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Russian Opposition Leaders Jailing Assumed To Be Crackdown

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  Reuters et al. reports prominent 35 year old Russian opposition leaders, Alexei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov, were jailed, for 15 days for disobeying a police officer at a peaceful protest on Tuesday against President Putin’s gala Monday inauguration. The Guardian cites the protest duos sentence as a sign the authorities’ patience could be running out as their cases are linked to Sunday’s violence. As The New York Times reported, 40 year old art director, Aleksei Yeryomin, saying, “Up until now, all was peaceful.”
  How necessary was it for everyone’s nerves to escalate?
  Times Moscow Bureau Chief ELLEN BARRY and reporter SOPHIA KISHKOVSKY honestly point to Sunday’s violence starting when a group of radical activists apparently tried breaking through a police column to reach the Kremlin. So now the same new president refuses to face criticism for riot police using batons and pepper spray.
  The Times nailed it. The paper quotes Alexander Rahr, a Russia expert with the German Council on Foreign Relations. “He (President Putin) is caught in the understanding that he is the savior of Russia, that everything depends on him. He sees himself as a historical figure already, a man who prevented the collapse of the country. The problem is, now he has to meet the real demands of people who are 30 years younger than him.” 
  For months the conflict of two Russias has been in the media about how Putin made this prosperous generation possible. But the new president should remember and think about how people became impatient with Gorbachev. That’s why when the Soviet reign ended Yeltsin could replace Mikhail. Otherwise deep down everyone loved Gorbachev and probably didn’t want to let him down. That is why Russia is this far today. Maybe the country survived for him and itself and Vladimir Putin still has to prove his legacy can be bigger than himself too for the Fatherland as he says he believes.
  Which would mean cutting out the crap. Such as his officials continuing to downplay the protests. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told Russia Today, “I don’t see a link between these incidents and the situation in the country as a whole. What I saw was a bunch of marginal people.”
  So whether you see it now, or not, President Vladimir Putin. Your mandate from this election is to uncorrupt the electoral process. After all a man of your stature doesn’t have to worry much. Your padded Supreme Court could probably give you a free ride through that election too if the results were close.
  But in the meantime with protests, what did John Lennon say Mr. President?
5/10/12 concluded:

... in the meantime with protests, 
what did John Lennon say Mr. President?

November 17 - 23, 2015
Russian Opposition Leaders Jailing Assumed To Be Crackdown 

  Lennon said, "Give peace a chance" that peace never had. All history's fed war. Nourished hostility, explaining war. Generations rebel for nothing else to do. Desperate does what desperate do. While war with hate's only survivor's hate. Moral fabric, no clue? The inhumanity.

  Left isn't the board being played. It would be insane to think that King wouldn't just lash out indiscriminately. Imagine the tirading Medieval Tyrants chess' evolution parodied? How power's insularity made thrones incessant targets of attack. Hard to believe we've not evolved past that. When apparently, the game's just this. Individual vs. Apparatus.
  Your move, Mr. President. Yes I believe in your help with a better world for more than just friends and influenced people. Why? Because as redundantly repeated. Your legacy, as well as anyone's, is much more critically important than nation-states' reputations already set-in-stone

People's legacies are on-the-block
Mr. President. Your move. Hollow tradition? Royal authority. Curtain 1.
Removing Curtains Could Fix Façades
Lend A Hand
Man. Dude. Geopolitical Chess. 
  Looking trim and in the thick of it, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Don't wait for what happens to your reputation for not making more pragmatic moves. Especially during this time of grand smoke-and-mirrors when your picture with eminent authorities defines your status. Your history written with such broad flowery strokes.
Final Answer?

  Actor as Putin's butler walks into a bar. Orchestrated, but not planned. Nervous laughter becomes deafening until he sits. Then drinking starts again in earnest till the butler screams, "Power's absolutely everyone's" and two orderlies enter taking said patient away as ludicrous idealism has no place here slides down the television screen credits' end. c/o Vocabulary Management. Запас слов Управление 

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  When what's really needed is: Humanity Worth Amnesty.


  Finally a meeting pitching Ed Begley Jr. Moves Next Door. Each month Ed moves into a new home given homeless families after Ed's departs. Ed enlightens neighbors about bicycle life, and how there's so much to gain from safe cycling and trains without auto congestion everywhere. How there's room for everyone. Even safety and Car Culture. Though much spookier now that it's obvious we're in the machines' way.
  Ed starts every episode puttering around the kitchen preparing breakfast. Episode #1 Ed says, "Of course I don't prepare all this myself. I have to get something working union rates." Said to an unseen narrator, embodied by the camera, Ed converses constantly with. He'll answer Ed's wages crack with, "Now don't go all political on us Ed." And Ed will smile and wave a utensil at the screen while the scene dissolves to commercial, but camera remains, as always, incessantly, obsessively focused on Ed. Other actors have to intrude between him and his camera to feel heard. The feeling of invisibility is uncomfortable for everyone, even sympathetic Ed. While the camera/narrator is heard both cracking up and seen bouncing with glee. Ed's wife, Rachelle Carson, has her own narrator, camera, etc. One episode the cameras duel to Dueling Banjos. A knock-off band. Live as the taped show films under the presumption of being alive tracing life. Like Survivor everyone's on Ed's Island. All Begleys have personal camera/narrators. 
  Back from first commercial, Ed's on his bike heading straight over the ground level camera. Bending down to look right into the face of the lens. Ed says, "Let's go." Then he first tours that community's best safe bike lane. Ed goes to one public City Council meeting. Plus whatever captures his curiosity because Ed lives there. Not just visiting for photographs. See the world. Get out of his California cocoon for a while. Do the man good in his un-retiring years and all. Like all agents Ed's is a waiter. But I bet Ed'd go for it. Oprah? Oh? Uh. Meeting's over. On Begley Street exists. And Living with Ed. And, never mind.
  So anyway, Mr. President. Catch the drift's gist? Something like that. Broaden horizons. Make your career more interesting. Not just this sycophantic brazen Chester business. Authoritative chests pushed out to here. The groveling that must go on in mimicking this. It debilitates most countries. Better not be involved? Others responsible? Stalin's style. Except to be more than a celebrity president. A true star. Beyond the manufactured glamorous shine provided by an elitism that's still just as Oblomovianly satisfied with the dirt-poor not belonging. 

Здравствуйте President Putin, 
  Dear Presidential Future. Has a nice sound, no? Legacy. Winners mold history is entirely true. And cock and bull's entirely believed, true too. So where does that leave your standing? Ramrod straight ambivalence. Proud, yes. But boo! Oblomov believed in himself too. While there's much, much, more for you to do. As my mother often admonished, Mr. President. Don't Just Sit On Your Laurels. 
  Sir. Сэр. Don't just be another Chester, please. Because despite this being our world, it's not the crowd any of us belong in. 
Previous added essay November 2 - 16, 2015 
For some thinking different's jarred the most.

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