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Supposed KREMLIN Foe Literally Invites EVERYONE In To Have Fun Feeling Liberated

  We’re getting there. Where? Who hardly knows but, socially, we’re moving. As much change isn’t agreed on, is dramatic evidence of our emergeing from the Modern Dark Ages. Monday, in a country where many expect more free-speech repression, recently inconvenienced by the legal process, recognized free-speech blogger and anti corruption activist,Aleksei Navalny, entertained fans and government representatives by creating a theatrical experience out of discovering his office bugged with a listening device by who? Or is it by whom?
  The New York Times title, Kremlin Critic Debugs Office. Tweets About It., By MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ, shows video of the wiretap device found, after arriving for work, with the help of a wiretap detector provided by a colleague. The Times correspondent described it as a scene out of the cloak and dagger days of the Soviet Union, except Mr. Navalny proceeded to describe the entire affair in real time to his 274,271 followers on Twitter and post a video about the discovery on his blog. About the photograph of a device hidden behind the baseboard in his office, Mr. Navalny asked, “Experts, what is this?”
  But – Not content with just involving his online experts, Mr. Navalny apparently summoned the authorities. Twelve police officers arrived along with wiretap experts who, Mr. Navalny reported, determined the device was in fact equipped with a microphone and they also discovered a hidden video camera.
  The police dusted for prints and wrote up a report. Uh huh.
Ksenia Sobchak, pop celebrity turned alleged government opponent, said in an apparently sarcastic Twitter remark, “Shocker! Navalny’s being listened to? I’d never have thought.”
  The hijinks is brilliant theater and might just be the best possible reaction foreveryone’s benefit as last week Mr. Navalny was charged with embezzlement and faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Such an outcome, as MICHAEL SCHWIRTZ’s colleague Ellen Barry reported, would signal a sharp escalation in President Vladimir V. Putin’s efforts to defang Russia’s opposition. Mr. Navalny was previously the target of an investigation into the same embezzlement case, but investigators dropped it in the spring saying they found no evidence of wrongdoing.
  So far, as this current example demonstrates, Mr. Navalny has tended to make light of his situation, taking frequent jabs at the authorities in the domain where he is strongest: social media.
  In a video later posted to his blog, Mr. Navalny said he and his colleagues, whom he described as “paranoid,” had decided to check for bugs in his office “for the fun of it.” And, “Honestly,” he said, “I thought they’d hide them better.”
  Exactly. With all the technological resources at hand for anyone with a few dimes or kopecks to rub together, it’s not necessary for spies to plant devises on a premises unless there’s a message to be had when the device is found. And that’s this – Welcome To The Machine – there’s nothing to fight about when the ruthless insist on their way.
  8But, as Mr. Navalny portrayed, it’s time the ruthless came out to play, and not with us, but amongst us, because this very well could be The Brand New Day.
Supposed KREMLIN Foe Literally Invites EVERYONE In To Have Fun Feeling Liberated
8/8/2012: But, as Mr. Navalny portrayed, it’s time the ruthless came out to play, and not with us, but amongst us, because this very well could be The Brand New Day.
November 1 - December 11, 2018
November 6, 2018
An All-Out Soapbox Rant
  So on November 6th, posting something, concerning The Mid-Term Election, to Facebook groups, I was restricted from even commenting on other pages till that Friday after posting this comment - The American contrived political drama's nowhere near facing Judgement as it's portrayed. Egocentric Balderdash. The shame. The shame. 
- along with an image from The Soapbox View page. While the expression of my view seems relatively extreme, I believe there's at least an element of accuracy to the statement. It is assumable that complaints have either come from not actually reading, or politically motivated contestants that had gotten me algorithmically listed for reflexive curtailment. As when I'd gotten back on FB, a whole week later, I'd been restricted 10 more, additional, different times all ending on the following Tuesday. Glitchy? Perhaps?
  Never has The Soapbox View fashioned itself as any kind of news presentation as the site's content's are specifically opinionated editorial satire that in no way portends to be the news. Contrived, false and or otherwise. That Facebook can't actually notice happenings beneath the $ radar is entirely fascinating unless Free Speech's obfuscation wears on your soul? Perhaps manipulating and exploiting our politically sycophantic destinies has only just begun? 
  Wisconsin voted out their staunch pretend disciplinarian and Texas renewed theirs. Florida and Georgia renewed. Mississippi renewed, adding Presidential luster to the affair. Virtually the same as it ever was. Wisconsin's embellished conservatives cut the new "liberal" governor's power off at the knees. Because of that big bug-a-boo Welfare their group originally broke with restrictions and then spent decades claiming they're rehabilitating what's broken they'd refused to fix from the beginning. Part-time jobs and planned transitions should have been at the beginning but the actual legacy is scapegoating the symptom for all the fault. History is punishing poverty and ignoring the working poor's value was Welfare's Opposition's original intent. Straighten your ties and remain above criticism. Our hypocritical world's reasons for negatively connoting the word "liberal" is, by and large, bs². 
  For such a critical mid-term election, the sudden reflection in the rearview didn't quite fully take. Mississippi had a full fledged runoff vote favoring redneck tradition. As if life's been for all intents and purposes cut in half. Believe it. The biggest scam going, beyond presidents' infallibility, etc., is Kentucky's Senator Mitch McConnell's really having the interests of the American people at heart that he perpetually repeats. A sanctimonious of ruthlessness thrown on the backs of aborted babies whose burdens are of a greater illegitimate neglect far deeper than a woman's right to choose. Moral? Two wrongs don't make a right. 
  And yet, I've not gone off subject. Not when my entire point's been that crafting the reach of American opinion's molded to shrug off ruthlessness as the patriotic price resulting in detrimental sycophantism. The election started to look as if it was going through the motions till a Team Enhanced Supreme Court might again decide. Hope only withers till it dies. How can the Democrats pointlessly conspire to spend all that money was a rallying cry that apparently points out an avoidance of the premise behind economic circulation. Why there's so much concern that guns retain market value. God forbid? Of course unhinged shootings scar our lives. But the actions of commanding the public stage with a relentless fog's fairly clear. We're up the creek unless the relentless sycophantic din subsides.
  Presidents, perhaps, as the first, George Washington, and others, warned, get confused into seeing themselves as kings rather than performing the tantamount duties of an office. But the present president isn't confused as to what's muddled by public discourse being brought to its' knees when the last thing needed is confusion. 
  So nothing's officially public, that, after a fashion, the realm of contemporarily trained thought is either overly intellectualized or a resentment of that possibility? Aren't we proud to be so simple? 
  Story - I never talk in an elevator but a young person got on with, perhaps, his parents of, near enough, my age. Perhaps there'd been a glimmer to his eyes before saying, "so you don't like Ruth Bader Ginsburg?" That was immediately responded to with she's "a thousand years old" yada yada. I simmered. Maybe the young guy could have been amused by my starting to boil. And it happened that the comment couldn't go unremarked upon. So as their group exited, I said, "A lot of things are a thousand years old, dude." Was the symbolism lost by not instigating interaction? If only that meant the power trip was gotten off. 
  "Listen to us." The congressional quagmire will be solved by getting along with the same enticing authoritarian tendencies that chained the past. All in order to beat a ruthless enemy humanity wrought. Because one thing about history repeating itself is repetitions get worse. 
  Bad word all the time - IMPUNITY. Pity, militarism's perpetual and this is Google's definition - mil·i·ta·rism /ˈmilədəˌrizəm/ noun, DEROGATORY
  1. the belief or desire of a government or people that a country should maintain a strong military capability and be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.
completely avoiding the impact of isms' connotations. And, thinking further, here, Google again has an over-polished approach while just citing fascism's most repressive role. - ism /ˈizəm/ noun, INFORMALDEROGATORY
  1. a distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement.

    "of all the isms, fascism is the most repressive"
  Right. Think positive with little negative hindrances except for citing both as DEROGATORY. So around an 8.75 on denial's relevance scale? Gone is some sense institutions are as close to functional wherever possible, as the potential for twisting anything's never seemed as clear. Hugely so? As if everything's become a joke? Still, brand new day and a realistic pessimistic assessment's as necessary as H2O.
Best US Supreme Court Selection Ever 
Results are Ramifications
  Held to account for things actually said is a rather worn-out, and old, suggested phenomena to politicians. And history is molding historic perception to acceptable levels of propriety leaving out the uncomfortable parts that're easier un-faced when blaming everything on other people's faults. Good grief. That'll be the day. 
Life's A Servant Class
  Back when everything was landlines, the bike courier said into the wall phone, "I'm in the Waldorf. And the recipient doesn't answer the number you gave me. Plus the Package Room says she's not registered under her name, Delta Blair." 
  The courier scratched his head. "No sir. If she's not here. Or you don't find her somewhere else? I'm supposed to bring this back to you. 
  "You're not in the city anymore? You gave me this package in your bathrobe. Is there a doorman next door I could bother?/" 
  A second suit gave the why aren't you gone yet look.
  "Yes sir. Twenty-five an hour to stay here. You don't think it'll be tomorrow?
  "I understand it's important. Yes sir. Okay. If I just search Delta Blair, her photo will bounce off the Internet at me. 
  "Okay. Twenty-five an hour. I'll wait." 
  Looked at peculiarly, the bike courier explained his task to the Front Desk. If she'd been registered under a name the sender knew, the hotel could have stored their package. The courier took a sip of water and ate the sandwich his wife always made sure he had. And sat for a while.
  Then walked a bit on the 50th Street side past the Apartments' swanky Entrance, 
by the Loading Dock where the luxuries are shipped in. 

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