Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Political Myth Of The Modern Mind?

  One opinion is this has been the most God forsaken time in the history of humankind for quite a long while. Another is there’s never been more progress than ever before, if only those other people would get out of the way.
  Today a New York Times front page headline Romney Faces Pressure From Right to Put Ryan on Ticket, included this introduction: Editorials in favor of putting Representative Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin on the Republican ticket as vice president follow a wave of public pressure for Mitt Romney to erase doubts about his commitment to conservative causes. As if his incessant badgering of Democrats as Socialists, from the stump, wasn’t enough.
  But of course this is how our current political equation is labeled for the public’s digestive ease, and whose convenience? The public’s? Because real issue-oriented debate diffuses where our attention should focus overall? No, once again, the public hardly cares as most of what’s drummed across the country is what’s easiest for those in the business to package and sell. A poll, discussed just this week, even suggests it’s the political media the public is most tired of. But they just repeat the jargon so it’s debatable it’s their fault at all for why the messenger is blamed.Though I remember being upset when Tim Russert on Meet The Press would, with a stern expression, call anyone to task over the same redundancies because that’s what was the week’s headline news. While now David Gregory does the same blasted thing but with that grin, that however nice it is, people would be scared of electing to office. Though I might trust him, I still wish some dag-gum original questions could enter the debate without the questioners being immediately dismissable as outcasts.
  So it’s not anyone’s fault? It’s just the game as it has always been played? Well no, it can’t be that exactly, so it’s everyone’s fault. Yet everyone is powerless to change the status quo. So we rally together as Occupy, or Tea Party, fan-atic-s, and grouped together we can force something, or anything, on the political entity enterprises and find out the more we push for change, the more the song does remain the same.
  Fiscal conservatism, who wouldn’t want to be fiscally conservative? Liberally tolerant, who doesn’t want to allow others their space? It hardly matters, because the cold brutal fact is those with power aren’t relinquishing it or sharing with anyone who doesn’t allow them to keep controlling the strings whether we vote or not. And it shouldn’t be sad that half the country believes the other half is wrong when that has always been and is our strength. The ability to agree to disagree. So conservatives, shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, and liberals get off yours the poor don’t need you anymore. The fact is raising the minimum wage has never raised the value of the minimum wage. Taxing the rich has never solved the declining treasury because prices rise to fill the void in their wallets and, anyway, as anyone with a clue knows, that money has been less taxably reachable offshore for years and, who knows, when that loophole is clogged, maybe that’s why we’re financing these trips to Mars so all our banking can get as far away from the general public circulation as possible?
  For me, in the midst of all this nonsense what’s best is probably just another sarcastic answer. Take a rich guy to lunch today. They might leave a larger tip. And we could all use more clues how to solve today’s financial crisis other than Sea Biscuit in the third. Don’t know what that means? Some wisdom has failed to pass through the generations. Well, in the old days when someone asked for some insightful information, one might give them the tip “Sea Biscuit in the third” because as one of the greatest race horses of all time, Biscuit would probably win any race he was entered in that day at the track. But that horse never ran smaller stakes races and well, our political process seems, at the end of the day, to just be about how much the winners get when eating their bigger steaks.
  Yep. Obviously I’m snubbing my nose at the whole convoluted mess, and you still know who I’m voting for. I just want to go home and I’ve had it up to here with all of you.

4 Responses to The Political Myth Of The Modern Mind?

  1. Unfortunately we still have to make choices.
    • Charles M. Fraser says:
      Mr. Budzynski, if anyone should feel free to tell me off, you should. You’re being too nice. You’re a politician, aren’t you? It’s not unfortunate, there’s magic in our political process and the rabbit will come forth from the hat as sure as Kreskin was the best, whatever he was, I ever saw.

  2. Vengeance says:
    I can’t help but laugh when I see this article. However, if Mitt Romney wins I believe change will be made and anyone who is not rich will definitely suffer in this world. But isn’t this the whole game of it all. If majority of the people are poor they would depend on the one who has it all. Money+Power=Respect. S.N. if people wake up and become “one people” and overthrow the mess that the government is dishing out then maybe we will began getting somewhere. People are brainwashed into acting like suckers because too many times one or two people are used as examples of what will happen shall anyone ever try to go against the government. People are scared as hell in this world when they feel they are doing anything wrong to upset the government. Why? Because they fear punishment when in fact they are being punished everyday for being whimps and suckers. The American Government has got Americans and other nations by the balls and everytime the government feels threatened they pull the nut sack of the people to release pain. A sign to the SUCKERS that their going too far! The government has too much control!!
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    The Political Myth Of The Modern Mind

    8/9/2102: (Partialy stunned Vengeance had the last word. I must have been particularly bitter that day.) 


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