Mayor Adams, Governor Hochul Abuse Migrant Situation, Bolstering Their FAKED LIBERALISM Burden.

Bill RitterCalifornia Military Industrial Complex NYC/ABC Plant. Most Corrupted Newsreader ever! _SS-hole! Get out of anyone's  personal life. 



    Last time @ The Studio, Ritter confirmed his purpose for fronting the Tier Economics System that's ruined his assignment New York City on the way to the worst among us continuing their wretched rule off the world. Guess Ritter's reward - Jellohead of ___t. 

    Plus The HOCHUL-ADAMS Upstate Abandoning Downstate Legacy. They're Democrats because that's the only political game around. Actually they're members The Myopic Albany PartyRuined three generations on, 125th Street becoming a magnificent, efficient, Mass Transportation Hub. 

    That Bill Ritter/ABC-7 Soap Opera nonsense - basically used Sade and I as a sidebar. Muddle things so the big issue of We've still not talked and the aggression and uncivility of people literally hiding behind suits. Me embarrassing myself at the GLASS WALL. 

    That's history baby. You're down as grinning at a table and having nothing relevant to say during the entire ordeal. 

Idealized yourself a moron and you were thoroughly warned - dim wad. 

    Again face how evil ADAMS and Ritter really are. lightweight studiers. People who learn don't end up as stupid as ritter/hochul/adams and there just be statues ABC Security. Love that patience with a nuisance attitude. People know I don't do violence. So hitting the window. Dumping garbage. It's all on you. I've never done anything that wasn't derived from your pathetic self.

      Audience, why don't I produce evidence linking Ritter directly with Hammer. Well the name acted as a hammer. I had to refuse to have lunch with Armand Hammer and Malcolm Forbes said, "what if he already knows about" me. 

    Footsteps Ritter? Well cute it out. Give your imagination a rest. The point is you should have never intruded between us and what was perpetrated is bad stuff. So I'm the novelist willing to appear however cause the _SShole broadcaster has a HUGE HEAD.  

    NYPD I understand I've compromised my protection. Eric Adams consp[iracy with Albany undeniable so I'm the scapegoat. That damned ____er lover as they said behind my back Down South. Ritter? His mind is just soup. Nothing makes sense so he thinks no one can pinpoint how really corrupt he is. SNNOP DOGG AND I HAT YOU B I L L  R I t t e r, Bill Ritter, fake college graduate. 

    Don't worry. Ron Kuby and I've been through enough reading this crap for close to a year. Behind the Times lied to Lincoln Square residents! We could use the laughs. 

    Ever walk alone out of court hearing a judge say, "I wanted to hear what he had to say," and defense council apologize the advice was say "nothing." Kuby and I are always both amazed this quiet guy can't shut his trap once corruption's laid bare. Ritter, you're not in our private life so ignoring me is insignificant. Just a liar. All you and Dr. Hammer get. Apropos.

Damned _SS-holes.  

Hochul Husband Legal Union-Busting Industry Titan 

Adams 20 year trained by Albany to finish RUINING NYC. For stupid aristocratic dream of he or Bill Ritter having a clue. NONE. NADA!

 Responsibility Faces USA: 
Pictured anywhere and everywhere lying they care. Buffalo has no real MASS Transportation and everyone saw 

Hochul/Adams - Liar-Republicans LYING they’re Democrats. 

Burn in HELL Patron Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bill “I was too stupid to think” Ritter.

Hochul even says business won't come to New York if migrants abandoned, when TEXAS BUSINESS conspired WITH HOCHUL. Touchy-feely Cuomo? 

She probably led that fraud too as SHE link again shows her featured with OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK. 

Worst Mayor ever Adams' formula as well. Work isn't done if pictured as much as them doing all they know how to do. Fake. AND NOW! 

Washington D. C.? Praise Those Political Beggars and damn yourselves too. 
PROGRESSIVE ROCK overshadows you Congressional Losers too. Donald Dump? Oh no, obvious lying! 
--- !!! ...
Patti, we're, or they're, outta here. 
Selfish trumpists, forevermore just bad clowns. 
Universities face your Ramifications for holding these people's money more valuable than THE COUNTRY! I despise Mrs. O'Connell, the pair are the epitome of Racist Kentucky
*** *** ***
And to my LOVE - Sade Baderinwa
Our Cinema Show! And finally, for me, 
"there's - No Mystery!" Except Sade, and I thank GOD for you, always. ****

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