Truth Is Writing In A Hostile Manner is ANGRY !!!

Criminal Enterprise System
Criminal Enterprise System

Criminal Enterprise SysteDon’t reckon writing hostilely would feel good.

    Satire's sarcasm does lend itself though. Especially describing the bending and twists meant for sparking confusion. The disarray that's just more General Testing to effectively, remain, essentially misunderstandings remaining confusing for advertising our essential need for war for instance. Why a Bush baby Ambassadored to China closing the Door on the bicycle remaining prosperous while Detroit pretended what a windfall selling to the Chinese that they're actually as it turns out really quite fond of continuing a corporate hierarchy claiming that's politics ruining the world managing slave labor for cheaper priced goods that are really actually behind why the world's economies are inflated past reckoning. A WAY BACK? 1.

    WAR is for the financially set few, that's been so profitable for so many, many, centuries before this one TOO. 

    Almost, as if, the acquaintanceship patterns of destroyed friendships mismanage the Ships of State as well. Because well understood is no one can misuse, mistrust and delight in confusion than those that find power wasted is just as satisfying when understood everyone knows we're all using each other as tools. Why close friendship and real blooming discussion is so important. Turning backs on friends really is the same as war where fighting is caused by just not completely facing each other. Except of course there's the example of allies pretending they're the only demons capable of being friends. Tools too. !!! 

Chump and North Korea

    Time for a Bush Daughter to change an American Figurehead Lifestyle and do some book features every week for a while. Country needs growing up to face what's been done to us. As in no more cultivating Woody Allen movies for the Masses to be influenced by any touch of real class to interfere with the logic behind trained for war. That a Florida Governor pretend he's not fronting claiming children are better trained than learning history for themselves. IMPEACH Ron De Santis.

    As allowed in twisting acts of friendship into inconsistencies, disclosing where other loyalties drive and divide as revealed. Like Titans of human misery not actually dancing with each other in the same contained spaces.

    Doesn't take a Watcher of The Skies to know where the wind blows. It's blowing across everyone. I even hear Peter Gabriel, may have said, at The Strand Bookstore, for a book signing, that when an Assault and Battery took place outside the store, it appeared a funny way to slow his show inside. When delaying is just a matter of rescheduling his time. Both his and mine as I was only there to watch the authors' minds being spoken and planned to leave. Facing Peter gabriel signing any book was a waste of both our times. Effective Advertising and I'd have shown the night before at The Rizzoli

    But amusing use of wasting our times. I had the privilege many months before of dropping my card, under the front door, while staff lingered at the cash registers before going home.

    Sarcastically speaking. Politicians, and politically aroused feeders, need to stay home and read and stop bothering people with their confusing each other thing - things. A House of Representatives ran like South American dictatorship as run to the effectiveness of CORPORATE BUREAUCRACY commanding anything, and everything, for hierarchy-ism's conveniences. POUNDED INTO THE HISTORICAL RECORD as propping up the devaluing of the Earth's resources meant for the EARTH'S own use. OIL-DRIPPING INDUSTRY, right. AMERICA THEY ARE HELL with their money unable tor divested reinvest except to keep up the proposition they're saving your economy by destroying the World treating ourselves like HELL. And you elected the epitome of their misrepresentation of humanity ptresident. THE HOOROR AND SHAME AMERICA faces or we're what? Still living a hell built specifically for the Warden of the Mar-a-Lago Federal Penitentiary

    WHEN economics was germinating through to a more firm establishment, THEY ruined financial circulation throughout the Western Hemisphere at their conveniences. SELLING OUT AMERICA as that generation's kids told the country and then had to back away from the monsters ruling their monstrously created world in monstrous imaginings. STILL SCREAMING they are not The Communist Dopes, that they've proven to be following in the miseries dictated by foreign control of cultures whose prosperities are likewise diminished as has our own. By top down rule prospering the few and in between talent that gets by their diminishment of everything because they're too proud to face themselves. 

Why I read from my novel when their

    At least there's an idiot symbol


And Americans? Remove your blinders. I REPEAT !!!

What is the real story of Donald Trump and Russia? POLITICO MAGAZINE 

2. Trump and Putin, via Michael Flynn

    So you know seeing the big picture 

The 2020 Essay Witch Hunts' Relevance

as I always try from the vantages available, possible, The Strand was amusing to its point. Not worth my time? Don't know unless tried. I was intrigued by what the two of them would say as Mr. Blanchard and I have a fond acquaintanceship among mutual friends. Till now I'd not ever consider using his name on anything like a resume. But I'd always found him interesting to watch.

    Anyway. As with going to Paris, everyone should go. Even they realize strangling Woody Allen's career took more ill-conceived influence than Mia Farrow losing control over manipulating everything about her career and personal lives around her. 

    The American Champion Josephine Baker raised a lot of kids but I'm sure her vision allowed their being children rather than pawns 

REALLY, Mia's game from the start is planting the kids aware Woody is targeted. In Vanity Fair and Mia's own words. Face an issue David Remnick or is it still the morning to hide in your underwear. 

Clicking your name reveals the both of you still sitting on your Woody's covered up Roy Cohn associate publisher industrial imagery. Liked your book. As a tool you can go straight there too, you know?

    Arranged on a checkerboard where the game's acted out by dunderheads

controlling the imagery Americans are bred with and led. Can't talk about Woody Allen? People who think can.

    So I was bothered, during the staged robbery, indicated by the footwork of the participants before their show. I was made angry as my 911 call on my phone not working. 

    Funny thinking I had any involvement even on that line. Why I wrote ideas of substance and balance so wasting my performance could be remembered where my disappearing act could be perceived as on time. 

    A______s, I'd venture, Mr. Gabriel guessed. Haunting their pissing contests for money they'd never cared circulated and played out as a nightmare involving books of all things your executive management class structure managed TO ASSIST AMAZON in squandering as everybody pleaded for personal lifelines while literature is just dead, (classical), history we sell to ourselves. Then accuse an idiot governor of not explaining history well enough to the rest of the country. Because to ABANDON LITERATURE? Professors were sold down the river vying for university seniority to keep jobs that were systematically taken from the already well-deserving enough rewarded? Oh yeah. Professors wanted socialism while trying to save their own capitalist lives being destroyed. No? The biggest problem is slave wages are expected to nurture our universities next generation of controlled professorial management. How much more delirious revenge for the hazing of professionalism in our education of the American Public?

    ... Andrew Wylie and I, in the hallway, discussed how hopeless the nonsense became and I dare ANY of you to get him to deny that quote. Believe it. He could. I am paraphrasing. Mr. Wylie? Contact Andrew Wylie.

    Problem is I always see where I'm going whether led to believe the truth's open with me or not. Thank you Eustis High School Class of 1975 temporary President Jim Oliver ... 

    Somehow challenges I achieve have brought about an entire new scope. Though I do constantly see my need to support myself financially, the need to have me see I've been given things, I more than made possible for myself, is a scenario that's a fascinating puzzle to watch work out. I still roof for seeing the worst of it. Destitute, there's always the CHURCH as the lug-nuts keep wanting me to blame financially responsible for feeding me. THE INSOLENCE.

    This how a Butler who managed to take me by his New Smyrna Beach house when we discussed my making up whatever I want while he dressed for going out after his that day shift as a New Smyrna Beach lifeguard. He was a diver and ticked I wouldn't tell anyone my backstroke was faster than his so he cauld concentrate on diving instead of forced to do that leg the medley relay to start the event. High School stuff we filled with stuff and then gone.  

    So anyway, good that person knows I miss them. Nice to keep up when I don't have all day, focused my project. In my own home coordinated to be thought of as what else could I possibly complete I won't be paid for today. On my side, "gave me everything" till everything became me having my say I'm told I can't afford. Because the business I was in ruined me to the point, around me, I'm instructed to work with the other company that was a part of dismantling a competitive capitalist system protecting workers. That the destroyers fund politicking to represent protect them. Their money. Why everyone else's mistaken to circulate less is their woven fates seen historically no matter the web they weave. 

    Much of the Internet are reactions of people letting off steams and some friends seeing things instructionally, and others well, seeing themes to devastate enemies personally. Where things go out of hand. And that great vision of everyone getting along becomes some people believing a Black an white division historically woven into their characters to believe all achievement theirs and what others don't have wasn't not acquired by ancestors deliberately being i the way time and time again. So let me say to anyone, be careful when you say you've read all of me because some recognition of something reveals a lot to me. 

    So I KEEP GOING back over it so anyone who understands how this post faces them too, could feel less hurt. I’m not apologizing for others distrusting me anymore.

    To paraphrase in a baseball way, I’m not the Catcher for people’s feelings any more. Especially when their being honest is kept from my complete perusal. So, so, so. 

…confrontation … 

    WHY AM I EXPECTED to face this , disbelief, imagery as part of how YOU FACEBOOK IDENTIFY YOUR SUPPORT in a world mad about lying to itself. 


    But face-to-face, with me, was more NADA YADA NADA from enough people. 

    I CLEARLY EXPLAINED, ..., how I wasn't dealing anymore with scattered logic applied to my PERSONAL LIFE. Decided for too long, around me (calculated), by specific a person(s) talking with each other as everyone around me without involving me. I understand difficult to talk about and that’s when awareness can be shared through questions revealing answers for questions to follow through on. See, anyone? Controlling conversation, that doesn’t flow, with me s a logjam contrived in and of itself. A logic people have no problem seeing in their own lives, but me, well, honestly some people other than Deb really need to figure out how I’ll know how you can treat me without feeling like I’m just the thing I keep remembering people dealing with. WELL THAT'S OK. CREW’S PLANNED TO RUN MORE HEAT THROUGH THE ARCTIC to prop up the imagining it's real hard to solve egotists deciding the world’s worth ruling killing it. Everyone's pushed to aid and abet but that's not the little or big people's responsibility proven through generations of executive malfeasance. 

    Blame the Republicans in many ways is a mass hypnosis, but next to me. Shame idiots like the scapegoat game they're blamed playing too etc. and etc. Scapegoat Me, A WORLD WIDE theme. Beautiful a world constructed making sure publishers lose money publishing me. AMERICA SHOULD BE PROUD A FACEBOOK TEXT BECAME A MEMORIAL THERE ABOUT WHAT I think about the pretending to not be spewing with me. YA'LLS MOVE !!! Srilenko can unwind his own misshapen Russian Drama if Americans would just getup off the COLD WAR DRAMA your idiot rulers ruled you for generations with pretending they weren't just failing 


    Watching out for myself means anyone can be against me at any time as is well proven to me. I’VE CHALLENGED REALLY DANGEROUS PEOPLE PUBLICLY and idiots around me pretend I wouldn’t be better protect IN JAIL. Excuse me while I nap. Steve Howe knows I’m surrounded by idiots. The METS are only important now HIGHLIGHTING Chris Christie’s Public Integrity has to go! Get it! Inquiring mindless National Times MINDS. This isn’t even ask essay saying on me or off it’s all the sam _ _ _  … …

    AND DON'T UNDERSTAND !!! A Eustis Sister was quite plain with me I’d face bullcrap like ooo so much to read to understand anything. Why don’t I complain my life away so the nations' airwaves are KEPT OWNED by MEDIOCRITY. How much of that made it past The Strand’s front door on a special day, I’d be curious about. Hit floor bored. 

    Call me a liar. I don't care. This is fun. Literary allegory, why not? This is gory STUFF from the master Vonnegut's gut- Roland Weary dies blaming Billy and making sure everyone in his boxcar knows the name of Billy Pilgrim.         

    Probably doesn't relate at all, though book does and he would probably agree with it's a way to say I don't give a ____. Irreverence respectfully done can be nice.

    But notice idiots manage my story among themselves? Idiots amused selves watching me watch them. On three. Go to H___ me. Nicely done. Amusing, no? I can understand. Irresponsible making me uncomfortable about it. WHAT? I'm not relatable or understandable?

Don’t understand RUPERT MURDOCH appears a complete idiot not really knowing how to use that money effectively? 

Blonde lip synching limericks?

    MAYBE AS DEMONSTRATED ALL A CONNIVANCE OF THE WORLD'S EXECUTIVE PINHEAD CLASS atop capitalism from the top down stifling the bottom up as recorded as historically recorded. YOU BLITHERING IDIOT !!! 

    People read or learn not prospering is YOUR MASS MENTALITIES on their steroidially disarranged monopoly on aggrandized wealth. PERIOD. Stop messing with the money at the bottom inflated irrationally lost by the perspective of ahead is okay no matter who the cost destroys. AND EXPOSED as all of us. Guess whose FATES are .... Automotive Disingenous Industry owning everything stifled to imperfection

and the HELL with all of you too. Maybe I'll change that in the next edit. Don't bet on GOD changing anything though. Your generational bets are historically exposed as the winners again writing history for the losers cheating the rest of us again. And still run the pinnacle of emblematic astonishment in total dereliction of inhumanity. Hey. Not even STALIN is pictured as stupidly as what America allowed to have done to us. Stop me from doing it too. Vote here. Maybe you can get your legislatures and court systems to establish an actual amendment to fry me when all you hide from everything Racists want. GET IT. THE BOOK is being closed on all of you, especially those that claim to be capable readers.


    Racist (Governor De Santis) capital of GEORGE ZIMMERMAN'S head case psych-babble psychology, SANFORD don't talk racist politics while we avoid our culturally ____-bound psychology. 

    FOR WHAT? I described to someone close to, someone important to me, what it was like, for me, taken to a GERMAN TOURIST TRAP where it's pretended NAZIS only ran that far away to a DIZZY WORLD pretend paradise. Listen to me anyone thinking the imbalance to face is me. PRETEND MORE that I've not been facing idiocy for quite some time. !!! The motions of talking with me GO WELL REMEMBERED, so I realize what I'm dealing with every time. The clue is losers would never expose themselves publicly exposing me. Journal9ism class, anyone? Police Logs anyone? 

    Play with me, showing up generations later wondering about me, sure. But facing me? 

    So someone could be wondering how commentary shifts to another and still be on topic or whatever- wherever. BUT TRUTH is MANY people should have made a bigger effort to have my knowing specifically what I'm solving contrived around me. Email THE COLONEL. How I made sure I can face myself is confronting anything around me as MY WILLINGNESS to be punished. The willingness to be forgiven. Not my specific line of work. When I say I need more of an image often I was around Eustis that many years without knowing more about Happy other than a relative got inside a back door. Wondered and time to contact me now. What? The New York Time Book Review announced they’e publishing my name again next week? RIGHT. I see GOD in coincidences. SUE ME !!! 

    I WAS INSISTENT I DID NOT WANT TO BE DRAGGED THERE TO THAT GOD DAMNED TOURIST SITE! Friends have walked away not wanting bothered, but come back as reality dawns they should have just TALKED WITH ME. In fact this is the last time I'm committed top bothering this person, but your having met a couple outside THE GREAT HALL full disclosure maybe even requires his being told THE COLONEL isn't going to be bothered removing People who aren't enough ... oh never mind Not our problem. Atheists just ARE NOT my concern ANNOUNCE IT. I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S A__ IN HELL. Maybe I can gert more complaints censoring me? GOD knows likes from Atheists have a tendency that when faced, PISS ME OFF. Hammer especially when showing me against my wishes soften happens around me. Well friends are not a sister's problem. While neither am I. Pink is a great fashion for charity work. PERIOD. I'm not really mean. Just realistic till shown otherwise and actually love finding fault with myself to apologize for. LOOK AT THAT !!! The words support atheism in the link and you can't talk to me? PERIOD! Atheism your Facebook identity supports? Talking with me is a burden people put on themselves. My LOVE is unequivocal.  

    TURNS OUT my birthday present, of all things, is the only time I’m faced, in years, and when a New York Celebrity smiled, from behind transparent glass, at me, and threatened clawing my eyes out? All I had was hand signal back. YOU are first in line. 

       LOOK AT THIS? I’m mad and don’t even get to remain mad. Just empathize, in response, when people express their angers back. 

    Believe me, just to stick a knife where the belief's so contrived defendable that you pinhead Republicans defend anything but egocentricity. Even Bill Clinton knows whatever he may have to face fate for, it can't possibly be what Rupert Murdoch's friends of his contrived partitioned family believe?

    I know tough to handle but so manipulated to not care what people think. If I can be told I can be given anything I need if I ask for it. Don't tell me everything but the marijuana I smoke because that just means not asking for anything. That's right RIGHT IDIOTS. As (Dick) NIXON knew, if only THE HIPPIES, and their earned derision of him, could be solved. Then arrogance can rule despite anything. And Hippies just sit around thinking it's nice the corruption will filter out as intended when THEIR, putrid selfish, PUFFING is putridly selfishly underminingly manipulated gone. SHIP SINKING HERE

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