Friday, May 3, 2013

Why The Problems Are In The Details That Aren't The Solution?

Friday May 3
Freedom and Moral Courage: Ai Weiwei & Salman Rushdie

Times reporter, author Patricia Cohen moderates an author Salman Rushdie discussion with artist Ai Weiwei via Skype from Beijing. Responses to symposium questions will appear in The New York Times Sunday Review. This event is in collaboration with the PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature.


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Notable for as Mr. Rushdie commented the "invisible hand" didn't intervene.

Because Individual Corruption is the System's Creation and Cure an Excuse? 

There's a telling moment in the popular Ai Weiwei documentary where he's leaving a police station after filing charges of assault against an officer. Asked why he bothers when he knows nothing will be done, Ai Weiwei softly answers, "They don't know." As when Jesus Christ was perhaps paraphrased, in the King James Version, saying, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." 

From our political elites to thief who can do no better than return to prison for safety, humanity is fallen into patterns of behavior. Free Will the most expensive luxury of all to afford?
The Twilight Zone
Look at America. Almost every criminal's entire career is so well documented it's as if they're on a leash that's tightened for no other reason than they stole the wrong thing. For instance the good education they neglected to pick up? 

A recent article on China's evolutionary detail similar to other countries relationships with money.

It is an uncomfortable time in power perceived as an outright devious and mean son-or-daughter-of-a-bitchShrewd from initial smile through knife in the back once turned around. No? Yet the political persuasion is tainted with this ominous veneer of nothing having changed in this hazy battle with financial clarity? Power to all the good people, but expensive enough to keep out the riff-raff?

If we never learn more from history than to complain, then the ruthless have no shame. No honor. No face. No 
integrity. No shame.

But somehow some way, some day, the point will be driven home, pretending isn't complete financial circulation.

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