Good afternoon, morning or night. As everyone knows. Americans are comfortable anywhere. A right afforded by the United States of America's power. A legacy squandered, in President Carter's case, on the impassioned rule of corporate oil interests over the nature of how our lives' developed. 

    Pandora Boxes of misdirected intent and misdirection muddle The Greatness. Intelligence scarred when nationalism supersedes everything. The blind-discrepancy? Present-day successful culture's reverence for the Full of Gas Party political line. An Electric Future isn't stopping the willingness to-get-away-with anything. Telly pitching gas engines' abandoning us. Etc. 

    Consider News Broadcasting. Across all venues and political-spectrums. News continuously crafted to explain our lives as less better off when less brand spanking new gasoline engines are sold. Economic Market Updates. Don't lose our cha-ching. Congressional Lobbying on a Culture-Wide scale. Advertising's Finest Hour(s). Everyone's washed their hands. Broader public, tuned out. 

    We're all still locked in that moment when Cliff Robertson sympathetically looks at Robert Redford at the end of 1975's Three Days of the Condor. Where Redford's face had lit up with recognition. Getting Robertson to see the marquee of the world-wide viewed publisher about to expose the transgressive oil interests Robertson's, and our, government protected. Saying it all, was the you still don't get it look on Robertson's face. That oh you poor guy look said - owning means controlling everything. It won't matter. We're two-and-a-half generations on from then. Not caring what remains lucrative, was what wrested our problem facing capabilities from our grasp. 

    Because the right solution if backs aren't turned? Is phasing out gasoline engines already sold. Replace, transform, become what we're capable of. What's happened was/is rammed down everyone's throats for competitive convenience. Not people's health.

    How in the world has this anything to do with President Jimmy Carter? Well. Once upon a time, Kermit Roosevelt, CIA operative, engineered Iranian politics, for Industrial Oil interests, replacing the elected leader with Shah. And basically revenge for that August 19, 1953 fact, took till November 4, 1979's hostage taking to happen. Blaming President Carter hides from an historical truth. 

Have fun Jimmy.



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