As Usual The Annual New York City Marathon

honors the City Council's willingness to allow fetes of great financially supported elite functions. But when it comes to supporting the 30 years ago claim, that New York can revive itself on tourism as the rest of the elite world has evolved through modernized transportation? Nope, fraud. Commercial & Government interests tie themselves to inflation every year with Real Estate taking a percentage of profits on businesses in addition to collecting rent. Financially stabbing business partners in the backs.

Added up, minor through major

 corruptions pave heavy tolls as that film satirizes.

    No real accessible city-wide public bathroom system, that comfortable tourism has. The Event Portable Potties, mostly locked till just the day, illustrate that with so much construction, instead of building rehabilitation, if those port-o-lets weren't locked, all over the city, too, actual people might use them and not feel insulted begging bartenders etc. for permission to use them somewhere in the city without paying extra rent for every moment of time. We don't circulate our own money to ourselves, so gouged institutionally, surviving on propelling inflation forward IS INSANE!

    New York lets anyone get away with anything. No bathrooms, where people eat, for a long time. McDonald's, of all places, the bigger start of the franchise everything trap, has bathrooms. Understand how thoroughly overpaid for neglecting details, that makes the entire government and commercial enterprise system? Quagmired in co-dependents sabotage. With the gun fiasco blamed as all someone else's faults too

    Guns Rights? Mutilated National Transportation System. Anything people can stand atop and demand customary self-righteousness for? They'll try to get away with! RACISTS, FOR ANY REASON, ANYWHERE, IGNORE HAVING BEEN WARNED. Repeatedly.

    Best I shut up? Let history catch up? Not the option, really. Oh sure, insights can come. Real marketing can chip off portions of my ideas so the illustrations aren't so completely damning. After all people get smarter. The San Francisco hippies illustrated the system will buy us all out. Why The Grateful Dead market themselves! 

    Sean Hannity himself can, or could, if he wasn't such all pompous _ss, find that tape where they admit they're lying to the public to fulfill their redundant Republican fiasco of an agenda

    Modify their out-their-_sses meanings up their ying-yang-olas. That redhead pollster, Luntz? He asked why they're admitting fueling a lie? Hannity said so they "don't burn in hell." I heard it. Before that? Followed Hannity and Limbaugh a solid year to know what was what. Before that Hannity emailed he'd physically hurt me, if ever seen, for accusing him of fraudHannity, you're a joke! You people are so disgustedly arrogant. 

    What has this to do with running a Marathon? I'm illustrating how our competencies are run down and demolished by the incompetence that's infiltrated just about everything. For the race garbage cans are removed from the street and everyone's garbage is everywhere left to be observed as another case of big money letting the little people demonstrate totalitarianism is the next step to control our bering in our own way. Nonsense. Illustrated by THE Giuliani who loved being atop the Criminal Enterprise System.

    Of course, NOW, I just shoot a bird 

passing the New York Home Base, FOX_hit - 1211 Sixth AVENUE. You FOX perverts made money = SATAN itself when it is not. Capitalism vs. socialism or communism? What capitalism is not is Murdoch and Bezos for POINT 1. 

    POINT 2? Obviously I don't give a damn I'm ruined. As long as history's written THE GOD DAMNED FOOLS WROTE IT THEMSELVES + they're helpful, financially alienating, friends. 

    Ms. Smith, dead serious aren't we? 


Grateful ... Editor text requested, yesterday a private consultation. I don't answer calls for NOW. Told no matter how helpful he'd been, despite background I uncovered, I'd not trust John Le Carré his intellectual self right now considering how everyone's leveraged to or from my life. The person I feel I trust the most? We've grinned waiting for worthwhile barriers to come down. Like relegated women second class, facing a monster woven into your superiority is something men didn't want to be programmed to face. So get me? Brilliant idiots. Thanks. 

    So the editor who got that close can ask to have a private mistrusted conversation with me. Can't read. Life's assured unnecessary once uncovered so lying he stays awake. HELL, I wrote for a while at the Caros just so it's clear keep assassinating the tellers of the truth and the craps just more exposed. 

    At Yoko's I ask the door people where too set up to write so they don't have to tell me to move. At the Caros after weeks a doorman says tenants are uncomfortable. After midnight at night. I didn't tell them to have their eyes one the Caros and now collapse is frightening. No one should;ld take thew elites money but stop pretending you don't know all the ways money's been stolen from the world to create a poor you directed duties like propped up WALL STREET CONGESTION. PRICING KOMANOFF. They destroy money slicing it up and pretend competing to slice it further ethical. And propping up highfalutin liberals of at least as self-righteous this iOS miserable patriotism. Lone voice down with ship ...

    I was driven away by pathetically egotistical Mike Hammer the National Enquirer Idiot, par excellence. Who was your responsibility as editor and Hammer friend. As well outright "can't tell you" what was from Trump's mouth when confronted and kept secret from me. UNFORGIVABLE as a chosen HAMMER AN CYCLE editor. Didn't change my mind, just filled in the stories gaps. Right, Rupert's Chinese friend buys TOTAL TV after buying TV GUIDE from him. That's even worse corrupt not having to pay off government lawyers already convinced money's coming from letting the top distribute back to just them. The economy is priced for the elites throw away money as that's already gone for everyone else. No? Evidence!

    I figured you intellectual steerers of me out. Komanoff would have been a haze of liberal wishy-washy thrown at me. And Gissen who cleverly didn't care the Dr. Glisson in the ninth Chapter was real. Dribble back at me. Goldman the jewish guy he'd have taunt me because his mind absorbed cultural; stunts ;like any good adverb tosser thrown out by lower level publishing because everyone's just used up anyway. Jay said I'd have fun with you some day. Maybe you screw me should go to him. I don't care. You had alone time with me. JUST THE ---- UP UNLESS THERE'S ANYTHING CONSTRUCTED in your pinned up head. Right, Hammer insults you. You Jay and Hammer are a threesome, get it? Lied to people's faces you earned GO TO HELL! The three of ya. Jay might have a pass but you two bargain hunters. David the offended liberal and Hammer oh I recognize some conservative logic. AS STUPID AND DRIVEN BY JUST MONEY AS IDIOT SEAN HANNITY.

    NOT ONLY SUE ME HAMMER! ____ Goldman off you stupid ____for brains unethical ___hole. I'm on the baseball field saying we have an executive situation between us and you crawl out enough o keep p[laying my destruction means something. Sorry Deb. I consider him worthless but I love him so up to you. Or was up to you, I know the hiders from me make everything coordinating me hidden. Even Vonnegut knew talking to me personally involved a lot of trouble. I'd hear Hammer at you to not tell me this or that. He and they were just so far behind. Figured they're jerks out since I was a child and THEY knew and NOW know more people know the elite on top's legacy killed the Kennedys. PERIOD. There's an Onassis Throne Room specifically in HELL to honor Greek Shipping's Auxiliary Oil Spilling Purposes. And America's not interested in how it's lied to? Ya'll will catch up. But remember. I never played martyr. That was a gift an evil empire designed for mew and Americans enjoyed just watching is not a happy ending. If you've followed my advice at all?

    To degrees, editor brilliantly edited leaving me at my task. Just amazed at the line you/he walked. Illustrating how callously superior that the more luxuriously bought off Komanoff is. I felt it in the apartment 30 years ago. Something's off when it's just about money, and NOW 30 years later? He's Governor of New Jersey's butt-buddy throwing a softball to hit out of the park. Low ball the first congestion pricing. Not demand respect for an economic brilliance shown shown humiliated by the willingness to leave me shut down. 

    LIBERAL HELL JUDY KOMANOFF with a shit for husband in my life. That glare in The Great Hall revealed your animosity. People weren't born to hide from me. You'll always feel superior. Good luck.Thanks for the money you no longer praise yourselves for no doubt. That's right. Cornell's Jackie showed me in The Great Hall who I need to be loyal to in the midst of mockers of me. Introduce another woman I innocently let know I was interested in one evening. Your husband said disgusting things to my Paris girlfriend she wouldn't repeat. SCREW YOU PRETENTIOUS as all hjell Judy. Sue me Komanoff pretending to not be BOUGHT OFF WALL STREET! You proved it denying me jerk. Ron Kuby was clear. "We have work to do." On our own away from the manipulators. Everyone sue KOMANOFF REPUBLICAN FRAUD. Grinned at me on the stage before I spoke when I said this will symbolize me being the only Republican. He said, "I think they know that." We were cool. But shoot. Judy can't be bothered with an email offering a chance to get out from under. THEN YOU'RE BOTH LIFE-LONG LIARS to me saying you believed in me to my face. Hey Jay, Komanoff meet Trump in the toilet on Forbes' yacht. No probably not. Calculating bastards knew no to do that. Crap pulled before I ever got to New York. Self-0righteous pompous that's the TA Legacy NOW as what Steve Stollman contended probably long ago. You're a sell-out. PERIOD! Citibikes bad maneuverability is not accomplishment. More evidence cars will burn even the souls imagined getting away with being against them when they're contrived by the witless and soulless. That crap putting near Cardinal O'Connor so you can brag to me about your glory when all I wanted was to run away, All I said was from this I'll probably meet a beautiful blaCK GIRL AND HAVE sex. Felt all wrong to me. Grinning crap-head. Great sex. So what. Nice Christian woman in fact. Knew we weren't meant for each other. I look at Sade and think how could there have been any other. Realize I believe a car intentionally hit her at a place designed for that to be gotten away with. Forgive people being mistaken about me. Don't think ;lying to me places anyone able to be liars about me any more. I've faced judgement, I believe. NEXT? Komanoff, did you and editor try to talk? Probably not. Conceit's especially deceiving. Your wife's eyes looked at me with bitterness for years I didn't bother with surmising about till understood. Get it, Harvard? Don't want to prove it's not CHECK MATE? History written. Done. Howe's Cornell getting bought off coming along? The man at Manuscripts when I left some stuff was crying at the end. Harvard? Kennedy School takes a dump on you too. A Brown graduate died who is a friend of mine and Harvard your head or Komanoff's. I don't care. RIGHT NOW BOTHY ARE OFF. KISSSINGER the man who taught Arabs who are still elitist pains. You people write yourselves above HISTORY? HISTORY'S brought you down.  

    Kissinger advised Rockefeller who was an inside man in Nixon's going after drugs to hide from the hippies. Nixon, the whole lot. Believers in their game of existing for power. Governor Rockefeller the worst for his destroying New York playing cops and robbers. Brings Puerto Ricans to New York for a tourist paradise in Puerto Rico that never happened to enough off an extent where real circulation happened back and forth. The Rockefeller-Kissinger all-for-me-disease. 

    So at Austerliz I saw her end with me was assured. Looked at Stollman whose eyes had mine in sight. I thought it was about not being able to quit messengering. But that cry of hers that I might leave her, becuase she's heard things. Others that was not an issue between loyal us. But the cry had no tears and I immediately felt a contrivance. Like that Elizabeth fake mother pulled, before her psychiatrist visit for me. One whose power couldn't put me away. I didn't play when I was shut down in college. Nor am I NOW!

    Public Bathrooms aren't generally needed, unless local tourist trap restaurants, all over the country(?), are no longer required to hygienically provide bathrooms. Best is another on-site building we can't afford gouging ourselves to the maximum splicing money every which way for people at each others throats, done friendly! 

    Parks have bathrooms, closed at night verifying the darker places as unsafe. Packs of police to show up after a crime, as happened at the mugging outside the Peter Gabriel Book Signing at The Strand on Broadway some time back. 

    Public Bathrooms a condition where everyone, yet none is responsible? Steve Stollman has done everything possible through the years beating at their door. They open a window, he submits and the window slams shut. An explanation is the fraud Giuliani and Trump represent is New York. Their network of people rule lives financially. Fortunately as my father told me when I was about 7, there's nothing I can do the police will always follow me. Doesn't matter. I know who knows, who doesn't have a clue, where the system is designed to help. The judge when I was arrested at the end of Giuliani's time by a roving van catching marijuana smokers. I went home early angry the company couldn't support me and the woman designed to make my money work was definitely destroying my access to marijuana with a smile. So I get popped and the detective who put me in the van made sure my handcuffs weren't tight at all. So I made the mistake tightening too far and shrugged when he looked at me seeing what I'd done. On my side, don't need him exposed. Trust but verify? Reaga was a toy, I'm a damned dynamo. Sade?

    So bathrooms point to ignoring a level of stability that elitism ignores. They must be carted to work at City Hall in down-sized limousines and hold stupid Citibikes up like getting the public on awkward vehicles doesn't still represent cars rule. And liberals can blame med their friends are bought to have conservation issued represented not good enough. That's what's wrong t=withj congestion pricing. More fraud to represent Bob Murphy and Goldman Saks and the rest of the betrayers of American money for their personal shriveled DAMNED SUCCESSES! 

    Right not everyone is your friends BOB SCUM MURPHY of New Jersey. That's what that Rob Wyatt funded by Criminal Dump Tower told me back in the beginning. I came here to write eventually and that ___hole is telling me almost immediately that "not everyone is going to like me." Sanford Criminal Racist Empire your tongs are a joke! Zimmerman a crafted toy by racist rule and hidden taunting med throughout my life. Lost a NAVY BASE. Well a family has a son play Jesus Christ next to me AND knows they've encouraged a homosexual to be a nuisance in my life and show up when I supposedly need supervision after money is gotten back that SANFORD'S GREAT WHORE stole from me? Town's kidding they think they're not damned except for individuals who know me well;l enough not to have participated behind my back as racists have my entire life. It's not just Black and White, though that's the worst. But what we were warned not to let happen has and fore a long time. ARISTOCRACY RULES! I'm in check if anyone bothers with any score.

    So, where the baser portions of our society are subsisting as desperate. Who then have their lives arched into greater desperation? Where Le Miserables on Broadway reminded the food given as charity, SHOULD BE PAID FOR with the poor's pennies themselves you arrogant elite MONEY MOBSTER HOLDERS! Charity is line em up to pay ourselves and look down on charity. Best food refrigerator for poor not to strand in line. Catholics in Authority didn't need it there. Now there's food the people above the desperate get it to fight inflation. And Asians here because the China economy isn;'t capitalism to circulate themselves well there? Done ion by the same cowboy nonsense that ruined any evolution in Moscow and right down to our whole United States of America that keeps buying LYING TO OURSELVES. Lock me up in Mar-a-Lago _____ for brains country. Can't but authority everywhere has a point system to corral me up and effectively see that Rupert Murdoch h among many nether nasshole visionairiesd get their way. 

    Ya think people in THE VTYRUMP ORGANIZATION gettin. me up that elevator in 1986 to seer dipstick's office and leave was accidental? Company is run by Real Estate professionals. THJAT FAMILY COMP{LETE degenerates all about themselves. The blond witch is so sculpted like that witch with the endless bottom Kardashian. People designed to make SIN just a modified lipstick or something. Charlatans bought the country. Country either buys itself back or BIG OIL's rule never ended and GOD isn't responsible for forgiving that no matter how much charity is denigrated as an act of superiority that's its downfall. PERIOD!

    Keep running around declaring the subsistence of the elites treasured rewards as adequate and your legacies remain shamed FOREVERMORE!

    The entire economy throughout the world is priced for an elite that charms itself patting itself on the back creating charity. New York's charity, lit up ads to the stars showing a halfwit collection agency. A generation ABC in Times Square and at 66th Street no longer waits open p[romises known vacuous. So called better street lights are at half the light and no on faces how cabnthis be gotten waway with. Even the accountants can't be that stupid. 

    And therein is us all having become accountants we accounted up ruination playing catch inflation that' sillogivcal at best. even in many places people eat, mean people go home to say liberals don't know how to run New York because it's not realized how deep the Rudolph Giuliani corruption seeps. Ya got a x_resident Dim Wit so face how thorough the nonsense reaches

    Sure I'm just a citizen and can be ignored not aligning with anyone or group to be anything other than lone voice. 

    Look DISNEY is convinced to invest in New York Tourism.  The city pretends that never happened. On the library building where I am a plaque attesting to complete facade. 
    Nada, nothing's here but plaque and the nearby Lincoln Center Library sign I found next door at the Fire DEPARTMENT. That's efficient public planning. But a sign for nothing meansDISNEY/ABC leaves up the statement the city lied that they were being involved in another tourist Mecca. When Florida already ripped off Disney World for the parking lot Oil Headache INDUSTRY and executives infiltrated in to rip Walt off from the beginning! 
    ABC 7 at 66 perfect! But my judgement's bound to recuse based on bias. Times Square too, DISNEY put up something that should have evolved instead of signs that's be illegal in front of drivers like that anywhere in the world. But then the plan was for Prince Rudy Giuliani to reinstitute authoritarianism and eventually cut down their hearing complaints. Conservative money complains their controlled liberals aren't smart enough. Big deal. ALL your efforts are remaining bought!

    No competition folks is why our economy has been shredded. Uber/Door Dash was faced with competition protected couriers and the world of lawyers can't fix what the corporates broke. NO _HIT!    
    Can't build competent public bathroom network in city for generations is PUBLIC AND PRIVATE incompetence. All those temporary locked toilets for this or that luxury class event. Can't see the economy cordoned off the top to not be participated in then lying to yourselves is your formula for facing life. 
    So night before the big marathon, I've maybe $20 something left before suicide alternative. I'm not a child who doesn't get the girl and cries in a stupor. I've cried many times over the privilege to just try. 
    No, I have not document that even if Ina and Robert Caro were leveraged into "the tenants" who thought I needed to be told I'm threatened with the police removing me from writing at the end of the Central Park West property. Yoko Ono's house I talked with security first. Actually in 30m years couriering I was always treated warmly there. And funny I didn't look but another Central Park West clicked LOVE to something. Jerry Seinfeld. 
    Anyway, even if the Caros had to be the ones instituting my removal, it went down nice. Polite. Got to tell the DM, I'm going but it's funny I'm so documented by New York Police they'll be wondering how I let it go this far? How? People that think not facing me accomplishes something have lied behind my back my whole life. I understand all the tenants in the Caro's building probably can't know the lengths I'm put to defending free speech. And everyone knows unless paid for it, it's not worth piss. Again it's conspiracy that New York appears a liberal failure to tourists. The economy is so geared to the top and backpatting charity so giftedly bs., that yeah my literary life doesn't need a private me the country's controllers awarded unworthy. 
    That's the thing though. I'm followed since 5, obviously the trick is nothing is public. So censorship wins, authoritarians rule and the country's shut up because arrogant self-righteousness was elected president and so far could be again. If I last that long gutless won't face the publicity putting me in jail.
    That's what I joked to theDM. In this city I'm so documented the police will wonder how I let, ah right, NOW I said like Hannity just repeating myself to sound anger and anger. At least I know I face people who call me a liar. You're a ruthless unforgiven idiot liar Sean Rupert Murdoch Hannity! 
    So ya'll run tomorrow, have a nice time. If you came across this don't worry the powers that be wipe their consciences free off me perpetually. 

This should elucidate how far underneath the social veneer that the manipulation of our history takes place. Ralph Gleason and Werner insightfully create Rolling Stone? It fits in the conglomerate mold soon enough and I went after the underlying fraud bin this Facebook post. I know I'm the enemy. I should have learned making up cooking recipes instead, like the accounting firms cooking the books for the play ring around the IRS rosy worth fortunes debilitating the general flow of the American economy. · 
Shared with Public
    Pumped Up POMP ... The Commercial Rock Hall of Fame ... King Crimson is talented musicians. And what was it again that we're supposed to understand because Rolling Stone Magazine Founder Jann Wenner IS A BIG TURD. Yeah! Smiled at me outside THE PLAZA HOTEL. Means you're a huger ___hole than anyone thought. And again that Gissen, the planted editor who helped but was evidently paid to track me. Like can't tell me what Trump said to him? You smiled guilty or knew I was trapped. But anti-progressive? You're a Jerk, WENNER, that said nothing supporting hippies really. Sure Hunter Thompson could lambast Nixon, but take down BIG-OIL? Rest assured I don't worry, GOD's judged already, as you even think. What's the chances those CHARLATANS backing BIG OIL ever face anything? This song's for you Wenner the Dark Knight of Back Patting SPLENDORIZED GAUL! 
Missy Elliott, Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow Join the Rock Hall
Another to preserve - Charles Malcolm Fraser
Comment to preserve from The New York Times post. ... Charles Malcolm Fraser
Mr. Stollman? Yep, breakthrough understanding my economic handler wasn't raised to understand anything other than my fitting a standard that made no sense to me that I ignored and then abandoned, period. 
    Not so easy when I allowed the emotional crafting's impact. That's the thing. At some point I'd fit the man she wanted but never could be. Robert Caro stares you down, as he did me? You wake eventually. I left Ina and him disgruntled and shaking my head I have work to do and right now don' know what it is. Turns out what I've been working on the whole time. Suggesting a brand new political-cultural tool-tune
    I don't wake up? I'm dead meat and I just leave Ina and him grumbling I have a lot to figure out. One thing the man knew, obviously, when I spotted them and lost them turning around. The way he slipped the card in his pocket, with a smug grin, and  in addition to my eyes following the card into his pocket my face was as well. Then like when "NO COMMENT" CROSSes my view, transfixed
    Ah, so Steve, you saw this on Facebook maybe? Whatever. If it wasn't winter I'd ride up, what the heck. Anyway, not begging for money and uber even, for pennies, is money that goes to the retirement fund. So again I can use as I've been used, but that would mean my comfort means more to me than the point people aren't facing anything. While your friends watch FOX obliterating their minds? 
    Generations folks. Wrong things keep happening as tradition. Police not confiscating unlicensed motorcycles? THEY, Remnants of White Aristocratic Rule in Alliance with Fabricators world-over, WANT TYRANNY seen ONLY WAY OUT. 
    Just because Giuliani is exposed, accused of making a secretary an UNPAID but promised prostitute, doesn't mean the networked people beholden to the cause of White Aristocracy disappear. BLACKS are the face of assigned enforcement NOW in many places. Assigned to keep the less fortunate lined up out of the way for when OUR ELITE pass through. 
    Insensitive self-righteous nonsense, people should have grown beyond. Emanating somewhat from throwing biblical literature as recitation @ children before they've prepared themselves. Physician heal myself. Children teach thyself. 
    So many parents are just not down to the brass tacks of how a child mentally develops - so still PARENTS YELL AT CRYING KIDS. People grow up, that's what they know to do at that age. Watch, perseverance everywhere works. What yelling at them really means? They're being yelled at again. People are transparent.
    Yeah, yeah, Steve, so 
    soapboxview - the-annual-new-york-city I now am writing of how your eyes would darken up with anguish from banging your head against City Hall. At least a couple of Times. If you can talk to me, did I miss something. I'm commercial kryptonite. At least I have a better explanation for the last 60 some odd years. And chasing a spring-chicken! ONLY sarcasm, Sade! (although explicitly true) ... Thank GOD I Prefer Loving YOU and not the image. When I finished the book I thought I'd never create anything that good enough. But knew whatever could grow from IT would be different. I'm just a writer among Writers who actually didn't know Racist Sheriff Willis V. McCall had a labyrinth of people, after me, hoodwinked into benefiting from racism for some time to come. The Vietnam War sacrificed Blacks, mutilated there, to punish the Oil Industry Moneyed Lyndon Johnson for giving the poor a way up, finally, with his The Great SocietySee? Bottom line power corrupts, went to BIG Oil's heads. And unless they grow out of it, neither will military institutions corrupted to follow IDIOTS EXACTLY SIMILAR to Trump, NETANYAHU, and that poor manipulated runt with the Bigger Than Anything Complex Putin. Nationalism is about idiots rule and and our protection is everyone getting along without the meddling with money for guns and all the damned idiot guns do kill people stuff. Mike Bloomberg spent enough reminding. the idiots they're useless crap. Head of Houseof Representatives (NOW) so business continues? NO KIDDING. The idiot repeated the same crapo coming into office the last IDIOTS did. Respect?  Republican Party of Texas in the words the sophisticated world admires best when it comes down to describing YOU FOOLS. Republican Party of Texas, BITE ME! You're chewing Now_hits-for-brains is how you're addressed not caring for generations in loving destroying the world for fun. Donald John Trump reads all your GOD damned Bernays tombstones military industrial fools.
And now the music my first Roy Cohn doorstep reading started with. 
Thank you musicians. 
    Mike Hammer of The National Enquirer actually went to The Steve Howe Last Show @ THE BOTTOM LINE where Steve, pointing right above my head, nodded me off to a comfortable sleep between two operatives who'd no idea I'd wake up to handle them too. As innocently as they'd been portrayed betrayed them. Anyway, sleeping? I was embarrassed. 
    Steve, no kidding. Eventually I got her to say you said, "he has a lot to think about." So Hammer, no kidding says, "you told him that(?)" when I told him with her with us. Ya know these people never talked in front of me except for that, really. YES I said thanks. Gazillions! 

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