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Censorship Question Is Russian Duma’s Answer To Protection From Free Speech

  According to RT major Russian Internet sites, including Wikipedia, are protesting a lower house, Duma passed, draft law establishing censorship to control abhorrent behavior. The original proposal, under review since last week, implied only “harmful information” would be censored. But the phrase was amended Tuesday night and the list of reasons for which the government will be allowed to shut down a site has been more strictly defined by a list including web pages that advocate suicide, substance abuse, excessively risky behavior, and child pornography. But critics contend the blacklist of not-for-children sites will restrict Internet freedom as the proposal contains a non-governmental Internet watchdog which would monitor the web for potentially harmful content, then request hosting companies restrict access to those pages. If hosting companies refuse, the page would then be blacklisted.
  So on July 10 Wikipedia declared a 24 hour blackout against the bill and their screen protest included blacking out their logo with text reading, “imagine a world where knowledge isn’t free,” or “Imagine a world without free knowledge,” as RT translated the statement two different ways in the same article. Apropos. Another statement on the Wikipedia homepage read, “Lobbyists and activists supporting the amendments claim they are only aimed against content like child pornography and ‘similar things’, but strict adherence to the wording of the bill will result in the creation of a system similar to the ‘Great Firewall of China’.” 
  Top Russian websites Yandex, Vkontakte, and LiveJournal joined Wikipedia in the fight against this draft law they claim will pave the way for Internet censorship in Russia. Search engine Yandex responded by crossing out the word “everything” from their, “You can find everything” logo and the company provided a link to a statement that warned the legislation may stifle free speech and questioned the bill’s “rash” adoption. Yandex’s chief editor, Elena Kolmanovskaya, wrote, “We think it’s necessary to maintain the balance of public interests and also consider technological characteristics of the Internet. That’s why a review of the draft law must be postponed with the legislation openly discussed.”
  In January this year, English-language Wikipedia and other Internet giants participated in a blackout in order to protest SOPA and PIPA bills in the U.S. Congress and Senate. Critics claimed they would empower the government beyond reason, and would damage the Internet as a result. Both bills have since been put on hold. Probably till heads can be turned elsewhere and legislators can hoist the law on citizens with the same disdain the Duma has for the public’s independence. While still unaddressed is why, since there’s a legal compromise with the world’s leader in human tragedy, alcohol, does the criminal enterprise system have to remain so profitable?
  What do you think?
Censorship Question Is Russian Duma’s Answer To Protection From 
Free Speech
7/112/2012 concluded: In January this year, English-language Wikipedia and other Internet giants participated in a blackout in order to protest SOPA and PIPA bills in the U.S. Congress and Senate. Critics claimed they would empower the government beyond reason, and would damage the Internet as a result. Both bills have since been put on hold. Probably till heads can be turned elsewhere and legislators can hoist the law on citizens with the same disdain the Duma has for the public’s independence. While still unaddressed is why, since there’s a legal compromise with the world’s leader in human tragedy, alcohol, does the criminal enterprise system have to remain so profitable?
What do you think?

July 7 - 28, 2017
Original Essay Ended Off-Topic

  That most everything strays doesn't excuse expanding criticism of government leverage in private interest, by overlapping the malignant lucrativeness of the spiraling criminal enterprise system's immoral moralizing. Because the freedom to exploit is unbridled power. As when courts are beholden, or even just friendly with government's or private privileged sectors. Imagine Marlon Brando's Colonel Kurtz sweating his frustration out further, even more, responding to his own last anguished, "the horror" with labyrinth
  Power is cooperative. Jumping up and down in exhilarated unison behind a figurehead's superiority could, as it sounds, be deluding and illusory as has been proven time, and time again. That success excuses unethical behavior is either faced or farce as pride reflects arrogance. Gauging the trains of thought demoralizes to sad effect actions worthy of referral as Mendastic-in-Chief, whose mounting anecdotes still hardly define being personally to blame for the vast social narcissism. Resulting from an opportunistically toyed with culture that's identified a loyal American intellectual understanding of our country as beneath the status of absolute devotion. Right, mumbo-jumbo. We're deluged. Cultivating patriotism such that the symbolization of having the biggest wall of all is shrugged off as potentially pragmatic. When what's obvious is the problem's that there are any walls at all. So discombobulate point-of-views to the contrary. But none of this arrogant nonsense was set in place yesterday. That the ideals of liberating America include an incredible amount of veracity and fraud, spite whatever the good intentions of William F. Buckley are and were, as he supposedly wasn't just standing for holding dear upper-class entitlements
  But it's not like ruthless streaks haven't always been the path to power and occasional ruin. What's to face? Ethics becoming a shoulder shrug? Authenticity, chivalrous sycophancy? This is the hold on power, that the hold on power breeds. Pure strategy, nuance be damned. So be it.
  Mr. President, please take a Magical History Tour -
Read from the Lower East Side and 
Roy Cohn's Townhouse
  Granted our American President's flippantly brazen. The chest pounding reverential insistence that a cursory knowledge of history entitles belief in conclusions riddled with contortions immobilizing facts. Seriously. Not everyone's cast themselves within this anger mode toward America's political spectrum. Suits or otherwise. 
  Americans think this or that. Twaddle. A celebrity defeated the idea of a woman president. It's like Kentucky giving up the power and prestige of an all powerful United States Majority Leader Senator. The macho instinct being the bottom line reason. Although noteworthy is Malcolm Gladwell's comment on 1947: The Meet The Press Chuck Todd PodcastJuly 2nd, 2017. Starting at 12:38. - How 'moral licensing' was a factor enabling America's fusion with convenient judgement to be nuance-dly neutered.
  Lambast is not dialogue. Why does reflection have to seem the most impossible  prospect of all? 
  Mr. President. Here. Have a sit-down here with me and Roy. I know that at an hour that last film was long. The soundbites you consume from vast arrays of sources probably preclude your energy from being tapped by my humble hour. Here, pause here with me and Roy. Watch this at seven minutes, nineteen seconds. The time of just a couple of interviews, no doubt. But perspective is hard to come by, and you're the President. Here, you remember Roy. Let's take this Magical History Tour together, sir.

  The criminal enterprise system wants to operate in overdrive. What's possibly wrong with that? It's not the militarized state's fault. The fault is with rules and obligations that sublimate humanity to revenge ridden dissatisfaction. 
Tom Selleck in police drama Blue Bloods
  "This job is not about being strong enough to use force. It's about being strong enough not to." 
  Cue the reminder, Allah/God inspires no murder at all. 
  All the madness, just a mean and preposterously profitable, extremely bad, thoroughly harmful, diseased joke. Honorable Killing's not even acceptable as oxymoron. The shame. The shame.
  Days are all like different days in that they're measurements of time. From which balance is found, from the ability to schedule, that's defined what humans have made of ourselves today. I'd bet all his money, retiree Bill Gates still lives with a schedule. 
  The teacher once remarked the Saturday yoga in the park position was susceptible to regime change. Inevitable. No surprise. Though you'd think there'd be more regard for seventeen years based on the principles that the introduction yoga in the park class were founded on. Power's impatience with nuance is legendary. Apparently in season now.  
  Time passes. Past recedes. It isn't as if political leverage's adversaries today replicate thenear century ago excesses of the Harding Administration. Where oil industry insiders were prosecuted for nefarious greed. Naw,  a polished professional sophistication has nothing to do with everything's extreme commercialization. Immelt from GE mist on oil technology that in the immediate long cycle GE blames for loss but will no doubt shrug what's better for the company despite this ambivalence toward the unblinking of our atmosphere. Tree Huggers? Exhaust chuggers. It's not right to disregard reality
  Conservative values means smart cars clog unprepared roadways jammed till everywhere's just a parking lot. No, eventually people will be satisfied carried around inside solar driven nodules that just bounce off each other if anything were to go wrong. Wait till the self propelled's rights-of-way accommodate the machine. Where's the conveyor belts for people to obey rather than doge as much and more so as people due now through the aggressive tactic of devotion to the machine to the point it is a Mobile Throne. I'm afraid that's not just a joke. I'd speculate the current Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Cho can still flippantly regard cycling as she had in a BBC interview during her previous stint with the Department of Transportation.
  If the train had been incorporated properly into the nation's transportation network, so many accidents could have been designed out of the equation. People can't generally drive the safest speed of 20 mph. That's unrealistic. So the inherent calculated aggressiveness creates mistakes. The nature of a ruthless world and we pass ourselves off as civilized. What a racket.      
Seen It All's In Season
  Conjecture's possible the Fake Conservatives' fake conservative, David Brooks wrote an accurate assessment of America's comfortableness with elitist culture in The New York Times 7/11/2017 titled, How We Are Ruining America. Sounds rash. But that's the industry. Trash and Pizzazz readers require for ringing the  lights bells and whistles.   
  Americans have learned to face the truth America hasn't. Shameful prejudicial ignorance is used to coerce some who hold dear the noble title of "God-fearing American." Because, bottom line, there's no such thing as holy war. Zilch.
  The following story about this film, People Will Talk, was written by William Snyder - In 1988, Joseph L. Mankiewicz was honored in San Francisco with the Akira Kurosawa Award for Lifetime Achievement as a film director. I think it was interesting that when he was asked to pick one of his films to be shown at the Kabuki Theater, he didn't choose films he had won Oscars for like "All About Eve" (1950) or "A Letter to Three Wives" (1949) or even a Shakespearian classic like "Julius Caesar" (1953), but instead, he picked "People Will Talk." I was an SF journalist then and he told many of us at a press conference of the back-story behind the making of this film. Before the filming began, Cecil B. DeMille was trying to get Mankiewicz---then President of the Screen Directors' Guild---banned and accused of being a Communist. When the SDG held a private meeting on the subject, John Ford embarrassed DeMille, saying, "C.B., you've made great films, the pride of our industry, but I don't like you. You're not a good man and what you're trying to do to Joe is wrong." The Guild voted to keep Mankiewicz. When you look at this film, it is an accurate explanation of the witch-hunts of its day and Hume Cronyn's character---Prof. Elwell---failed in the same way as Cecil B. DeMille did. "People Will Talk" was a box office failure for 20th Century-Fox. But it was a winning film with a great message. 
  To even just use the term "greatest witch hunt in history" points beyond insensitivity to a willingness to twist susceptibilities. As if the skewer's set and secured to an adherence to the belief America's malleable for team ends. The basis of the whole world's problems is there's an us and them. Reality. A switch requiring the power to turn off, and on. Oh the cauldron of presumed populist appeal under the Great Banner Politics. Where choice is fallen in line or having none. Scary people've convinced themselves without question, team's better than none. But that's politics, folks
A world of indifference and misunderstanding faces manipulation.
The vitriol. The vitriol.
When we're so TECHNOLOGICALLY-SOCIALLY, imaginably, far advanced, where's the collective shame for ridiculous disasters 
Surfing History’s Parallels. 

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