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First OCCUPY WALL STREET Related Trial Defendant Acquitted of Blocking STREET

  Not many Occupy Wall Street arrests will reach trial. Of two thousand in New York City approximately seventeen hundred are resolved or set for dismissal. Few will go to trial. These types of arrests are generally due to the herding process associated with demonstrations. When the amount of outraged aggression has to be culled to a more manage-able number.
  New York University student journalist, Alexander Arbuckle was judged innocent Wednesday of disorderly conduct on New Year’s Day. Mr. Arbuckle was accused of standing in the middle of the street and blocking traffic while working on a story about police officers assigned to referee Occupy Wall Street protests. Arresting officers verified their charges under oath in court on Monday while the Defense had video showing Mr. Arbuckle stayed on the sidewalk.
  Coincidentally OCCUPY WALL STREET's website ignored this first trial defendant who publicly insisted he wasn’t protesting at the time of his arrest. From Portland, Me., Alexander, 21, is a photography and political science major at New York University who photographed Occupy demonstrations last fall for a class project. The Village Voice quotes Arbuckle saying, “I felt the police had been treated unfairly on the media,” denoting his apparent dissatisfaction with televised portrayals of the movement.
  After the verdict Mr. Arbuckle said, “I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong.” And, “I felt vindicated.”
  The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment. And on the surface mysterious how this particular case ever came to trial. 
  The problem of course for prosecutors is the act of protesting does not portray code breakers as criminals. This defendant wouldn’t take a deal. Big deal, could it matter? Prosecutors never saw the video showing Mr. Arbuckle was not in the street? In the end all trials are for show. Otherwise the system is so rocky trials only occur when negotiation can’t tip the balance of power to either side leading to trial. 
  Feel the suspense wondering what the next case is possibly about?
First OCCUPY WALL STREET Related Trial Defendant Acquitted of Blocking STREET

5/17/2012 concluded: Otherwise the system is so rocky trials only occur when negotiation can’t tip the balance of power to either side leading to trial. Feel the suspense wondering what the next case is possibly about?

December  28 - 31, 2016
  Only the battle continues as resolution comes second to maintaining the profit involved in keeping the war with the public, blamed on the public, alive. Trials against Occupy Wall Street. .netDivergent AccountsLast Occupy Wall Street Trial Ends in Conviction - The Wire.
  Well. So Occupy Wall Street disappeared into the fabric of America as economically unsustainable. Who'd have thought the organizers would be that insightful to realize that this generation's economic success could be seen as shallow in the future when compared with the pinpoint flashlight accuracy of shadowing our era's blind prejudices rather than exalted exaggerated commercial coverup? It's comfortable thinking wherever corruption holds the world back these problems were developed there as opposed to copying the United Staes as per China's supposedly current pollution problem and America's sycophantic political process.  
  Really? I should stop stabbing my own self in the back reducing any possibility I'll ever have to gain economic support? If not how could I ever face those who've stood on soapboxes before me speaking truth to power if I'm not willing to go down destructed by the forces of commercial hiding myself? I couldn't and won't. 
  My sister, Helen Fraser Hothersall, could have gotten me into a formidable Ivy League school where I'd have possibly either been a lawyer or darling of advertising eventually? As a short James Thurber Talk of the Town blurb, pictured above, in The New Yorker could allude to as having been the personally prosperous legacy I should have pursued. But as my mother had said, when I was a child, "your uncle was famous in advertising," I thought, "So what I'll be an historian." The chips will fall where they may and there's not a gosh darn thing this generation can say to stop that other than outright sabotage which just may become the reputation this generation earns. Polishing's perfection notwithstanding. The generation that decided or accepted military experimentation was far more useful than raising children to realize the disaster of following our sociopathic ancestry. Believing it okay that only by pretending national patriotism is our savior will lead to a carefully crafted world where we can disregard caring less about caring for each other provides for ourselves. Yeah I have to fix that previous sentence or maybe those who disagree should?
  In all likelihood the actual real social equations that need solving won't be faced? So we'll have truly made the bed where we all lie. Thank you Occupy Wall Street for your however brief but timeless imprint on history. Your move Wall Street, wink wink, and economic professors who've perfected the art of surfing, rather than solving, inflation.

Monique Schubert (our Yoga teacher)
My heart hurts so much - for Tamir, for his family, for all of us, even those filled with hate, especially for them.
A country awash in political constructions that can't feel its own heart while turning its back on real responsibility. Police are in the best position in this country to defend themselves defensively yet indoctrinated into the belief going on the offense is an excuse without realizing that belief is from the depths of darkness that has no business being held up as a standard in the light of day.
Give us our police back and end 
The Criminal Enterprise System.
Just too darn slowly has the Age of Realization, piece by piece, replaced the Ruthless Ones.
  Very nice seeing UNDERCOVER BOSS tweaked 12/27/15 to a higher emotional level and getting at the roots of the management, franchise and employee relationship. Excellent. I'd say that show should be their Emmy submission and ____ em if they don't care enough for improving the fabric of this country while excusing privilege's privilege all over again for the umpteenth time, year etc. 

The Soapbox View author's linked Total TV Law and Order essay from the year that show won the Emmy for best. 
Thanks to S. Epatha Merkerson's inspirational interview.

  Finished THE PARTNER TRACK by HELEN WAN that's no surprise that, despite its being nationally covered, did not hit the premier book pushing trail (household name). Because the novel's excellent at portraying the undertones of racism in corporate America. Plus tribulations women face and the go through the motions construction of America's facing the prejudicial trends our country's still comfortable with by not actually feeling the disgraceful beliefs that have kept the future at an arms length rather than within our grasps. 
  Though for that upnosed slight on page 255, ... . 

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