Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Bill Ritter, the Male-firster & ABC/DISNEY/CIA Bad Boy Legacy vs. US

... footsteps, Baderinwa ...

Ritter You Are PEST CONTROL's Problem, Period, exclamation point. 

    So you have/had the self-image of a Naval Destroyer from the Port of San Diego? The Right Reverend Billy Talen is not amused. 

    While you, Herr Ritter? Played peace sign, from your window's positioned sporting spot. But your game was already over DINGBAT!  Unable to face any accusation your Security Jeff went on to film me two nights ago with your CIA homeless one passing to grin at me. Perfectly staged for the dramatic window event. I began asking idk I could film and was answered "No," whereupon his phone was on. On me just as Baderinwa's was that first night I was threatened with a knife for interfering with a little man's fantasy that she only bhad eyes for him. Paid, he'd have bee back. _SS-holes. 

looking at me. Last night, faced "CIA" he rose in thunder and threatened tom get an H M80 from his car though everyone knows he portends complete homelessness on near $100 a day if $40 worth of Starbucks is any indication. Thaty's then thing. There's no free food to actually feed then homeless in the Lincoln Center Neighborhood. Not only was taxpayer money funding a fiasco to begin with. Homeless are infiltrated tom exploit local business for a living. Thaty's how mobs began getting their Italian friends to pay for protection and things get ahead of themselves when peoplemworship themselves best. That' your contribution to our country. As women do what hasn't rot be done we can all laugh that Bill Ritter was so stupid to jot realize how used he was because that ego made a talentless reader who'd not applied himself at all to symbolize the glass ceiling is a FRAUD, and GOD DAMN all of you in front or behind Bill Ritter you small pox on our nation's integrity. 


    You are just CIA Excrement, Clung to America's, bound in chains, OVER-PRICING of the gouged Customer Pricing Shoes. 

That you can't see the disgust in yourself is your burden. NOIT THE CAREERS OF COUNTLESS people at ABC. KING _HIT FACE! 

Heartless Soulless CREEP, Rittern pretend ton face me when your ethiclessness is written all over your personal history. Armie hammer boyariend, what exactly, but remember if you wanted me to give as shit you should have not been just lying to begin with. Frame ABC as yours, CIA cover-up. What else? Bargain hunter. Old ladies screaming in church that I've offended the master. Again, stick it,   _SS-hole.

    I didn't come to ABC7 Studios to interfere with anyone's life and the fact you know you've interfered with mine means - Own who you are Arrogance For An Attribute. Pretend liberals the worst.
    Last word Ritter/Pinhead. Can't talk when lying was your tact 3 times, making your word bad attempted humor. Including Thursday at 11 PM when you posed elbow on desk and hand at chin in deliberation. Not a chance dud. You face an opponent. Status is malleable and you're cooked, _hit for a face. 

    That whole arrogant it all falls on me falling apart crap. No kidding. On cue dude. Tell Mike Hammer, in answer to Deb's outburst, "I want to know what you think about them," the answer's off my back no matter how successful my bankruptcy was affected. 

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