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Are There Clearer Methods Than Self-Interest Available To World Leaders?

When altruism seems more feasible now that decades past retirement age, Señor Raul Castro announced he's stepping down from Havana's political pulpit in 2018Theoretically marked our modern medieval era's lamest duck yet, apparently without even consulting The Pope? Yet elections, five years hence, seem a miracle, at best. But a cause for optimism? So, in order, to possibly obsess less over change, take note, that so far, Señor Castro seems a decent political evolution buffer, strike muse-ical accompaniment and The Miami Herald. 

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So there is hope self-interest isn't everything? 

When the same upsetting things are upsetting everywhere
Tailgating automobiles at speeds that reduce the aftermaths 
of accidents to rubble.

When the claim is at least made less Argentines suffer because professional salaries answer inflation? When every coin, of all the realms, function by that, excuse for a premise, while what little the poor have is worth less every day? 

What exactly can't we afford? Aren't there clearer methods of negotiating than countries competing militarily to leverage world attentionWhen this is just a criminal generation of grudges financing the world? People have to eat. So, to reduce the United States Department of Defense budget is hardly a kick in the sand overall, when the problem just might be certain people could use actual vacations from their purported unmentionable yokes and war games
So, maybe all we have is wherever Dennis Rodman toursteaching basketball, there's hope this world's grudges recede and terrorism understood as just a dangerous and unfair hobby rather than noble adventure. When politicians of every stripe earn their salaries from whom they're responsible to. 

Yes. Its not true a positive outlook never hurts. But unless stale entanglements loosen there's no compromise. For example, redundant political speech using "the American people" for a crutch.

But that's where we are politically. Not one iota past President Theodore Roosevelt's adage, of his era, 'to walk softly and carry a big stick.' People can only patiently wait for the world to live at peace with itself and hope, as individuals, to not be indiscriminately in the way in the meantime. 

Meanwhile an excellent essay accounting of the current economic  equation, as alluded to above, is Dependents of the State By AMIA SRINIVASAN that appeared in The New York Times Tuesday, February 26, 2013.

Couldn't Have Been Clearer?

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