Thursday, December 13, 2012

Being Clear Is Often Not Even Halfway To Full Disclosure

It's difficult but really not much of an effort to find other points-of-view aren't being taken up in the news. Smoke and mirrors has been with us for generations and the more newsmakers stand on their unshakable beliefs, the more it appears they're willing to cover anything with what they've already deceived the public to accept. 
Because the fact is when capitalism works, that's socialism when money circulates and spreads throughout society. When socialism works, that's capitalism when people are properly paid to see that things are properly taken care of. To think that this world isn't overwhelmed by legal corruption is the fraud standing between us and a sound prosperous world. 
Really? It takes a salary of 6 figures and the best health insurance plan in the world to have us not only wavering on a fiscal cliff now, but just keep tipping us towards one over and over for decades into centuries on end, ad infinitum. Sure, criminal enterprise has us over a barrel in many countries, and we are so offended. 
Yet the reality is that is the situation the United States still hasn't completely evolved from. And so until that great country faces the music how are the rest of the world's elites going to be expected to make the necessary sacrifices to improve their countries? Which is where we are, dragging each other down with this or that conflict. All mostly based on the fact that to get ahead someone else must lose. Creative people, aren't we?


Todd Heisler/The New York Times

A Halfway House Built on Exaggerated Claims is The New York Times report by SAM DOLNICK on how - in Brooklyn, the federal government awarded a $29 million contract to a nonprofit group with a promising name, Community First Services, and impressive credentials. Private sector socialism under the guise non-profit can be as lazy as government capitalism that's also slightly mislabeled socialism for political convenience. I have a solution. Make it illegal for politicians to blame "The American People." Then ...


In stepping down as a candidate for the United States Secretary of State, Thursday's PBS News Hour summed up Susan Rice's statement as her saying the office of Secretary of State should not be politicized. Uh huh. Again, which planet do political people think citizens are on? Career appointed bureaucracy is political no matter how its sliced differently. Especially Secretary of State appointed by the president. As well in Ms. Rice's case, where it appears she was set up for both sides to allow her to take the blame. Misdiagnosing terrorism? Sure, a decade of war was going to make terrorism so disreputable it could fade away? Some jerk insisted on throwing a heap of kindling on a fire. War to pretend to end war was irresponsible, if you ask me. 
Fragile, No?

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