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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


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Bore-domWar's on every pageSnore. People instinctually follow though there's half-a-chance the planet is split apart by extremely self-serving shallownessReligions even preach the wisdom of Solomon while homelands tear apart? 

So, maybe after all, based on the irresponsibility of civilization, I pray Lord God Allah, end our unworthy mortal feuds far too beneath our Creator?

Unless by some miracle everyone stops acting-out, and dreams on the adage - Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men. Coined when cultural custom disrespected women as still happens today. A decidedly fateful mistake all civilization is responsible for. Centuries of female compromise chipping away at exploitive custom for their actual status cultures claimed were - given them. Still sleeping in The Dark Ages? When Women have not been done unto as one would have done to themselves. A fact. And the clearer the point of women's independence is, the clearer customs can be idolized without losing the ability to critically understand humanity is too intelligent for such incredibly selfish incentives to hate? 


Even dreaming, feuds are stressful. 
Lamenting this generation's tagging -
Hateful when hatred was outgrown generations ago - 
Until again the next one influences this one to hate as well. 

And so it goes, countless generations have reflected on Civilization's not growing up from our hatred-fueled pasts. 
But if truly honest with ourselves we'd know these Misunderstandings for what they really are - Hobbies.
Seriously. The world is too hysterical. 
"Nobody's right, if everybody's wrong."
Power to the holiest just can't be what an omnipotent judge, Allah/God would want fought over when all humanity's sleep is fitful over things like the following retired filmmaker Peter Shapiro noticed before me. Though it's always special when real people populate dreams. Watching British journalist Jon Snow recall the scene at Gaza's al-Shifa hospital where doctors struggled to treat wounded adults and children was real. As in perpetually not facing the results of living on hate?



Then, because nightmares grow more paranoid:
THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, August 1, 2014, 
cited editorial guidelines to censor this Twitter copy. Because no one's listening. Squabbling over prejudices mishandled long before any of us were even born.
Some hallucination, huh? Considering there's trombones
The Mechanical 4 Trombones Quartet

So to be direct, I support Israel but not feuding with the two states of Palestine, etc. An absurdity in the name of one loving Allah/God of all? As it's preposterous to think our Creator condones any holy war at all?

Extrapolate Mahatma Gandhi Into Every Context and See Violence Makes No Sense.
Transition Who Can't Afford? 

Of course nothing was biting now. The mayor's interest was cocktails. But I'd gotten a hook in early enough for a tardy tourist who'd apparently missed lunch and bit for exercise or something. I threw her back. 

The mayor clomped across his boat dock, past me, to his chaise lounge his wife charged to the city on donated time she spent on what he said she said was theirs while the city profited from his confidences. Opportunity's Reality.

"Open the book?" He asked picking the binder up from the table, offering it like a gift again.

I'd said I'd look but didn't. It was a can of worms and he had the horse's mouth

I said, "I don't want that printed in my head in stone. Exploiting the natural instinct to believe what I see." 

Sitting back the mayor gazed across the water. Taking in his mansion across the lake. His classic move when waiting for the Police Commissioner to serve his drink. 

He sighed. I cast and looked too. But behind us, at the last of the huge tractor shovels lining the road this side of the lake. 

The Mayor said, "Give it a rest. Nothing happens without power. Resolve to accomplish and get things done. That dossier won't harm me. No one's naive enough to believe politics works without grease. Politics is just craftsmanship and outsiders have no place telling us what to do." 

Then the Police Commissioner served saying, as always, "First one's best." 

There was nothing the mayor wouldn't enjoy. Our Three Martini leader who'd just as soon pretend to get tight on beer if the occasion required. A man of the people. I'd worked with them ten years, but the Police Commissioner went back with him to when they ruled grammar school. 

"And to think," his honor said. "We're alive when so much power derives from every little thing. Marvelous. Life," he said, stretching his arms in anticipation of his next drink. "Luxury is not for the average living in the margins. Now is it?" ...  
How deep are people sleeping?

For White People's Perspective.

James Garner 
James Scott Bumgarner 
April 7, 1928 – July 19, 2014 
V. P. of the Screen Actors' Guild 
under its' President Ronald Reagan.

And now, D. L. Hughley   
Reflects on Immigration

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of New York week-end traveled to Israel to demonstrate solid support without time to visit Palestine. Until, of course, a more strategic invitation could be made. As a political animal time couldn't be made on this short token-ly scheduled, presidential looking, trip to meet Israel's Prime Minister. Stroking the situation for bigger invitations to look even more presidential and capable of representing the Presidency of the United States. The whole process of influencing Americans is a long drawn out cycle of creating event-worthy reputations. Fine theater. Sincere performances. Image Is Everything.

Governor Cuomo, currently, of course, from his particular political position of a pedestal, is also enforcing morality by restricting legalized non-smokable marijuana for patients in New York. Insisting on promulgating the farce of the preposterously long American Culture Drug War. Exploiting President George Washington's weed. Politicians elected cultural warriors enable(d) this country's Criminal Enterprise System.

Am I still sleeping? A decade back or so, before becoming New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, (I voted for), I was on the sidewalk just west of the northwest 21st Street corner of Sixth Avenue, reading outside what was the old Barnes and Noble's, when he parked alone. Traveling as a civilian, which I thought was humble knowing his political ascent and importance was assured. Then after shutting his door, he scowled at my grin on his way to a 5th Avenue Parade that began at ten. And now whisked everywhere by limousine relieved of the burden of scowling at the riff-raff. 

Also brought to my attention concerning the plight of New York City working people, is Professional Drivers feel persecuted by a Police Ticketing Crackdown on vehicles immediately after lowering Speed Limits to 25 and less. Plus cycling organizations these past weeks have warned cyclists to be careful of police cruisers following them in order to pounce once they've ran the traditionally observed, but technically run STOP sign and Traffic Light. Professional delivery drivers note that careless drivers make up a minority of the unsafe at any speed drivers. And the children who've been hit shouldn't have been running out in traffic. Plus, "What about pedestrians constantly breaking the rules?" 

Because everyone in general wasn't more courteous when stretching the rules. And the police themselves are constrained to the revenue stream of the Criminal Enterprise System?
And finally? People are kidding, right? Bloomberg's Legacy reduced to New York City buildings granted separate entrances for lower-income housing - in the same building?Separating amenities like swimming because the sharks know their less fortunate can't afford luxuries. Fools. It's all about the kids of course. Controlling their environments. Gated Communities For Everybody! Well. Until ghettos are polished from the bottom up, good intentions are overdrawn by the hype, mile and yard.