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A Top Executive, Of Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, Charged in British Hacking Case

  Rebekah Brooks was formally charged on Tuesday, along with her husband and four others, in the phone hacking scandal jeopardizing Rupert Murdoch‘s global empire. The New York Times states there’s evidence Ms. Brooks and the others tried to hide or destroy files that has resulted in about 50 people being arrested and released on bail by Scotland Yard. Legal experts said Tuesday’s charges of concealing documents, computers, electronic devices and archive material from Scotland Yard investigators would almost certainly lead to a trial, in nine months or so.
  Leaving The Times to their duty to repeat the obvious that Ms. Brooks prosecution was a major blow to Rupert Murdoch since she was a major player in his corporation. Major blow? Who’s taking a nap? The likable poor entrepreneur Rupert Murdoch has been under this intense fire, a close year, because others in his employ were too ambitious. The major blow just might be another drop in the bucket on closer examination, because the numbers just don’t add up. 
  For instance, the investigation spent $65 million involving 185 police officers. Prosecutors said on Tuesday, that Ms. Brooks, her husband and the four others, including her private assistant at News International, her chauffeur and bodyguard, were engaged in concealing from Scotland Yard investigators. The phone hackings themselves involved as victims at least 800 politicians, celebrities, crime victims and others, plus many editors, reporters and investigators at the two Murdoch tabloids.
  Well? Don’t tell me this many involved don’t expect to be caught. What is this nonsense? Editors forced into a corner to compete such that they encourage and steal private, hacked phone information. Again power allows the temptation to feel you can get away with anything. That’s what’s in the numbers. How these crimes evolved from accepted customs of small gifts or favors that became bribes.
  Maybe as CEO Mr. Murdoch would have been a better executive by spying on his employees himself. So employees would have been supervised more thoroughly as a liberal faction of British government wants to do with Mr. Murdoch. So technically if Rupert did not approve funding bribes, employees stole from him unless the fancy executives and fattened reporters paid from their own pockets. Though siphoned from Rupert’s gracious expense accounts seems more likely. 
  Ms. Brooks and her husband’s statement deplored the case as a “witch hunt” and an “expensive sideshow.” While The Times speculated their defense would rest on claims they are high-profile scapegoats as the trial is an attempt to deflect pressure the scandal placed on politicians and police.
  Proving once again, jurisprudence is good work if you can get it, as at least those jobs are seemingly civilized. But, again look closer and you might see no one should really be telling Rupert Murdoch how to run a newspaper. Yet, in the business of justice it’s in the lawyer’s hands as judges just hold cases awhile.. 
A Top Executive, Of Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, Charged in British Hacking Case
5/16/2012 concluded: Yet, in the business of justice it’s in the lawyer’s hands as judges just hold cases awhile..
December  21 - 27, 2015
  This essay reached its stride so bear with me as I never intend to lead a reader on as I noticed happened, 12/21/2015, on a local CBS Radio News broadcast referring to Tim Cook's Apple statements on the previous night's 60 Minutes when the gall-darned report was a repeat and had nothing to do with a currently published statement. They have me spinning and I'm not even in a grave. 
  And something else was stuck in my craw. The political effort to gain or retain American acceptance by pointing to George W. Bush's early, after 9/11, statement that his revenge was not against Muslims, despite his actions to the contrary. No shame. The current president even saying Muslims need to face why ISIS grew out of the nonsense. Presidential candidates right on down the line as well. Uh huh. What about the fact of the ages of those children that points to the Bush child's responsibility when after all, a previous American President, Harry S. Truman said that's where the buck stops. False gods? The news is God/Allah's the only one patiently waiting for this planet to grow up.
  So if there's some confusion, I'll be clear. Jews would rather not hear my belief I see the whole world as God/Allah's chosen people? Christians would dispute me for my belief God WOULD NOT condemn people for not believing what they can't see? And Muslims disregard my not respecting designating women as secondary citizens for men's temptation by sin? 
  Of course Rupert Murdoch could care less and isn't quaking in his boots over what I'd conjecture about him or Rebekah Brooks. But good luck with that, Mr. Murdoch. Such as, for instance, Australia had laws curtailing monopoly so News Corp's global diversification led to Australia's becoming a mere trinket in the belief if the strong circulate prosperity properly among themselves the image of the weak as fully responsible for their own lost foothold can endure. Be forewarned Australian politicians. As strong as alliances are, reputations' realities endure. As great as Napoleon's memory of a strong France is portrayed, parasitic militarism is a fate a real future will not survive. Rumor is King Rupert's children might not want the negative fate losers are credited to rationalize. After all John D. Rockefeller made many rich MEN and only destroyed those who wouldn't succumb. Andrew Carnegie was quoted commenting that to pay employees meant they'd only get drunker. But all their charity-charity that still survives can't erase the fact John D. was thrilled throwing dimes to poor children and amused he wasn't bothered by only educating those deemed deserving extra while others deserved too much less. Too powerful for the desperate to ever destroy them while the so-called fiction, further below, will portray what it's like when the desperate use whatever wicked means are thought necessary to claw for money. 
  The Criminal Enterprise System is a source of pride for many. Its that if publicly portrayed as morally superior, God has no choice but to recognize that moral superiority. Yep. The heart's only a physical organ so God can't search it for the truth. Naw. Minorities weren't exploited by William Randolph Hearst wanting rational marijuana use destroyed for his right to exploit, for paper, trees on his properties that would have done better for all of us if left in the ground. Cops are supposed to be the umpires, not the personification of a militarized state that's responsible for the violence. I want the police out of this mess and not reduced to a vicious cycle of enemies vs. civilian enemies because there's more profit in criminality than civility. The alcohol industry loses market share to market diversity. Gambling's profit's reduced by diversity in the entertainment market. That's what this is about. We allow people as young adults to be trapped by alcoholism their bodies are capable of succumbing to, but won't end this nonsense. Criminals could possibly smoke joints after a crime to relax but statistics prove its alcohol they drink to perform those criminal acts.
  The writer, moi?, supposed he'd only thought of tackling his personal story as contrived fictionally. But, as follows, having just finished reading Candace Bushnell's One Fifth Avenue and being impressed and inspired by how much more insightfully the novelist's craft was used than in her famous success Sex and the City, the inspiration to try was complete. But without the earlier book's successful experience there's no doubt she'd have never written One Fifth. While without her fictional exposé, this as a written story might not have ever been, yet is. Dag gum. 
  Said writer could have been much more despondent as it gets so very old when everyone's experience seems the self-reaffirmation of how to win in their own eyes, (e.g., Bush above), without facing the ramifications of what life really means to be both right and wrong. 
  So with a good many petty years having piled up, when Facebook did their gimmick of asking if a person wants a post, from years back, reposted, and a friend commented on that post with the remark, "You should see a psychiatrist ... ," patience would hit the fan when moderation was additionally shown disdain. Because having said years before that a remark such as that wasn't tolerated. I started an explanation why it was tasteless in my case. But instead left it at the simple crack about hearing from lawyers that wasn't taken well. As if the humorous stab about a psychiatrist was only that as claimed. Though later the conversational thread included the biting dig, "You need help" that only the braindead would not realize as significant. So a friendship of years was thrown at me landing under the bus as being my fault for ending. (Though New Year's Day we made up.) But that next day after the falling out my wife explained that I had to get over Elizabeth's subterfuge as she's dead. So I had to disclose how my first, and only other, girlfriend was thrown into a shattered state because Elizabeth had, almost successfully, planted in her head the conspiracy of how this writer should have been put away. All the while never truthfully explaining to anyone how our family fortune, not really as it was my uncle's and not ours at all, was left to a humongous university so beyond her grasp and she'd tried to destroy me for the paltry $15,000 left of my share my aunt skimmed from that fortune by leaving it to the children of my father. Knowing it was only about money somehow makes it easier to take and also not so easy as well. 
  It's impossible not to forgive understanding a woman would want revenge against me, the bastard, because our parents had a lawyer legally place their names on my birth certificate. But then people never like others being smarter or shrewder first. I even got to thank the lawyer at about age thirteen, saying I thought he did a good thing and he agreed as my real mother had done such a good job with my preparatory education. Something Elizabeth always saw as an embarrassment to compete against. My mother apologized to me for that fact as well. So how would I not speculate a friend's crack wasn't completely innocent, having had other people admit to me that woman had pestered them about me for years. I'd been warned by my mother as a child while watching Perry Mason. Because she said we watched that series together so I'd see how money is at the root of the secrecy that goes into how and why people destroy each other. The secrecy at the heart, and explanation of why and how everyone who have or want money destroy themselves and those around them for it. When money's just a system and its people that are corrupt. How insignificant I'd been made in others' eyes by refusing to make money my most important goal, though my plans for spreading it, if attained, are considered amusing or perhaps too lofty. How I must deserve a weak fate rather than the one of creating possibilities for humanity to actually see our real reflections in the mirror. 
  Seven years ago, at that great university, before I went to the private desk to look at the file of my uncle who'd left them his fortune, the archive director asked, "What about Elizabeth?" So I'd told her I didn't answer the home phone to avoid her and only saw her once in twenty-three years because I'd promised my mother to keep in touch with her grandchildren that Elizabeth maneuvered to coerce me to politely see her, as, she was, in my eyes, my mother's daughter. Whereupon she acted as innocent as usual as if whatever happened had been all my fault. It was my fault being not yet fully mature that I'd lost friends and families because mothers had to defend her poor mistreated motherly-ish soul. I'd told the manuscript director, "We'd all loved Elizabeth too much and its now up to me to put her in her place." And how "now I" could "face my uncle" and the director smiled and nodded for me to enter the room and view the record of his career alone. No doubt the men Elizabeth had her affairs with have died, as well, as my wish was shattered to somehow have her see how much revenge I was capable of towards her. Making it publicly clear that not only was it obvious I was manipulated, but most likely everyone she'd ever known. All because she couldn't have the fortune I'm proud wasn't just given to me, that characters in One Fifth would trade their souls for as well. Maybe? She was that shallow. 
  My father died a month before I turned 12 and my mother two months after my 16th. I remember at age 21, Elizabeth's confidence at feeling how I could be dealt with after my telling her I'd figured out how I'd go about attaining my goals because the newly forming adult had aspired "to save the world" since childhood. Christians were brought against me as the ideas were already planted in their heads about a child's confusion because only Jesus had saved the world and no one wanted to realize the English language consisted of more than one meaning of virtually all its words. People I love(d) died hating me for that woman because she couldn't share motherhood with her mother when it's been made more than obvious, at least to me, that it was really only about the money. A paltry 15 to 30,000, though a fortune a century ago. Even her own children would now admit it if they had to be honest without protecting the feelings of people who'd never concede they'd been deceived by such a charming charlatan
  My editor even asked once why I was so bad, and remain so, at making first impressions with people. Because I'd seen and felt the pain of one who'd portray being everyone's friend while using that ability to only sharpen the knife and make sure the blade's pointed straight in the back. The world's greatest tragedy is not liking those we love. 
  While the experience is perhaps why I so treasure my blade's sharp incisions into the world's game of politics. An art of attaining a majority of friendly acquaintances who vote, or otherwise revealed as the manipulating of those referendums such that they don't matter. Ba dump bump
  If this has still been confusing? Well I'm only explaining, not twisting reality. If uncomfortable? Hell, Ms. Bushnell had me writhing in discomfort not wanting to feel more of how ruthless people are capable of being and mostly because they just don't know any better. Someday in the words of Crosby, Stills and Nash, written by Graham, we may Teach (Y)Our Children Well because, for sure, from personal experience, exposing them to our successes, faults and failures is exactly why the planet's where we are now. An Earth's that's changing by adapting to us rather than our adaptation to our home.
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