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Talking Heads Star Heralds Child’s Toy As Transportation Staple

  Sunday musician David Byrne, famous for the Talking Heads, achieved another milestone. Never before Mr. Byrne’s pleasant essay has the front page of the editorial section of The New York Times included an editorial advocating the bicycle for general transportation. While the Times has consistently increased coverage of bicycle news over the years, the excuse, or rather occasion, is an event, worth noting, Mr. Byrne lauding New York City’s upcoming new commercial bike sharing program he finds effective when he travels to various parts of the urban world. 
  From such a prominent soapbox Mr. Byrne not only lauded but virtually inaugurated the endeavor. New York known for thieves who made the Kryptonite lock unguaranteeable is becoming a bicycle paradise as he sees it. Mr. Byrne even advocates everyone stopping at red lights now. But how now that bicycles aren’t just intermittent bikes, but traffic itself, won’t countless still ignore David’s law-abiding advice. Automobiles in my neighborhood habitually run stop signs and when a police officer was asked if she knew that a particular corner produced at least two accidents a year, she said, “It’s more.” 
  People just like getting things. Seconds at a Stop. Celebrities making ideas popular so we’re all entertained and not bored by doing the right thing. Mr. Byrne apparently doesn’t realize that irregardless of habitual bike use’s immeasurable health effects, traffic remains dangerous. Our culture doesn’t function on a polite enough basis to insure we stop bumping into each other. So yeah, great, the bicycle is finally front and center, big time, or will this turn out to be another summer of hope brought down to earth by snow all over the place and how sometimes the bike isn’t easy enough for everyone to ride in the rain.

  Will full-time riders not be thought eccentric anymore? Certainly despite his collective effort otherwise, the mainstream radical artist, David Byrne makes that official. Even the subculture of bike advocacy has separate social strata. In August there will be a twenty-fifth reunion for a protest known as Fifth, Park and Madison when the mayor, Ed Koch, tried banning bikes on those avenues to effectively stop bike messengers from traveling the wrong way in traffic. The mayor lost in court and the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives grew immensely as a result of bike people coming together at that time. TA has chosen to not be involved with memorializing the bike couriers beer-swilling hey-dey no matter how instrumental that event was to the organization’s present success. For as Mr. Byrne’s fateful article signals, it is now time to all celebrate and do as the Paris Review editor George Plimpton did and arrive on our bikes in a tuxedo.

Transportation Alternatives' Noah Budnick 
schmoozes with Bicycle Diaries author, David Byrne

Talking Heads Star Heralds Child's Toy As Transportation Staple

5/30/2012 concluded: TA has chosen to not be involved with memorializing the bike couriers beer-swilling hey-dey no matter how instrumental that event was to the organization’s present success. For as Mr. Byrne’s fateful article signals, it is now time to all celebrate and do as the Paris Review editor George Plimpton did and arrive on our bikes in a tuxedo.

March 24 & 25, 2016

  TA (Transportation Alternatives) donated support for that bike courier event. That's what I get for avoiding the loop and going off half-cocked. Where would we all not be without TA? 
  Anyway. Child's Toy that's adult. ... . 
  See, this is my problem with New York City bike lanes. They are the panacea for perfect conditions. But the fact mobile throne traffic couldn't modify and adapt to safer shared road-space has meant cyclists darting innocently confused people all day and night. This virtual expansion of the sidewalks through which people move, has everyone outside the mobile thrones' designated tracks having to constantly dart their eyes and only glance at their next piece of space fraught with just too many infringements from too countless many directions all at once. The streets aren't supposed to be a carnival game where the lucky aren't hurt. Almost a coincidence participants agreeably figure out how to get around. Always went around pedestrians before, only now there's nowhere to go. I know. It'll get better. Improve. 
  Though aggressive, traffic was predictable. Even jaywalkers. A span of vision to cover. More variables infringes on anticipation's decreasing the unanticipated. This is ridiculous. Pedestrians and cyclists dodging for space we all own. 
  The future promises extremely luxurious mobile thrones while riding's made out to be the chore. Yet here's where we're evolving from. Perfected the mobile throne, in essence, will be just like individual train cabins decoupling from track to track with coupling ease. But that bicycle, skateboard, all self-propelled technology. Those will be what reflects real human pride. Thing is cars mean money. Status. Inevitable the Chinese gave up on their bicycle culture by copying American mistakes that over-exploit the environment. A/The broader American transportation system was sabotaged by the glittering heights. Why not everyone's? 

  We're either proving we're smarter than what's not functioning properly or we're not. Transportation molded to reflect the automobile's primacy is the very reason the infrastructure needs fixing. Traffic lanes up the ying-yang incessantly clogged. Why doesn't the biggest industry in the world participate in the future of energy? Piddling around disputing with this concept that maybe the earth's not been damaged enough? While being realistic is keeping the public's minds and consciousnesses on the steering wheel? So, in conclusion: 
(Robert) Moses' Legacy Requires Serious Touching Up
  A few people live in the resplendent suburbs of Detroit and beyond who feel the car did more for us than it took away. The asphalt transportation system was subsidized. Biggest socialist scam going. Can Anyone Buy A Clue? Wake up, there's coffee? 
  The entire transportation system should have been properly upgraded and subsidized as was the traffic system which always claims ACCIDENTS every day. ALL THESE TRAGEDIES ARE MISTAKES. Not accidents. Our financial insurance juggernaut that counts life as a series of gambles WHEN WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SMARTER THAN THIS. 
  In the broader picture people take too much for granted and go too fast accepting a certain level of risk that stretches what's cautionary leading to what's called accidents but are really mistakesWE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE SMARTER THAN THIS.

Copy every day. No issue gets further than sound byte. Gossip. Harrumph!


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  1. christania’s “cykeludlejning” bikes are rolling across the city. The system, less than a year old, is funded by christania’s municipal government. It is currently only in one of christania’s 22 administrative districts. Although a 2nd generation system, there are 12 “Houses” in this district, each with around 40 bikes. The yearly subscription cost is the equivalent of $2 US, and allows the use of a bike for up to four hours at a time. In less than a year, there have been 6,000 subscriptions sold. There are larger 3rd generation systems in the world, which do not have a subscription to bike ratio as big as that.


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