. Do what you want. Australia abandons me that's some history being written. People not giving a crap what GOD warned through the BIBLE and many other ways not to do. The fact legal criminality happens is no defense before GOD is all I'm reaffirming and to HELL with me, yes I know my soul's firing your needling bitter pointless self-righteous points of indifference already ... Keep selling Authoritarian America is an answer to conservatives owning liberals and fed up is finally enough bs.
    The daughter in that specific attempt to have me accused, was told to me by the daughter and she wouldn't lie that she was being pushed to do that and told me she refused to go along. Several times I moved in Central Florida, and how'd that Sand-on in my shoe find me? That face in mine, taunting me, wanting me agitated. Pure handler. 
    Never beat me at basketball because he was such a ridiculous pain, way before I found out. Established a weekly calling friend ritual the 1980-81 year I researched New York, before driven back to Florida by a Guy and my friend that came first. I don't want revenge. People should face themselves. I don't feel the bitterness attached, so am numb I suppose, but relieved of having to care for used idiocy. 

Scraping Off The Scarred Painting Whitewashing American History

    Ron De Santis chip off the Chump Dump Block and all. Ya'd think finding, and having, an American coherence around rationality would be relatively easy. Considering Halloween, the night honoring goblins and none such, over. NOW rational business, Sade ... 😏 NOW NOW RIGHT NOW!

I contend this film is a Patrick Henry Voice, mine, denied MORE FREE SPACE within the Aristocratic Auto-Bodied Useless, on-off, tick-tocking, social media ramped, Facebook/Twitter-ized America in FULL and COMPLETE denial of our very own Authentic Real Beauties! 

"Little Girl," you're on! NOW! NOW! NOW!
    Assessing what's clear? Seeking to make myself of an intellectual spirit, alone in my world, it was easy to plant figures while I always resisted networking for my goal was just the written work. Always having that say it. Didn't need judged a friendly enough persuader. Anyway, contest racist Sheriff Willis V. McCall at age 5, who knows if anyone could be missing from the bandwagon shutting me up. Facebook, 20 more hours. Netanyahu, his people agitated the right people and he got? SMOKE SCREEN undermining SOCIAL CLARITY. Societies driven apart by hatreds born financial mediocrity society-wide. Capitalism and socialism have melded over time no matter how twisted political bandwagons have dreamed America immaturely too. Bible describes Netanyahu as clearly of the rich so poisoned he's unable to face his own twisted demented truth. 
    So following is the last post, before informed suspended, that at least included a cartwheel process verifying I might be me. 
    Guy Babylon and I did swim and my last high school race was 16th, in the District, whoopee, in this guy Kevin Meisel's father's Rollins College Pool. 
 Posted toKevin Meisel's FB page.
    Since in my time Meisel meant Central Florida Championship Swimming History as The Smiths did in in tinier corralled Sanford. My connecting with the ideal of chasing this woman, Ms. Baderinwa, stems from her working in Baltimore and my friend USF swimmer Mr. Guy Babylon being specific with me how Baltimore would be significant for his career built in the Baltimore area. 
    Guy was a Maryland high school swim star. When we met Easter 1975 I concluded history comes first, swimming's done. Guy grinned about it and within the next season quit swimming too to focus his keyboard writing career culminating with ELTON JOHN's Celebrity limelight as a synthesizer and writer in THE ELTON JOHN BAND. He knew Elton was his best shot and soapboxview.com-well-guy-babylon-and-i... ... So Baltimore! - Guy looked at me with a hard look that once, to remember it special and we both loved the Colts, yada yada. Everybody loved Guy. And she is a star. 
    When I saw where the William Randolph Hearst Studio was in Baltimore, where her mother inspired her American life, I knew. Bags of shoes irregardless, to just nod at me?  
    Sade, you are special. I'm drowning in the deep end ---...--- Chasing a prestigious TV star. Pinch me. No, I mean you pinch me. Anything! 
    David Byrne clicked LOVE on the comment on this Stephen Colbert FB page. But I do get supposedly randomly censored along with everyone else considered congesting opinion with what narrow minds don't want heard. That supports racists folks, among others. ... ANSWER: Not that small. QUESTION: How small is Eustis?
    Literary career happened, however perceived. The Soapbox View Essays could be polished. But The Hammer and Cycle Statement Imagery is enough NOW as imagined. STATEMENT MADE however whoever wants anything misunderstood. 
    People won't fix what's carelessly ruined, while deny and promised eventually is a disaster. Economists describe having to live with the gas industry destroying the world and most certainly not on their own. The militarization of the police. Having New York torn apart so tourists can go home and blame liberal New York. No? Bet no one litters in their community as much as it's enjoyed done here. I gotta go. I'm not necessary. Wrote what I see. But feel? My heart is Sade ... I always try their right thing, disappear. She nodded once and we locked eyes once upon a time. I at least had the reality of imagining. She probably has a long weekend. That rain predicted Sunday sounds like me crying.  
    So going somewhere else to slip away, however possible, if at all, as that's my reality to face. I can't be interested in pretending with people that I don't know how I've been crafted a failure. Supervised by the biggest failures humanity has. The National Enquirer Mike Hammer who threatened I'd have nothing unless slave labor for the retirement freak remained my future. 
    I'm not interested in pretending I don't know how I've been crafted a failure by the biggest failures humanity has. Napalmed Vietnam like a righteous act? Go shopping everybody. Maybe that's what Sade meant by moving, two nights in a row, the different bags in the film. She nodded at me the previous night and consumerism may be saying screw me. BUT, in fact I've not accused consumerism. I've accused deceit. 
    No matter. Not my place to represent people's racks of confusion. However long Earth survives as a disaster? At least it's clear people chose themselves before our Creation given US. Damn me for reminding? Good luck.
    Sade, I'm sorry my glasses were so dirty and eyes decayed from a stretched six months of complete work. You were giggly, but that could be with anyone on your set, though I felt you were looking at me. But looking at me and me at you and anything could mean anything. 
    + you have no obligations to me. I'm not a - you owe me just because I thought - kind of person. So I have to go be somewhere else. My heart's shot. Like those spy TV shows and THE FUGITIVE where the chased's face is just tired of the twisted crap.  
   This Good Friday's best I hopeNo Ritter Thursday looks like you gone Friday and me raining by Sunday. 
    Thursday after your shift update. I was even holding the camera framed and I almost lost you in the picture. Then back and forth doing things and I watched and true, another nod or smirk this evening and I'd be too distracted to work. I have to ask you something tomorrow. And I love the Pilgrim look of the dress I've seen at least a couple times NOW
    4:53 PM local library. I'll treasure that moment forever. My grin and you with the shrugged half smile in the middle of work. Concentration is important so I'm at the library. Probably won't be there to watch if you jog again. 11 there's less people and you and that phone!
    1 PM Earlier Update - finally kicked out of a library - The Jefferson at Sixth Avenue and Nine that was a courthouse and prison. I know it's abused but not all libraries target intellectuals sleeping. I've seen tolerance of kids as well who catch winks other than home. Could be corrupt. But this hunk of a Black Man once again is the Authoritarian United States training Blacks to do their dissembling for less. 
    The AMTRAK cop laughing with the white one the other night? Just like the racist in Wilmington, that own me look from the white NYC one that's far from judging me! NIARCHOS OIL SPILLING NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY ... so I'll save battery, maybe, don't know. I'm stable, riding out conditions. At least I'm not lying. Don't remind us we're destroying the world is not responsible. I've really no business here. Damned longest suicide note ever written? No, society's is longer. ... Not funny? It's description, not a joke necessarily. ... 
    Oh well, ride boat ya float in on. A good poster on the EYEWITNESS 7 FB Group page did a WTF (belligerent reference) to a post, that probably dealt with the deceptions I need public however the opportunity. Patrick Henry had an engaged audience. Me fractured Internet, you us and them the wrapped up rest. America hypnotized. 
    A reliable source once told me my comment on the Colbert Show page, couldn't be seen. The open closed door. Sounds like money.
    Anyway. To speak up for clarity. Ms. Baderinwa didn't dissuade me from thinking she had to have known about me before this ad -  
that was before this - 

Letters Section (Print Edition) March 12, 2023, The New York Times Book Review

where my position in the lack of Publishing Industry is exposed. As article is about the nature of literature and the investment can come without any reward at all. Melville had contacts that stuck him in a Customs Office. Mine? Got me watched. FABULOUS! 
    And I believe she even knew of me before this - 
Or if not close enough to have meaning for both of us causer Baderinwa, was that look because you afraid I'd shatter that glass? Better be funny. 
    Anyway in The Great Hall of Cooper Union film I constructed the idea of RACISM is something to face as the cultural-political stupid hotspot it's always been. In the disgraced grinning face of RACIST GROVELAND FOUR Sheriff Willis V. McCall who, no doubt, dead still simmers on the thought he hated me. Gotcha!
    I know 💙you know, but hey. FOR THE RECORD! I need you personally. I've instilled trust in your beautiful brown eyes, while literally have had the time of my writer's life since coming to fully appreciate all you mean to me. Can't help but appreciate you dearly ... i believe i know i love you ...
I deeply care for you, SADE ... 
    I propose. See, you were chuckling at Ritter and me being goofy. Not him, he got to have that suspicious what's he gonna do now look. NOW? My eyes go seriously goofy, from you back to him, and, of course. You "looking at me" and I'm not past the stunned statue thing. Where should I stand?
    ANY NOT WAY. This is not goofy stuff, Woman. I have memories and what-ifs theorize. In the kitchen that ominous evening, that included two cars colliding at the nearby intersection Guy said happens habitually
    So Guy Senior said us guys should drive to see The City. I said I knew I'd go some day. Maybe told a story why. Probably not, things were casual and I'd remember if I had. Guy didn't need it and did the slightest of eye rolls that meant right, Madison Avenue can wait. 
    And the other guy? Visited New York, 1982 and experienced 5 AM with me across from the United Nations. That biblical saying about weapons into plough-shares. Weapons went too far isn't rocket science. We're our worst enemies. 
    Unreal right? Actually proposing to Sade Baderinwa as this is the reality I am dealt. Defined loser cause industrialized corruption rules the world? No. Because it's among many aspects where responsibility isn't faced. And presidents and elitists of every stripe supporting hatred, a disgrace. The World's Middle East an outright fraud of financial giantism refusing to let go and shelter the martyrdom trapping both sides. 
    Because IT IS looney tuned that the industrialized complexity of military might is framed by the pinheaded minds of Bush idiots! (Get that child-witch off NBC! Giggling like daddy's eyes, the tools of FABULOUS MEDIOCRITY. BET HE HATES RONNIE GOT AWAY WITH LOOKING EVEN STUPIDER THAN HIM. The stupidest of the bunch.
    Netanyahu trolls everywhere! All the world's assorted vagrants for whom messing up things means something. Muslims and Israel both are fighting to remain martyrs in a feud perpetrated by the purely hateful for malignant selfish reasons. War isn't a mystery and neither is stupidity. Not accepting it is the answer. While for those piss ant powers that be I'm not even pretended collateral damage? From Racist Sheriff Willis V. McCall and idiots galore all, MIKE HAMMER CIA IDIOT! 
    John Kennedy Jr. touched my heart with a smile, because he knew we're wrapping you _uckers up when I'm over feeling stunned! St. Patrick's Cathedral, Madison Avenue side. I always thought of it as my catching up. I'd gone up a 1 something West 25th building at Sixth Avenue, that he came out from to get his bike. He obviously waited where I caught him in the 20s on Madison and "I felt, since your mother passed I remind you of how my parents never leave me. Remembering informs and the story was written elsewhere. "Can I tell my sister" (Caroline) "you had a crush on her?" I'm such a putz. 
    We talked, slow riding for a mile. Yep. Things would be a lot different if John Kennedy Jr. weren't preferred dead so not responsibly facing the future still rules the world. Responsibility irresponsibly denying anything. Patti's song refers to the in general - "fools." Greed is their excuse, but the fault Brutuses is the country not paying attention to the faults in ourselves.
    The key is self-revelation and mine's been simply marvelous. Well, marvelous depends on Sade ...
    LIAR George W. Bush's grandfather Prescott, his father King George The Inhaler, himself. As with Ronnie's Pharmaceutical Nancy. Presidents signify whitewashing everything necessary. Plus placing frauds claiming conservative on the Supreme Court. You're loosely associated con artists. Still entity that elected George W. Bush, offspring of two available Wall Street usables by Texas oil pinheads, Walker and (burning turd) Bush.
    Pinhead oil juggernaut the country faces? Or remains condemned by to live out the GOD damned ignorance of those dope addicts whose known acting demonstrates how evil people are thinking it's just their money coming first. Does Bill Clinton paint. Yes, he does. His integrity painted that pinhead in his dunce corner, and the inevitability his evolution caused, Donald Dumped a HUGE ONE? More to come!
    Muslims and Jews? Hate really is the not facing a full society circulates properly. Incredible the feeling where authority controls the downtown train stations I visited. 
    Sade, I want to spend the rest of my existence loving you. Before I lose the point of writing this. So anyway, at 16, ambitious Baltimorans visited the city. You could have been at that GENESIS concert in Madison Square Garden, above me, where I write now and GENESIS pulled a stunt, roundabout 1986. 
    Scalpers cornered tickets, so I'd paid $50 twice for two nights and this guy says come over here. He said they think you're undercover to arrest them eventually. Anyway, he knows the band and you can have the ticket if you sit in the seat. It's behind the band. Doesn't even hit me when Phil Collins nods with the drum sticks sitting down to Los Endos with Chester Thompson. Well, Kind of, but I love that song so I just followed along.
Considering how much of a kick I've gotten criticizing things. Full disclosure  - NO COMMENT.
    See, politics or not, Advertising. The sincerity of my appeal must be honored by me. You of course may need to stand indifferent. However you want. I've stuck my neck out so of course I'd prefer you marry me. Or kick me or something? 
This report began @ 4:27 Sun Oct 22, 2023, continuing Monday. 
    Enjoyed Mike Marzda & Bill Ritter's Event in the park. Someone left the caringkind hat with two of the streamers people waved. I've staged those with the "little girl" bicycle. 
    Oh right. So Police considered me an invalid customer with a Tuesday morning ticket. So this attempt failed to not be cold another night. The National Transportation Tragedy wrote itself. 
    I could have USELESSLY bought roundtrips to Jersey in advance, to pay for needing their electricity. The library with books documenting NIARCHOS and idiots destruction lost appeal. As has AMTRAK dumped on. it and I t on itself;f.
 Possible someone took a PayPal payment from me once, might let me use address to get another card. Reality is job solves these things. A few uber joke dollars would go in the "trust me" account. I wasn't distracted, yet that's exactly what was gotten away with. But my premise is, I could never afford a wife so that money's her's whatever portion speculated mine. Can't accept compromised premise. 
    Nothing's commercially worked, so you know. What people have a chance to know, matters. The vision I'm demonstrating is more important than I am. But not you, and what women mean in their being especially more directly impinged on for centuries than I. Lifetimes behind eight ball, not so to speak
    So I threaten but can't imagine giving up. Smile in those eyes captured my very soul, you know I love you ... 
    Sleep ...
     You, Ms. Baderinwa, realize in a relatively long length of months for romance, from initial overpowering eye-lock and clue oriented mannerisms since, "he's a statue," you're in a good position for a woman curious. Cause I don't seem to have a card of leverage you don't hold in my entire deck. Remembering the other night, I'm literally melted inside watching your eyes picture what you're seeing in your mind. I'm literally bent thinking of you all the time. Have to say, not bad. But talking has to be better. Loads. 

    So Baderinwa, know what? Mr. Ritter and I grunted somewhat and I said, "See you later," and he answered around an "uh huh." No one's a better introduction than you yourself, we know NOW. Maybe? 

    Anyway, good thing I don't have one of those egotistical moronic Giuliani attitudes toward women as possessions. Beyond the manipulating of Donna Hanover's Miami Workspace co-workers, he's currently in court having hired his last assistant with identified prostitution duties included. Then didn't pay diddly. Marginal? He's the Dumpster's PLAYPEN friend. 

    Anyway why, among many reasons we had to wait. But that eye-lock. Wait? I know all I need to know. 

    Since at least 4+ months ago, I'm enthralled by you. I am your private, prison complex, yo-yo. Folks, rehabilitation's profit. Not prison for profit hoaxes. Animals shouldn't even be locked in pens. It's not human, nor Constitutional. 

    Sade, watching your "that sucks," twice, was so cute. You perturbed and that dag gum glass wall. The way you politely got your gander up. I am a yo-yo on a roller coaster. Aaaaa-gh!

Dick Clark Military Industrial Complex System
    See, evolving are history's results. From quacks and wicked illusions to the dis-illusionists. All point in the direction of needing wrapped up. Known generations, throughout much of rock and roll the public was precisely programmed not to see. NOW Try.
    See, I don't precisely know why Dick Clark, of American Bandstand fame and Ryan Seacrest New Year's Eve Franchise Entitlement, had to respond with a hard glare at me. Near where Michael Moore had bubbled "Thank you" out his taxi window when I alongside thanked him for making ROGER AND ME
    What Dick Clark knew, when he knew it? Ah, gipping America was handled by his rich friends. No finger prints. But there's a small book somewhere, about how he's linked to an early Philadelphia rock and roll performer who was mysteriously eliminated while DICK CLARK's road to fame was paved. 
    But he knew he was part of marginalizing the American Scene and the kids knew it. Those bozos at the top that let the MONKEES through? 
The owned by oil pinheads never realized art, as literature has for centuries, exposes us with darts. 
    While the myriad levels of ownership and plain carved up disrespect shatter what America was meant to be. Unless the penny is worth a penny it's all lying to ourselves. Not speculation. 
    But I beg you please, marry me? Your ring is wrapped around my collar.❤❤❤ Or not if you want kicking me to work too? Whatever you want.
    Never had a girlfriend until the Paris Wonder at 32. She was 20, I 32. This guy's from Eustis and his sister was class president one year I know. I was deported in the Tenth Grade. Anyway he puts up with me, oh right I keep forgetting. We know each other from Dr. Glisson the first Dr. King Day sponsor who had Alzheimer's and I have a lot more to do for Marza and Ritter's caringkind essay. I always read his son Randy's posts about his father in the home when Alzheimer's came on. "Dad had a good day today" was always worth it. The area is so Republican Randy had to FB defriend me. Hilarious stuff!
http://www.soapboxview.com/p/hey-sade-baderinwa.html Reverend, last night this woman trots past me without looking, knowing she's blowing my mind. I caught her though. Night before. My eyes coming back to her from the window television, to her at the news desk and I know those eyes watching me slipped away. Last night I saw her back as she got in the elevator and she might have seen my back passing on the bike. Women love soap operas. I'm just looking for the ... "NO COMMENT" Sade Baderinwa

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