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Adultery Execution Moves Afghanistan’s President Karzai

  CNN reports, after outrage mounted over an amateur video, that Afghan President Hamid Karzai ordered Taliban members arrested for participating in the public execution of a burqa-clad woman accused of adultery who was shot nine times before a cheering mob. The statement from Karzai’s press office described those involved in the shooting death as “cowards,” and “such crimes are unforgivable both in Islam and under our country’s laws.”
  Reuters exposed the crime Saturday, but as tragic as this case is there have been countless other reports of uncondemned atrocities toward women. CNN also reported hundreds of students and teachers in the country’s girls’ schools have been hospitalized with suspected poisoning this year alone. Girls were forbidden to attend school during Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001. Violence against women has increased sharply in the past year, according to Afghanistan’s independent human rights commission. Activists have said interest in women’s rights have waned on the part of President Hamid Karzai’s government and the United States as both governments have sought compromise with the Taliban. While Human Rights Watch’s 2012 annual report said nearly nine out of 10 women suffer physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage at least once in their lifetimes in Afghanistan.
  Officials in Afghanistan believe the woman was executed because two Taliban commanders had a dispute over her, according to Gov. Abdul Basir Salangi of Parwan province where the killing took place. To save face, they accused her of adultery, Salangi told CNN on Sunday. Then they “faked a court to decide about the fate of this woman and in one hour, they executed the woman.” Salangi added that both Taliban commanders were subsequently killed by a third Taliban commander.
  Once again it’s hard to fathom anyone is telling the truth except for the victims when the cycle of revenge substitutes for the rule of law’s respect for individual rights.
Adultery Execution Moves Afghanistan’s President Karzai
O7/12/2017 concluded: Once again it’s hard to fathom anyone is telling the truth except for the victims when the cycle of revenge substitutes for the rule of law’s respect for individual rights.

May 30 - June 14, 2017
Convinced, Aren't We
That women’s plight is what their leverage earned, 
is admittedly conspiracy.
  The original Karzai essay concerned the ridiculousness of violence toward women as perpetual scapegoat. Depressing as h___. Humbug ... .
  Yet reality's leverage and power's the central component. While fight's become rallying cry for virtually everything.
  Close enough to irrefutable facts, portend the female species is welcomed to life in secondary status to male dominance. Power corrupted absolutely. For convenienceLike reversing civilization's progress, just to protect the manufacturing of billions of invested dollars better left in the ground, is what it is. 
My Problem With The Presidency?
  Where I was going, Saturday, June 3rd, 2017, I'd have ordinarily gone from Park Avenue South, west on 23rd Street to slowly go north, up Broadway, to 25th. Then west toward Sixth Avenue. This time, though, at Park Avenue South, the light just snapped green, so to not have to deal with judging passing traffic, for the left turn, I went on ahead two blocks, then west over to Madison Square Park. Where only an idiot rides straight through to Fifth Avenue, that was the route during NYC's more anarchic days. The most perfectly placed water fountain in the city's now just another time-consuming detour. Ah, progress.
  Earlier, I'd seen huge cranes blocking 26th Street between Madison and Fifth. So I'd decided to slow ride the park's 26th Street sidewalk, and, after the turn, noticing three Port-o-Lets, on the right, I thought, "that can't be Bill Clinton," while realizing it most certainly was. Walking toward Madison meant he'd come right past me. I stopped the bike and stood, with both hands on the handlebars, and dropped my head, as the only humble act imaginable on such short notice, as, from the corner of my eye, saw his arm slightly raise his left hand's small wave. Then he turned north past the public restrooms and I said, "have fun" once the retinue passed. 
  And so? So all this adulation-like experience from being within proximity to a person who'd held the highest office in the land, does bring to mind the deeper fears. That the distinction of the presidency does offer and, convey, and perhaps enforce a super-human status. There's people alive, still, who believe Stalin, at heart, was a benevolent man. Though ruthless people manager, no doubt. Some of history's dustbins happen to be larger than others. Well. Perhaps I digress.
  Here I'd wanted something eloquent and longer, yet whatever could be added, pales in comparison to the meaning the 3rd paragraph conveys. Needless to say, as an American, I'm torn. And, as an American, thoroughly pissed. 
  Coincidentally, the Soapbox View essay, Elections For Everyone appears in, June 1st's, Issue 10 of The Wolfian - Special Edition for the United Kingdom's 2017 General Election. Including a first paragraph reference to - the President Clinton who waved that following Saturday. Yep, I can be extremely shy. 
Hillary Clinton, first woman to win the popular vote for 
President of the United States, with Bill 
  Reflection's not the only source of ideas. Complications intervene. People are ahead of themselves. Stuff happens.
  Of course if people are virtually lost in video games? Then they can't conceive how things are outside them. And aren't we all looking forward to when we really won't be able to tell the difference anymore? Unless that knowledge fulfills the suppliers' desires. Or is the process already complete? 
  Braggadocio and flippantly calculated empathy are acceptably shrewd leadership. As in the perpetual cause of arrogant patriotism? If not mistaken, what brought Rome, among others, down. Can this world, or not, reach such a stage, where what effects anyone affects all? As in all that liberal rot. Yet conservatives can't be pinned to disregarding and shrugging off history for convenience?   
  Truthfully I am ticked off having to take any side, due to my extreme aversion toward bandwagon-itis. Committing to a position, as was taken, November 23rd, 2016. So the big picture's situation is fearing the extremes. While everyone's relatively stunned, in awe of the political prominence given the 2nd definition of audacity
Soapbox View's other 100 Character Celebrity Sighting
(Steve Earl) of more words without the 100 character treatment.  
The Senate Commercially Broadcast Live
  James Comey, former FBI Director testified, Thursday, June 8, 2017, before the Senate Committee on Intelligence. Chairman, Senator Richard Burr's first question was loaded down with many variables. But basically asked, in Comey's opinion, if there was an attempt by the president to use undue influence on the nation's enforcement apparatus? 
  I feel plausible deniability oozes from every crevice and, in the end, there's really, just more smoke and mirrors for sycophants to display, their wares, in, and toil towards. When so much of what constitutes the public sphere, consists of craftily polishing sloppy  
  Since the president uses the word lie, it is only appropriate Mr. Comey did, as well, when assessing the president's sweeping accusations toward his FBI tenure and, for that matter, the country's institutions as well. You're not much of an American if you don't see the faults in our institutions. But the mere idea, there's a pedestal for anyone is preposterous. 
  We'll see. If even possible.
  The Committee ended the 10:10 AM, or so, convened open session at approximately 12:38, as memory recalls, then planned to reconvene in Closed Session at 1 PM. Maureen Dowd referred to as "three hours of earnest" testimony in The New York Times.
  ... Teflon Don. The problem is the nonsense can be explained, while we're all entertained in a perpetual loop.
     PBS Livestream, USA TODAY, ... 
  This is a music show, that interviews as well. Ah, Live Performance. 

  Then Tone, as the couriers' representative in The Great Hall 25th Anniversary showing of Fifth, Park and Madison, Starring Steve Athineos, is hosting the 30th Anniversary. 
   Think about it ...
   Some day's been waited on a long time. 
  And days go by and some feel better it's better than before. While others just expect worse from what they've lived through already. From what women are put through the world over, everywhere is in need of improvement. The violence? Chances are people aren't really thinking all that clearly about what facing Allah/God means. ...
  The nobility of the gesture that womanhood is balancing a, for too long, dis-balanced social norm requires a brazen image. As what's been done to one of us, was done to all. Means a lot more than one little girl who really does symbolize everyone. Let's get civilized.
  Saturday, June 10, with wife and friends, walking through Bowling Green, I turned my head away from the gleefully playing, huge smiles crawling all over the bull. And stood a while, watching people being photographed with the girl. Then I remember a young woman, from across the half circle, looking at me meaning it was my turn. I sensed most of the small crowd were, at least, surprised no one was poised to take the picture. Then I took hold of her left arm, above the elbow, and, I suppose, relatively not thinking, but on instinct, turned left pulling the girl with me. She didn't budge. But my right foot went up unable to finish the step. My hand had lost its grip and, turning back to the statue, I patted her left arm with a smile and left. 
  Women are cooler than we deserve. If the situations were reversed? I'd be pi____ as  heck (not to censor myself a third time).
  Chivalry isn't dead. Excuses have methods for not going away. 

The Soapbox View Satirical Twist pursues the
Twin Legacies Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?

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