Wednesday, December 12, 2012

World's Fashionable Rulers Should Look At Themselves To Understand What Facing Shame Doesn't Mean?

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers annual
address to Russian Federal Assembly at the
Kremlin's St. George Hall on December 12, 2012.
(RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudenko)
Just the headline alone drew my attention. From RT, no less, this,  Russia needs a free market economy, rather than capitalism – Putin. Full of anticipation, having yet to read the article, had me wondering is it Christmas already or  Hanukkah, or possibly another of the great grand ceremonial religious days? Because if President Putin even mentioned anything close to that headline, he's written this satire for me. Again when the world is just tied in knots with nothing more to add, Vladimir comes to my rescue. Well, we'll see. 

Quoting RT's introduction - Russia needs to develop a free market economy based on industry and middle size business as the growth potential of a resource based economy is exhausted, President Vladimir Putin said. 

What commentators have advised for, easily, a few years. Yet this called for, supposedly new, financial tactic still pertains to how money fluctuates through the hands of those powerful enough to hold onto a sizable sum for any length of time. Not your average Russian citizen's situation one would want "a free market economy, rather than capitalism" to be about. But nonetheless, what next RT?

“The situation when the Russian budget depends on foreign financial and commodity markets is unacceptable,” Putin said during his annual address to the Federal Assembly. Most people can’t fulfill their potential and realize their talents under such conditions, he added. 

So there you go. Something most everyone should want to hear. The president can go home now. But oh dear, just RT's second paragraph.

“It’s important to return the country to a leading position in key industries and in middle business,” Putin stressed. He asked the government to prepare “road maps” for accelerated development of high-tech branches of the economy such as biotechnologies, rare earth metals, gene engineering, urban building and IT.

Oh come on. This is new news? President Putin has just been preaching this for quite a while. He's juggling orange apples and red oranges for gosh sakes. Oh sorry. He's the president who can't dirty his hands with the nuts and bolts big business currently has to manipulate their country with. Maybe RT should be ashamed for implying anything is different? Next RT? 

A number - The measures are crucial for the Russian economy to achieve a 6% growth target, according to President Putin.

Ignoring the hustlers in the street as any self-respecting in-the-pocket of big-business American politician would. Huh? 

RT - Putin also asked the government to draft proposals on scaling down the role of offshore companies in the Russian economy to fight capital outflow. "We need a whole system of measures to 'de-offshore' the economy. And I'm asking the government to submit a set of proposals on this," he said.

Great. No more loose ends with foreign capitalists keeping their own money while trying to save their own skins from the clutches of the country's true ruthless entrepreneurs who are really in charge of the country's significant sums. The conspiracies of little Donald Trumps running around under the protection of hired guns. The shame is below the veneer of well-dressed capitalism is the ruthlessness hasn't changed and neither will it by labeling the country a free market economy.

And the president is summed up by RT as calling for more efficient taxation of the rich. While I suggest leaving the rich alone. They have the power to make up for what's taken from them, that then comes down on all our heads in the form of rampant inflation that the eggheads who should be smart enough to fix, can't, because they have no incentive to help.  Because big money is made surfing inflation while the rest of us are caught up in the undertow and President Putin among all the world's leaders refuse to get their feet wet. No?

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