Friday, September 27, 2013

Are You Celebritized?

Hazy, hypnotized by glamour or jaded like all-get-out?

Does it matter? Because percolating beneath the public's polished veneer lurks more than the fundamental question of quality entertainment? An issue as timeless as fame itself? Where whether it's how life has always been or not, it's wrong anyone is less better off than anyone else. Ask The Pope? Especially since this discrepancy is the prime scapegoat excuse for terrorism's grudges and quotas of revenge fulfilled by just carrying them to the grave. The worst clash of celebrity fashioned from pure competitive madness justifying anyone's worth is less than their excellencies. Macho?

Justice Is Not Revenge 
Because Terrorism Is Wrong, What They Think Isn't Right?

How many professors of symbolism does it take to understand attacking a shopping mall in Kenya is drawn from the exact same resentment of wealth mold that should at most be just a small element in the problem with world violence? Not the complete ball of wax, as this is one point conservatives are dead center right about: The prosperity of private enterprise is the key. 
Other than that are the right questions asked? Like why are terrorists finding their lives fulfilled as tragic reflections of centuries of in-compassion that's still, contrary to the pain of their tragedies, the elite's duty to wake up from with the rest of the world

Twenty four years ago I told Forbes magazine's Malcolm Forbes I thought resentment of wealth is the world's biggest problem after thanking him for flying his balloons advertising personal prosperity. Shouldn't life be about fun for everyone and properly fed egos without infernal publicity hound feuds? 

Grievances and tangible traditions keeping the world turned on its' head are what minds cling to for reassurance that can only marginally compensate for commercial survival no matter how that individual defines it as troops must be fed is the first lesson of history. Which as science fiction previously predicted, why electronic war is so popular for our military future. But what's the code for peace? Certainly not ascertaining the desperate are desperate and should be punished for that? Anyway, as the United States government admitted by dropping all that loose cash that disappeared in the Middle East, everyone is in this for the good life, however you choose to complain. 
With Open Eyes?

  • Charles M. Fraser
  • Astoria, N.Y.

When car commercials vibrantly encourage drivers to think of "pesky bikes" it's obvious people should be encouraged to think we should all get along safely!

Is my published comment on the article, Unauthorized Bike Lanes Created In Midtown by Colin Moynihan in last Sunday's City Room section of The New York Times. I in essence defend bicycle radicals because it's not very funny we're seen as such when aggressive vehicular tragedy is just an accepted every-day matter-of-fact part of life. Like the tooth fairy we made it all up and intend to live with it, or not. Ask ourselves whose lazy idea was it for trains and vehicles to ever cross paths to make believe that's an accident too?

While I'm arrogantly against throwing the book at everyone as that's just The Fine Society and not a solution. Soapbox View I really don't particularly care either way about punishment other than as a necessary evil. It's the solving and being done with injustices that's not accomplished. Sad really. When the epitome of the modern day civilized life is supposedly how hard we work when maximizing efficiency is lightening loads such that profits and in the end, actual work have little or nothing to do with us when we could all just be dead weight the machines carry as Science Fiction predicted. 

Jon Stewart & Robert Reich don't admit they're discussing playing with inflation.

Corporate Welfare?

Entitlements? This planet is an entitlement. Glass houses ring a bell? Uh huh, no one? The other guy? Right.
The Soapbox View Satirical Twist in pursuit of the Twin Legacies

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