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Intrigue Infiltrates Yasser Arafat Estate?

  As critical as exhuming Mohammed Yasser Abdel Rahman Abdel Raouf Arafatal-Qudwa al-Husseini’s body is to detect if he was poisoned, as long-alledged by Palestinians, it’s still likely we’ll just continue being overwhelmed by opponents’ inability to share enough humorous anecdotes with each other to calm their agression. Such as, maybe imagining some Columbo character suddenly popping up to quiz diplomats. Picture Hillary Clinton with a cigar. Oh, sorry, yeah, this isn’t Cuba. Hillary with a hookah because somehow confronting there’s nothing holy about Jihad, or war in any language, could cultivate some awareness it’s extremely doubtful God supports killing over any disagreement anywhere on the planet. While another potentially comic accusation, Israel is accused of making, is Arafat was involved in mass corruption by secretly amassing a $1.3 billion fortune by 2002 as Palestinian economics has remained far short of mass prosperity. But it’s plausible that huge number is legitimate since Yasser was in a very competitive world where power is money. If the figure were quoted at 2.2 or .3 billion(s) then I’d be a little more upset. 
  But 1.3 in 2004 is chump change for moguls. Going along to get along is the political formula for why we seem perpetually stuck. Al Jazeera covered this contaminated Arafat clothing story by pursuing Mrs. Arafat, which has led to the Palestinian Authority deciding to see if Yasser’s bones reveal the legendary Palestinian leader really was poisoned as many old comrades claim. But Associated Press’ KARIN LAUB reported Palestinian officials signaled Thursday they’re not rushing into an autopsy though Switzerland’s Institute of Radiation Physics has found Arafat’s clothes contained an elevated level of a radioactive agent fueling press speculation of foul play. Yet Arafat’s older pictures of himself don’t seem to particularly represent a spry seventy-five. But for people worth in the billion range, it’s assumable the best medical care possible should enable them to carry on awhile further. The virtual King of Palestine certainly had a lot of reasons to live.
  The institute said more tests are needed and Arafat’s widow Suha has demanded his remains be exhumed from under a glass-and-stone mausoleum in his former West Bank compound. And Arafat’s successor, President Mahmoud Abbas, agreed to an autopsy in principle, but the final decision will apparently take time. Abbas aide Nimr Hamad said a team of experts would be sent to Europe to learn more from the Swiss institute and French military hospital where Arafat died Nov. 11, 2004.
  Another hurdle to consent is close relative, nephew Nasser al-Kidwa, who’s a former Palestinian envoy to the United Nations and Yasser Arafat Foundation head and custodian of his uncle’s memory. Earlier this week, al-Kidwa seemed cool to the idea of an autopsy, telling Al Jazeera he believes the Swiss institute findings are sufficient proof Arafat was poisoned. Al-Kidwa has not been reachable for comment since then. While Abbas has said he’ll only order an autopsy if the family is on board, but did not define whom he meant.
  In Arafat’s last three years, he was confined by Israel to his walled compound in Ramallah, the Muqata, because the Palestinian leader was seen by Israel and the U.S. as an obstacle to peace efforts and sponsor of attacks that killed hundreds of Israelis.
  Israel has emphatically denied any role in Arafat’s death. Dov Weisglas, a high-powered aide to then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, told Israel TV on Thursday, “Israel did not kill him, I say that with certainty.” Weisglas said Arafat had already been marginalized by that time. Weisglas added Israel had chances to assassinate Arafat, but decided not to.
  After the 75-year-old Arafat fell violently ill at his compound in the fall of 2004, Weisglas was among the negotiators with Palestinian officials over the terms of departure for medical treatment abroad.
  “The man was very, very sick,” Weisglas said of Arafat. He also said one of the Palestinian interlocutors warned him that if Arafat died in his compound, “just like for 2,000 years you had to prove you didn’t crucify Jesus, then for another 2,000 years you will have to prove you didn’t kill Arafat.”
  Weisglas, a former Sharon aide, also suggested Arafat may have been killed by a medical mistake at the French military hospital. “What happened in France is they gave him a partial blood infusion, he recovered, then they gave him a full blood transfusion that was probably a medical mistake, and he went into shock and never recovered.” Senior French military doctor Denis Gutierrez said Thursday he cannot comment on such claims because of French medical privacy laws. He said any information about a blood transfusion would be in the medical report submitted to Arafat’s family.
  At the time, French doctors said Arafat died of a massive stroke and, according to French medical records, suffered inflammation, jaundice and a blood condition known as disseminated intravascular coagulation, or DIC. Mrs. Arafat, who is estranged from most of the Palestinian leadership, has lived outside the Palestinian territories since before her husband’s death and has not explained why she waited this long to have the tests done, but the findings of her cooperating with Al-Jazeera was first broadcast Tuesday.
  The Swiss institute detected on Arafat’s belongings, including a toothbrush, a fur hat and underwear, elevated traces of the radioactive substance polonium-210 that is extremely lethal in small doses. Polonium’s most famous victim is KGB agent-turned-Kremlin-critic Alexander Litvinenko, who died in 2006 after losing all his hair and turning blue which are symptoms not displayed by Arafat. However exhuming remains, particularly of a revered Arafat, could offend ordinary Palestinians’ sensibilities, though the top Muslim cleric in Palestine has said religion would not stand in the way of an autopsy. Though, senior PLO official, Hanan Ashrawi, said Abbas assured her he would cooperate with any investigation.” We want to know. We want closure,” she said. “This was not an ordinary man.”
  Also chiming in Thursday, Ismail Haniyeh, prime minister of the Gaza Strip government run by Arafat’s rival, the Islamic militant Hamas, told a Gaza audience, “We support the extraction of the body of the late President Arafat for re-examination in order to discover the elements who facilitated the assassination.” And the cycle of revenge continues, no?
Intrigue Infiltrates Yasser Arafat Estate?
7/6/2012 concluded: Also chiming in Thursday, Ismail Haniyeh, prime minister of the Gaza Strip government run by Arafat’s rival, the Islamic militant Hamas, told a Gaza audience, “We support the extraction of the body of the late President Arafat for re-examination in order to discover the elements who facilitated the assassination.” And the cycle of revenge continues, no?

April 11 - May 3, 2017
Wikipedia - Arafat's death status update
The Jerusalem Post - March 6, 2017, Interior Ministry Nixes Yasser Arafat Street in Israeli-Arab Town
  We conclude. Time doesn't. Though the future includes that battle. My guess is it's the bitter perpetuation of self-righteous vengeance, obviating resolution, that, for whatever reason, is most dishonorable in our Creator's face. Self-righteous pride and perpetual revenge
Shaping Public Relations’ Shape
  There's a sense in the public sphere, screamed for justice raises the volume as taunted. As goaded, to be frank. And oh how there's so many ways of agitating performances when brazenness rules. "The world's a stage" and scary what generations slap together trading up from costumes to suits. Military school brats become president? Don't we think we're pragmatic?
  The point. Ruthlessness inevitably rules. But as impossible as winning without hurting anyone is. What a cruel world couldn't afford learning, shouldn't, necessarily, be our plight. When even in mere people years, time's waited on our feuds' resolving a very, very, long, long, time. Limitless generations. How the heck, had civilization even gotten this far, otherwise?
  Well. Now that righteous rule intends to flip switches through chivalrously threatened repercussions. Everything's seemed to have been let slip, a notch, down the tubes, for the power to believe righteousness rules. When unethically, morality's just used when bargaining tool. 
  For instance convince America that Criminal Law Enforcement is and always has been on the right track. Noble and upright as WE ALL want them to be able to be. BUT US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' known intention is to rid the land of the lawless. In execution a rather broad directive for the already uptight country. Rather than perceiving our land as being of broad influences, corrupt people must be stamped down, and out. When the governments and Legal Authorities are all responsible for the very Criminal Enterprise System aspect that our Peace Officers are manipulated to enforce. This militarized relationship in America is, just one of many large veneered excuses, all muddled together, leaving us with resentful, out of their minds, intoxicated and sober, people who've lost touch with their humanity. What's truly wrong won't be solved till corrected at the core. 
  Bleeding heart liberals? Yada yada decades of repeated redundancies. Ruling the world as it is, should be more than manipulating ignorance. Ambition beyond arrogant signs.
  O ye of so much belief, you've wrought your righteous venue. But morality's damned when worn upon the chest in self-righteous vengeance. Attorney General Sessions has shown no distinguish-ment between rule of law and how the law's been abused to facilitate this vast virtually uncivilized mass he'd prefer were punished into extinction. Cha-ching. The Great Harda__ Cultural divide. Whoopee. A mess of denial of misunderstood bigotry. Out of which all the world's sordid rivalries emanate to begin with. Allah/God created none of these man-made farcical tests of devotion, right up to, and including, an unethical undermining of morality through commercialized enforcement. Talk about overstuffed sentence
  But certainly scripture should lead people to think we're eventually growing up. Past this dreadfully long stage where those who aren't learning how wrong violence is, require destruction. Actualizing that ole cliché about two wrongs not making a right. Grown up for no other purpose than to die for a living? That's not an honorable deceit. This world sure has problems with where it invests its' pride. So says this only Republican alive. Fake Republicans, your conspiracy of individuals take the drift? Novelists don't rule. But possibly falling all over themselves in the aisles.
  Our political stage appearing-ly overrun by Strung-Together-Embellished-Non-Desciptive-Adjectives. Where has this all led? Soapbox View  
  Man. Every re-reading I want that preceding "Fake Republicans" reference re-written. Strike the accusation completely. Coming close, but not closer. Because nothing's as nearly flippantly sarcastic. Stuck? 
  Winners can craft a political power however preferred. But when there's less inclination to second-guess, that's a tyranny too. Accept and denial, hand-in-hand, when a moral compass isn't affordable. Strategic. Right?
  The Soapbox View is The Death Penalty as a principle may have justification. But the world's just not responsible enough. Ken Saro-Wiwa of Nigeria, etc. Throughout the world the rationalization for execution is wrong and the only way to right that is humans not killing humans. Period. We need to correct the distorted mindsets that create tragedy because hatred's the dangerous thing. Death penalties are wrong. But just another ruthless sign people are used to and had to accept, anyway?
Morality's not tough. Being moral is.
War's good for nothing, too. 
  Civilized War the oxymoron. Military honor as pure as freshly fallen snow is applicable. But, overall. Nothing qualifies as justifying circumvented ethics. 
  Liberals think certain things while we're not what liberals think about us. So narrowly contrived, the country's swimming in it. Floating on bloated air. And drowned. Taken in by the quest for reaffirming firmer mean management overrides civilization's social progress. The world's wars are all about inflated egos. Governor Gateway of New Jersey screaming marijuana's the social enemy. Preying upon people's instincts to believe in authority. An authority unwilling to share responsibility for the entire mess. The throne upon which Governor Gateway of New York also sits alongside. Ethically challenged? Why? It's a contrivance that marijuana use is immoral and unethical. What happened with a decade of alcohol prohibition was allowed to perpetuate and fester for generations fostering protection from an organized contrivance. Smart at manipulation but dumb solving crime?
  So fluidly installed is this polished idealism, that the harsher aspects of the newer, sarcastically referenced "regime", that should alert supporters some stats are mythological. Rantings of a press, controlled press, etc. Sleight of hand. What gives smoke and mirrors validity. America's got the politics it's paid for, these, oh so many, politically financial, lucrative years. Power that has so far righteousness-ly precluded raw responsibility for all this world's sins of omission. Face responsibility for the Criminal Enterprise System, please?
Pollution At All
  I heard the applause. And outright screaming. As if they'd been paid to sit in Congress for a partisan State of the Union Address. After especially poignant speakers' phrases that sized up America's present political drama, highlighting the March For Science Day 
that purportedly opposes the organized (conspiracy of individuals) screwing with nature past our capacity to adapt and survive in our currently accepted civilized manner. But who's to say all the Morlocks are destined to live, thoroughly unhappily, underground when the insatiable need to devour and dominate is satisfied.
  Take out the content and the Day's major event was like any other politically staged rally. Insert the Beatles and the glamorization provided by women's screams might just get us to the next plateau someone's claimed to've won that's just another chip torn from the grasp of irresponsibility's infatuation with contrived luxury. No matter how real. I understand bicycling's too much work. But people don't drive safe enough, and machine rule's tomorrow. Not now. And exploiting energy's just gall.
  Why wasn't the President of the United States' vehicle already electric when massive amounts of billions are thrown at the drop of a hat every which-a-way over the past decades. Priority number 1? After all it's not only the scapegoats' responsibility to be pragmatic. But accepting a certain amount of tolerated collateral damage is what being pragmatic is? Stoic? After all this generations' buggy whips have the financial wherewithal to whip us into the future financed by this fantasy creating pollution is financial stability. When we're just not smart enough. All that money just sitting there in the earth. So much temptation. Well documented. Maybe someday the whole planet'll just be one big ball of asphalt and cement? Thing is, it is that simple. The corruptibility of power is ensured by a public's accepting the hiding from these various, nearly enough, self-evident truths. Agenda? Pants on fire.
A Scientists' March on Washington Is a Bad Idea 
The New York Times January 31, 2017
Substantial Assessment of the Political Quandary by a scientist.

So In Conclusion
  Bill O'Reilly's spun off. Broadening the purported pragmatic political outlook's franchise base. That overarching projection that archaically refers to liberals as believing, for the most part, virtual nonsense, to be frank. While, irresponsibly, demonstrating arrogant indifference to ethical environmental aspirations. The pragmatic veneer's hooked people. Line and sinker. Political method? Yes. 
The Long View / Jon Meacham 
April 26, 2017 The New York Times Book Review
The Man to Blame for Our Culture of Fame
  Celebrity poisoned our establishment. Because Congress, the President and our Courts were all established for protecting the people despite what organized coercion enforces and projects. But over and over it's bandwagon or nothing. Rise like a revolutionary force so the status quo reactionary hasn't a clue. A Drug War that's lasted generations in the false belief it's a completely immoral pattern of behavior. Self-righteousness judged the world to be damned. Thrilling bunch of legislators and jurists we are, huh? Political appointees. ... .
  Who's got the time? Means there's no such thing as single voices? Means leverage beats argument? Means though we know more today than yesterday, tomorrow knows less because of what we haven't learned by today. Now ...

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