Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mad Enough To Hurt Innocent People?

Angry Enough to Hurt Anyone?

Fulfilled by Revenge or 
Just Plain Pissed Off? 

There's a Solution? 

As Time Slips into the Future 

Our era's baffling questions handed-down from the bad intentions of everyone's forbears is such that extracting justice through the nightmare of terrorism
means there's no end to how angry people are never satisfied? 

As if the dispute isn't over injustice, just revenge? 

Because however big, bad or evil  Americans are, Americans try to make a difference. Hopefully with an independent spirit and not just an obligation to nationalism. P e o p l e shouldn't feel obligated to reenacting violent revenge when everyone with a clue knows revenge won't produce a better world. Just revenge. 

Americans had thought it was an every day feature of life now,
going back over a decade, but again a violent statement wakes our collective memory of dread. Patriots Day. During our mourning the major news media doesn't seem to want to sound so macabre by labeling this bombing the Second Boston Massacre. Because this was a major tragedy. As horrific as anywhere in the world the sanctity of the public square is destroyed. The tragedy of course is everyone doesn't share our losses the same. Either way claims to be after justice are impossible if innocence is gone.

Are? We? In a dimension? Priced out of reality? Where all the ruthless need is good timing? 

Where despite logic? 
Money isn't filtering through smooth enough?
 To finance Peter's bankruption of Paul anymore?
So the surviving on Nickels and Dimes Folks get
Penny Pinched to Death and Resentful? B. S. 
The Human Race: As Corrupt As We Can Afford To Be?
4/19, News the bombers are Chechen hits the who to hate why instinct differently. Supposedly this would be about America’s involvement with regimes suppressing Muslim nationhood. The tragedy remains the same. People stewing in bitter resentment  that should be having real fun. Once again, another generation on, a nineteen year-old had long enough to grow this hate but not enough time to mature out of it. What's your excuse?

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