Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Gutlessly Oblivious To Feigned Integrity Can Selling Culture Be?

America's celebrity-centric, popularity focused, major news outlets have harped the last days, chiming in about members of the Internal Revenue Service investigating the non-profit status of smaller less-influential local groups in the Tea Party movement
As described by  in The New York Times under Uneven I.R.S. Scrutiny Seen in Political Spending by Big Tax-Exempt Groups is a fair summation of why the smaller groups were touched on and others with larger influence were not bothered with as too intimidating themselves. 

Everyone without the political pull to create a stink with the IRS is investigated in this country as holds true throughout the world where people can't convert what little money they have into power. 

In the U.S. we're called in to face IRS investigators with a lawyer to represent us and compromises are reached while the numbers required to survive skyrocket beyond ordinary mortals reach. Period. Though in principle we all realize if the mountains of funds financing the assorted industrial complexes really did filter back through society, tax rates might be more reasonable and millionaires who need millions more to clear a million might not be as inclined to lead us to this precipice where pennies have been reduced to worthlessness. 

Non-profit applies to more of us than necessary and it doesn't take images of economists shrugging their shoulders to understand that truth. 


Is This Really The Real Deal In Russia?

Where Russia's government is incapable of monitoring non-violent public protest? Where Russia's government has no interest in its citizens having any voice beyond what bureaucrats want other than their own self-preservation? Where the idea of evolving beyond top-heavy elitism is beyond Russia's caretakers vision? According to a May 6, 2013 article by  in The New York Times?

It doesn't matter citizens are scapegoated to hide Russia's elitism? 

But, all that aside, there's a positive side to this past Monday's Moscow demonstration as Mr. Navalny spoke at the event. Perhaps a small concession from the present government's not wanting to outwardly appear like the tightly wound totalitarianism of the Soviet era? But as large a concession as that might be, it still indicates control, and not pure freedom, nonetheless.

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