Friday, December 28, 2012

Whose Very Merry New Year Is This?

Its not that new years aren't joyful. Just recapped there are things you'd rather not have happen again. 

As a last broad act, demonstrating intent, before the new year, RT headlined today that, indeed, finally, Putin approves bill banning US adoptions of Russian kids
Dec. 21 Soapbox View Dec. 27 Soapbox View 

Picnics on grass in Moscow Alexander Garden near the State Duma
There's a visible flash to the spate of laws from both nation-states, Russia and United States. A pizazz in unyielding governments not giving in to shows of strength. Citizens can always be tuned into their patriotism though nationalism is still code for common people being sacrificed at the front.

1900s kids digging on Ilyinka Street
While there's nothing more disarming, or transparent, than throwing kids up as a ruthless front for adult's tactics. This issue over kids could run months while the nuts-and-bolts of disarming foreign intervention goes stealthily forward under the guise of total seriousness. With leverage at stake on many fronts, why not move under the cover of the absolutely righteous continual moan for answers till eventually a use will be found - for the kids. 

Also of noteworthy notice is an RT interview with filmmaker, Oliver Stone and historian, Peter Kuznick that touches on the veneer of normalcy codifying American control of freedom while pitching their new Showtime film series and book, The Untold History of the United States.

As it has to be good to go over what the United States didn't get exactly right, for the people, regardless of what government wants thought, to compare contrary opinions. Episode 1
Reuters/Mary F. Calvert
Reuters reports Senate leaders to make last-ditch "fiscal cliff" effort above a cute picture of U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell  (R-KY) on his way to lunch with reporters. 

Everyone enjoys the dancing, isn't that nice. As Soapbox View has mentioned, times before, without saying, politics is our most attention grabbing form of art.
Yes indeed though, its the big deals that make a difference in whether or not a politician is effective. No denying that. But either we look long enough to trust politicians, or enough that politicians learn trust is earned and just being  convincing enough, when forced to lie through their teeth, is in between and not really up to snuff. Why politicians are usually the recipients of scorn and have to always wave their hands in celebration because to speak is usually when we've had enough.
So is it truly naive to think, against our own leaders' wishes, that the world just has to become sweeter? But other than that in the new year I hope issues are dissected and peace rules the planet as love fills in our vacuum between the stars. 
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