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Conscience Quest Nosedives As NBC Cancels Older Folks’ HARRY’S LAW

May 14, 2012 & November 24 - December 8, 2015 Below - ......
David E. Kelley‘s NBC legal drama Harry’s Law is canceled. 
See Wikipedia for ratings history. 

  NBC executives told the Associated Press as reported in The Press-Enterprise and that the show did not draw young viewers. In the sport of television that’s what’s known as too serious. Previous successes Picket FencesAlly McBealThe Practice, and Boston Legal had funny bones while this show, Harry’s Law, apparently did not.
  As demographics are all that matters, a moment should be taken to praise why this show’s failure was so worth it. With one episode left in the season Sunday night after the ax the show seemed as it always had. As if producers from the start knew what was in the wind. I watched last year thinking the show wouldn’t be around long but was certainly an attempt to do some good once again. Cut from the same mold as Kelly’s younger successes of polished legalese dissecting issues in speeches otherwise normal successful television mysteries don’t have enough time for as in their hour its sometimes important to dramatize the complete car chase.
  Reviewing backward from Sunday night’s typical climactic drama, of guns in a courtroom and fighting a hospital regulation/law that implies homosexual blood is already tainted without containing a disease. All the episodes were already nostalgic with either the lawyers in a bar or lovers on doorsteps lamenting the days that had gone past. The good old ones when dramatically reminding the public was so worth the act.

  Encore, encore.
Conscience Quest Nosedives As NBC Cancels Older Folks’ HARRY’S LAW
5/14/2015 concluded: ... lamenting the days that had gone past. The good old ones when dramatically reminding the public was so worth the act.

  Encore, encore.
  The violence in San Bernardino, California personified hatred's madness. The psychosis of it all. The attackers' family stated they hadn't a clue of this potential so that's how things stand. Hidden is how contrived scapegoating festers the worst human selfishness. An expert(s) noted the husband possibly resented the wall his career-less bursted dreams had hit. Sad. Hardly anyone gets to be rocket scientists, but still with all our advancements life isn't enough fun for everyone. So pleasure's gotten from the most ridiculous sources imaginable. Resentment's deep. Our pampered so spoiled, everyone's capable of thoughtlessness. The dark trough of despair the atrocity highlighted only magnifies the broader delusions. Peace. 12/3
Military solutions are problems so another generation bites the dust?
Nov. 24 - Dec. 8, 2015
  Cancel an old folks' showWhat were the odds NBC hadn't already known the age-group numbers before HARRY'S LAW launched? NBC's in the same business as Leslie Moonves who eats statistics for lunch. Gaining market leverage was considered possible from Kathy Bates' eccentric down-home gun handling but old folks were always the excuse better numbers weren't produced. Selling television. The more things change the more they stay the same? 

  The corporation's logic was most likely that writer/producer Kelley's dependably Seinfeldianish quirky twists could tweak followers as well as everyone else's snappy stuff. But far be it from me to criticize our culture's generally pervasive abundant sarcasm that's seemed to mean how people really skeptically think. Though stuck on subjects in ruts of belief of unquestioning sycophantic devotion isn't skepticism. Where winning means everything as opposed to the merits of what's both right and wrong. Hypocrisy.

Where would we be without women lawyers? Recently at the polls I wrote in Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Queens County District Attorney. 
Harry's Law? Sexism's a sorry tradition.

The Politics of Sunday Morning Television

  Soothing voiced political consultant provides editorial positions describing team leaders as individually smart, dapper and qualified to sign checks. Straighten your tie.

  But that's some plot line going on Madame Secretary, 11/29/2015. No mere capturing of America's heart with outrageously contagious gossip. Yet I neared the conclusion reality was being stretched too far. But it's just television and incredible what that show's been able to express. I am in awe and you can bet your bottom dollar no check's in the mail. Captured my imagination fair and square. Although, full disclosure, my wife was and is a Téa Leoni fan.
  Yeah weave in, around, over and through. Bend looking for how conjecture's muddled. What's a brain's narration to do with interior dialogue contrived to conform? Sycophantism's nap time. Some boat we're all in together so full of holes filled with spiteful intent. Law enforcement still not unhinged from its bitter authoritarian past to benign supervisory capacity that much of this world's laws claim. The failure for which the police are hardly to blame for the game's Follow The Money. About which humanity's only partly evolved. But by all means let's disintegrate over this preposterousness, enforced morality. A disease that's more than self-evident. Righteousness is a lot more benevolent than all the b_______ going on around here. If well-paid hypocrisy is the way this all goes down then - so be it. 
  Criminal Enterprise System walks into a bar. Bartender says, "None of that Criminal Enterprise System here." So the Criminal Enterprise System eyes the bartender coldly. Letting loose with that offensive wail, Criminal Enterprise SystemCriminal Enterprise System asks for a drink, telling the tender an institution can't be turned down. Criminal Enterprise System is a Criminal Enterprise System is a Criminal Enterprise System.
  Aw. Cryptic. Yeah well I remember growing old enjoying some of Harry's Law. Comforting the public may feed the bottom line. But pacified has undermined the nature of independence except as code for purer patriotism. Bandwagon fever. Hip's the next hit. 
  "Have a seat, Mr. Kelley. Can I interest you in an Ed Begley, Jr. vehicle? Naw? Can't believe there could ever be enough Ed Begley. Anyway. At least I offered. What if Condoleezza Rice were available? We possibly both grinned hype and a nickel buys everything anymore. Everything susceptible to being bought out from under. The law of property replaced by the law of righter property. A conundrum of epic proportions too big to fail.
  "Snoozing on me Mr. Kelley. Oh.
  "Maybe I bring an eccentric long-view. Your profitable successes rely on focus just as my points depend on people reading what they tried not to hear. Or rather not realize. Think better of if just disappeared. Without realizing answers are only questions. 
  "Who would be comfortable with the concept of demolishing the great political economic divide because that sounds nowhere near realistic? Imagine everyone could be thrown off by my basing solving the economy on ending inflation? Since as inflation still stands, its just a financial instrument suited to surfing that grounds the bottom half under. Sure the disintegrating middle class is a problem but still more smoke and mirrors when considering the problem's just a matter of complete circulation. People supposedly slighted by not receiving raises that've yet to make a real difference for anyone other than those actually surfing inflation. NEVER CATCHING UP is realistic? It is too relatively simple to pretend inflation shouldn't be solved. This handle on money that's no handle at all.  With compete circulation what the hell difference does it make when the lives of the prosperous aren't solved? What's unrealistic is to think either political economic view's not consumed by market share and whatever the public's willing to swallow or convinced to accept. 
  "Mr Kelley? So who do ya think has the inside track on The Big Short for television? All In The Family II. Hey Gloria Steinem! Still male-centric, huh?
  "TV? A sacrament for a few generations. A modern marvel. Double-edged sword. ...
Proprietor Apologizes Reading's Not A Game   The Rant

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