Thursday, September 13, 2012


Living is like weather. Every day the same difference everywhere.
The New York Times headline Medvedev Says Rockers Have Served Enough Jail Time for Cathedral Performance, By ELLEN BARRY states — Prime Minister Dmitri A. Medvedev said he believed Pussy Riot, jailed for a profane stunt in Moscow’s main Russian Orthodox cathedral, should be released rather than serve out their two-year sentences, weighing in on a case that has drawn widespread condemnation in the West.
At a United Russia officials’ meeting, Mr. Medvedev was careful to assure his audience that he did not approve of the women’s performance of an anti-Kremlin song at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, saying that even thinking about it made him nauseated.
Good. Politicians should always animate their feelings or be misunderstood by their subjects.
According to The Times Mr. Medvedev went on to further say incarceration would be “unproductive.” Hopefully realizing what he’s quoted saying, by the Times. “Imprisonment is a very severe, I would even say a frightening, responsibility. What has already happened, that this well-known group have been in prison quite a long time, is a very serious punishment for everything they did, regardless of the sentence.” The six months already served, “fully enough to make them think about what happened, because of their stupidity or for some other reasons.”

Right, good. Don’t let appearing draconian enter any discourse on Russian Criminal Law enforcement.
“So prolonging their time in conditions of imprisonment seems not to be productive.”
Ms. Barry speculates – It is not clear whether Mr. Medvedev’s words will have any effect, but a lawyer for the punk rockers, who perform as Pussy Riot, said he thought that the Russian authorities might want to rid themselves of a case that has turned out to be more damaging than expected.
“In the end the authorities got themselves caught in a trap,” the lawyer, Nikolai Polozov, told the radio station Kommersant-FM. “The international community gives an unambiguous assessment of this case, and Russia’s reputation is rapidly falling, and the authorities are trying to find some solution so that they can emerge from this episode with a pretty face.”
Hence Mr. Medvedev – who The Times cites was president from 2008 until May, attracting support from urban liberals.
The Times points to – A film that ran on Tuesday on the state-controlled Rossiya-1 channel asserting Pussy Riot’s performance was planned and financed by exiled, enemy of Mr. Putin’s, tycoon, Boris Berezovsky.
Mr. Polozov also noted Mr. Medvedev took a personal interest in the case of Taisia Osipova, the wife of an opposition activist, charged with drug violations supporters contend were trumped up. Mr. Medvedev’s involvement has evidently done no good so far as The Times points out, a judge last month sentenced her to eight years in prison, double what prosecutors requested.
“Obviously, you can’t say that the judge will do whatever Dmitri Anatolievich says,” the lawyer grants. “But if the judge shares his opinion, obviously we would consider that a plus.”
So? Everything good Public Relations-Wise? Public Opinion, token attention, branded messages, animated personalities, public personality. It is your stage, you two, you darling pair. Time the duet shared the stage?
Or, is it, maybe, Jay-Z’s move? Vladimir, what do you, and Prime Minister Medvedev, really think of criminalizing civil rights?
Because as scary as it sounds, power to the people is the way of all things.

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