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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


An easy speculation to associate with the above commercial conjecture is the world is owned but not profiting from our entire planet's health and well-being? Despite the U.N.'s best face and The Rockefeller Fund's announced divestment of fossil-fuel investments over the next five years notwithstanding? Power manipulates to control. But, bully for the Rockefellers of course. Thirty-two years after the bicycle became my primary transportation. Drive a car. I don't care. Except please be a part of road safety for everyone.

While, pollution notwithstanding, last week, the day after Scotland voted to remain in Great Britain and not reconstitute as an independent sovereign state, the press' news readers claimed the election wasn't close when 45% of Scotland voted for independence raising this sarcastic reply - tyranny of the majority is alive and well and self-satisfied. Because as a descendent of Simon Fraser of Glasgow, 850 A.D., I take great pride in my being of Scottish descent, American and raised Floridian. As if I were a flinching professional baseball player every time a baseball almost hits me because I'd already been hit and do not appreciate being threatened. I find any type of gloating insulting when some of that 55% of Scotland made a pragmatic economic decision theoretically reflecting Prime Minister David Cameron's boast that if Scotland voted to secede they could never come back into the British fold though Scotland strengthened Britain as much as any in the monarchy. God Save The Queen. That said, I didn't have an opinion because I've never even visited, though I love the Scottish ideals as if I've lived there my whole life. Britain, don't gloat. Scotland has made a second chance. It's not socialism they prefer but a capitalism that actually works right. Despite elitists' claims? Or excuses? ... .

Mapping History's Ruthlessness?

History and tradition are the supposed precepts the powerful stand on to justify encompassing power. Thus the diplomatic effervescent glow above. History is portrayed as what winners produced through centuries of shameless ruthlessness. Mentioned here because of the specific theme in Ukraine's situation. The explanation we've all read and heard that's firmly planted in public consciousnesses. That the reason for Russian Crimean expansion is rectifying what the clumsy Soviet Union lost of Russian territory and pride. Including wherever Russian speakers are, they're to be protected (all nations' sovereign right). Though citizens were planted in local cultures throughout the former Soviet Union to ensure the dominance of an elitist Moscow political machine rather than the specific benefit of a local locale. Still. No offense intended to Russian and Soviet descendants.
Russian loyalty really is a worthy patriotic frame of mind to support except for some basic things that hold true everywhere. This shaky idea the Russian Soviet Union was more than a mere 20th Century speed bump in a long complex history perplexed by the concept of ruling and being ruled as the foundation for state loyalty rather than individuals' respect. Pushy government is pushy government
As it happens Ukraine was where the Greek-Orthodoxian influenced Russian alphabet began in the Ninth Century. Long story short, further north, Moscow, was a nuisance to reach, so they held back their tribute/taxes to the Mongol Horde and eventually Ivan The Great in 1480 at The Great Standoff on the Ugra River became ruler of all Rus plus the bread-basket of Russia and Soviet Union. Ukraine. 

Come on Владимир. Lift the facadé. The World-wide Potemkin Village the led and mis-led perceive as their only heritages. Competitive hateful rivalry nonsense requires deeper solutions than just waiting for the winners' bombing to stop when the innocent are gone. There is no superior morality no matter how much we're dressed up. Nor screaming from Allah's/God's house. The Creator just can't be as convoluted and messed-up as this world is when it comes to facing responsibility.

President Putin? Please be deeper than petty rivalries. Deeper than imagining that the world's different and separate cultures are superior or flawed. Because this era is about being when the smartest alive still can't run fast enough from being used by partisan politics for contrived massacres. Parties or gangs. Teams playing for opportunities with their constituents' lives. Bite the bullet, Mr. President. Justice is not this game of economic rivalry. Russia is bigger than when opportunistic monarchs ruled the earth's borders. No? 

So as long as I'm pushing buttons in La-La Land, President Putin, it's true. Why should you be less selfish than anywhere else? Except it would be especially nice if you stood in the way of one more pawn's sacrifice to the shame of abused military honor or police state disrespect of even the lowest criminal to protect us from mistakes. Ahem. Because this is on your shoulders. Your public ambivalence amusing when there's actually probably always been a plan all along, or at least the intention to re-take Ukraine. You know Moscow could grow food in-doors year-round now? But who's kidding whom? It's not about the equity of wheat distribution anymore is it? But don't let Caesar's triumphs be your illusion. Your legacy will be the whole story. Please embrace the noble in what the Soviet Union and Russia were meant to be. Not the veneer of imperial disgrace no ruling elite should ever feel free to laugh off in the face of history.  

Yes, of course, President Putin. Diplomats are too mature to stand up to you. But only you and those who form opinions will form your legacy. Powerful? Sure, that's fine. Unless of course you like being remembered as the ruler with Stalin's satisfied grin. So it's somewhat natural for me, from my point-of-view watching. I just can't help wishing in believing in you're too smart for a legacy this tarnished. Please?

End conflict as toys that include massacre, destruction, maiming and death. And yes, I do know this Russian President is above-it-all. Gripes can't really reach leaders of such supreme stature. Pardon me. But still, please, do not never mind. Be involved rather than a monarchical figure head. How about that for a kicker? Hear other opinions. 

Even now? Here's a decadent West Carnegie Corporation supported weighing of perspectives on Ukraine from 27 recognized experts living in the West.


Rebuilding U.S.-Russia Relations


Putin Renames Police Unit After Bloody Cheka Founder Dzerzhinsky

Go Team?

But, after all, why should you, Mr. President, give up on this game of national power when it's an ideal people derive so much pride from even when used wrong? Because losing Ukraine was Gorbachev's mistake? Letting the empire go? You were KGB. What's the odds the right people didn't always know what was going on when it was time to land and take over democracy? If America's any scale upon which to dissect the evolution of corruption, Russia's still just a baby. This mess could be left for generations after we're both dead. Legacy? Because you can see, President Putin. There's no way one man is a reason for anything. Take the myth of Ronald Reagan ending the Cold War by standing down the Soviet military that had already given up on everything but the expensive swagger the world still dwindles away at a profit for God's/Allah's sake? 

As we both know. KGB knew everything and now you too sit atop a puzzle of smoke shielding massive financial maneuvering. There's too much of that in this world, no? For instance a look at the American Congress. Or yours for that matter. Oh well. You portray a good king.

It's nice President Putin can be blamed as just another blowing in the wind politician riding out the factors waiting while carving up Ukraine piece-by-piece. But of course this all happened before. Military power set precedent as this Soapbox View essay, Transition Who Can't Afford?, alludes, a centuries old path kept on course not just by off-the-handle terrorists but democratic conspiracies. Pity. Real apologies never seem to be politicians' forté, especially within their lifetime. Well. To your eventual apologists, Mr. President. 

Woop de do! Cycle of Revenge For Everybody? Disengage President Putin. Former President Gorbachev can be marked by our generation as the loser who lost an empire. But he is the man who gave the world a look at freedom no matter how almost impossible it still seems. 

Lighten up President Putin. All you have to lose is a tarnished legacy. Set a trend. History won't always be the legends powerful friends make of their celebrities. Which might then just become true history?
There's even The long game editorial, The Economist
Soapbox View
So in conclusion. From 1984. An explanation of conspiracy Bob brought to my attention.

Plus don't be a sycophant and have a sarcastic day.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Transition Who Can't Afford?

Something has been added to this essay's conclusion on CUBA.  8/7/14
Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States

The previous essay, PATRIOTISM FOR EVERYONE? included an idea that was highlighted by two events yesterday. Israeli ground troops entering the Gaza Strip and a Malaysian Airlines Passenger Plane shot down by a surface-to-air missile over Ukraine. Reuters

3. Which is why international dispute is not about - who's wrong? 4. But whether ruthlessness is rendered impossible?  

The rocket that brought down the passenger plane was a "mistake." Trigger-happy is a mistake. The passenger plane was nowhere near landing in Ukraine at that height and speed. So without the proper instruments the Ukrainian rebels couldn't take a chance? When conflict escalates the innocent are victimized. Clearly the fog of patriotic militarism entered this century as pervasive as the last. What idiotic logic made all this patriotic militarism acceptable? Freedom Fries pictured above. The buck stops with "the decider." Soapbox View Everyone knows how to hide from responsibility. Chesters just push out their chests insisting their pride is their nations'. Despite what PEACE really means?

So perpetual war and defense are necessary evils? This essay, A Damaging Distance, in The New York Times, Sunday July 13, 2014, by Ethan Bronner focuses on what the Middle East hasn't fixed. Who in their right minds thought limiting Palestinian financial progress would be a protection when anyone with a clue knows everyone's better off when there's full financial circulation? Again both side's elites are likely duff sitters. 
4. To Mideast Diplomacy Rendering Ruthlessness Impossible.

"Vengeance is mine sayith the Lord" - not mortals.

Despite war's exploitation, no one wins and maybe, just maybe, we lose our souls?

Change is constant. Transition a longer  haul. They're not the same difference if change is sudden and transition, evolution. The point? Most of the world has been relatively poor virtually all of human existence. Change has taken place, but not an actual transition. That "the poor will always be with" us is almost a dandy excuse for our destiny. Why lazy insufficient prosperity is the working poor's burden while improved circulation on their behalf is considered weak by those for whom opportunity overflows, and those that resent more hasn't rained on them - yet. Resourcefulness sure is part of the equation, and not entirely out of line to expect of people. Within reason. 

Visiting home, ten years back, my wife and I swam laps in my favorite swimming pool. A nine year old African-American boy, there with his little brother, was from another nearby small town. Like paradise, not crowded, only us four and the older man in lane 6.

The kid asked to look at my goggles then popped out both lenses before I got him to give the goggles back. Sure you can re-insert the lenses as he gigglingly pointed out. But done enough the seal is never the same. He was amused playing with me and when his little brother came over and asked to do the same thing, his older brother told him he'd already done it. But before that. Alone, hanging on to the deep end's gutter. He asked if I could give him money. Reminding me of my precious summer youth collecting cold drink bottles with my friend Patrick who'd told me about the bright idea. I made the kid cry. There were adults collecting everywhere and you were in trouble disturbing their territory. Don't tell me balance didn't drop out of the bottom of our economy. 

With education for the taking most everywhere on this planet? Plus all the money thrown far and wide for the denied to at least grab on to something? Yet money isn't circulating completely throughout while we have this nice basic reality used as an instrument economists can't solve. Inflation. Well, it's a fact of life the poor will never adjust to it and remain destroyed by it. Unable to tag along on the continuously replenishing financial treadmill the elite surf. The Poor rendered useless as perpetual debt. The president of the World Bank and functionaries even state that economies need some inflation so the salaried can keep up better. Considering all things equal, that's fine and dandy the relentless pursuit of inflation propelling those with the power to compete. Which does not solve the problem of economies not fully circulating. Maybe Russians fighting in Ukraine taking care of business at home would have kept Malaysian Airline Flight 17 aloft?
It is sad. Rumors of revolution gossiped about Brazil if the hosts lost the World Cup before losing to Germany. Because money hadn't instead been spent on the poor who'll rise up in anger unless massaged by a championship. Perhaps contributing to tolerance of football field violence when a referee allowed Brazilians latitude attacking Columbians leading to unintended retribution that knocked a Brazilian star out of the tournament. Paraphrasing Sam Borden's Blame for a Crushing Injury Is Spread Across the Field The New York Times, July5, 2014. Digitally titled: For Bellicose Brazil, Payback Carries Heavy Price: Loss of Neymar

The first title worthily sums up the article's insight. While the second gauges momentum as the core of any sports story. One star makes a difference. Not easily replaced. Regardless. It's sad cultural identity is reduced to feudal rivalry.
Any learned person can point to dissatisfied people falling into further disarray. But considered logically, successful revolution against modern militaries is preposterous. As anyone can guess, throughout history, the poor have seldom relieved their stress through revolution. Possibly that great time of equality in the Soviet Union? Unfortunately elitist and when weighed with the sins of persecuting individuals - equality was not ironed out. 

Statistics show Brazilians are discontentWikipedia notes the 2013 Confederations Cup Riots followed that tournament Brazil won. Initiated mainly by the Movimento Passe Livre (Free Fare Movement), a local entity that advocates for free public transportationThe demonstrations were initially organized to protest against increases in bus, train, and metro ticket prices in some Brazilian cities, but grew to include other issues such as the high corruption in the government and police brutality used against some demonstrators. By mid-June, 2013, the movement had grown to become Brazil's largest since the 1992 protests against former President Fernando Collor de Mello.

It's of course ridiculous for affairs of state to be tampered with through sport and vice-versa. Yet on the other hand, political leadership is the art of forming mass opinion translated from ambivalent drivel to avoid blame? Football and politics aren't just games. 
June 27 
Soapbox View conjectured - Crimea, the next Monaco
July 2nd, 
The Moscow TimesFlow of Crimea Tourists Drops 35%
July 4th, 
The Moscow Times Crimea and Sochi See Futures as Gambling Centers

For objectiveness sake, history sinned.

Now. Relish this. It's not every day news is this close to making sense.
The National Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba, home to the Cuban Academy of Sciences. - Nigel Pacquette / Wikicommons

Russia Ratifies $35 Billion Debt Write-Off For Cuba  

The Moscow TimesJuly 9, 2014

Huh. 90% of 35.2 billion forgiven. So it's a deal to get 3.2 billion out of Cuba. When if 35.2 billion were put into Cuba to circulate properly this debt theoretically would have never happened. I think Cuba should take this last 3.2 to U.S. Federal Court and dispute that there's any debt at all. Everyone's thumbs were on the scales. Cuba would be a better ally if that 3.2 went into itself. The whole world should be paying Cuba not to industrialize to maintain a vacation paradise. But that's the great equalizer, for funding nations, terrorizing the land. I say try for Paradise Cuba. If you asphalt the entire island it will sink under the big flood. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Would Healthcare Going Down Like Alcohol Prohibition Demonstrate As Much Guts?

Because in Prohibition an unrealistic intolerant enforcement was successfully rebelled against, leaving us serving virtual penance by continuing to punish ourselves for self-righteous immoralities. And yeah, what about subsidizing our opportunity deprived is in the way of whose success, really?  
Rein In Costs?

Because "not working and can't be fixed" is usually enough assessment to walk away from, say, a cracked engine or something else beyond repair. But what about what must be fixed? Because doctors were already reduced to financial wastes of their time we pay for in actual lost productivity. Beyond the numbers that can be represented every-which-away on the page or screen. Who gets the sense there's something not quite professional happening and Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D. should start making neighborhood house calls again? Maybe install one of those obnoxiously redundant ice cream truck soundtracks if The Great Medical Debate ever begins? 

For a second forget character and that firmly planted notion the opportunity challenged are pure lazy which probably requires a lot more concentration than we understand because the human spirit still must be entertained which, as the saying goes, ironically enough, offends those luckily tied to the Rat Race. The re-written circumstances of the full American Dream? Yes, but because government shouldn't arrange people's lives, documenting our every breath is very intimidating when we should all be paying each other for our services? Exactly.  

In fact I side entirely with the hopeful conservative view that if properly operating the free market would solve everyone having insurance. And should have done so if that was the intention. But no. Gaps in the economy are for manipulation as the only heartless thing to do? 
If people weren't thrown in jail for driving without insurance do you think they would? Probably wouldn't except for those with enough money to afford to not be bothered by further inconvenience. No. Giving everyone a good lecture for driving without automobile insurance would be a mess. Kind of like an incomplete health system, huh? So now instead of fixing the disproportional pricing of medical care, we're going to require everyone be proper customers while people will probably go on not really knowing who their doctor is or will be. Still, like a chess game's moves back and forth between the serviced and served? Unlike the relationship many have with their hairdresser/barber. Folks, even doctors could admit patients' relationships shouldn't just be with their diplomas.

Because the economy isn't working exactly quite properly right, objections to socialism aren't credible? Moot? Flexible therefore expandable?

Once upon a time in an Address Before a Joint Session of Congress on Administration Goals, February 17, 1993, a president of the United States pledged, "We will reward the work of millions of working poor," and in the same speech applied the Democratic Party seal to Welfare Reform putting the freeloaders to work - poor. But maybe if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is properly worked as capitalism it could be all the socialism the world ever needs? Besides Fire and Policeetc.

Citing Efforts to Prevent Attack on Syria, Group Nominates Putin for Peace Prize 

The New York Times by David M. Herszenhorn, Oct. 1, 2013


The Comical Conservative picture prompted Facebook comments setting the bar and tone for my, my my my, spec-u-lation.

Woman 1 wrote: Just curious, will you be keeping the insurance you already have or forced to have to take something inferior to what you now have? 
Woman 2 There will be no change in our insurance ... will all come out at once if and when he gets to go back to work. 
Woman 3 the president has to be the leader in believing it's good enough for his family, if it's not why is he pushing it on to us how could we benefit from this 
Woman 3 we should all get health insurance for free as senior citizens 
Woman 1 If you already have insurance, chances are you don't have to change anything either. My husband and I don't have to change ours. If you don't have any insurance because it's been too expensive in the past, I'd think anyone should be happy to be able to have some kind of health insurance that's affordable versus nothing.
Woman 2 As of right now my insurance remains available to me ... It doesn't pay regular yearly visits and deductible is 10,000.00... It's basically catastrophic insurance... I couldn't afford the 462.00 premium so I had to tweak it... Now I pay 272.00 a month and pay out of pocket for my visits... until I see what is in Obamacare I'll hang on to my insurance unless I hear otherwise. Once Obamacare is actually unveiled entirely, only then will we see how good or bad it really is... Saw an article this morning that one of their deciding factors for eligibility is your credit report. Not gonna be good for some people.
Charles M. Fraser If band aids cost the cents they are and patients compensated as research subjects that all Medicine is, then cost would be realistic. If universal healthcare goes down like Prohibition ya think it demonstrates Americans have as much guts? Thanks, having guts probably just stuck me with turning that sentence into an essay. I'm all for finding an economic balance in medicine but it still sounds like throwing a lot of money at the caretakers of the problem rather than fixing it. And you'd think a Congress that shut down the government while paying themselves would be the laughing stock of history, or at least spinning somewhere in the barrel? Dustbin?
The Soapbox View Satirical Twist pursuing the Twin Legacies
Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?

Friday, September 27, 2013

Are You Celebritized?

Hazy, hypnotized by glamour or jaded like all-get-out?

Does it matter? Because percolating beneath the public's polished veneer lurks more than the fundamental question of quality entertainment? An issue as timeless as fame itself? Where whether it's how life has always been or not, it's wrong anyone is less better off than anyone else. Ask The Pope? Especially since this discrepancy is the prime scapegoat excuse for terrorism's grudges and quotas of revenge fulfilled by just carrying them to the grave. The worst clash of celebrity fashioned from pure competitive madness justifying anyone's worth is less than their excellencies. Macho?

Justice Is Not Revenge 
Because Terrorism Is Wrong, What They Think Isn't Right?

How many professors of symbolism does it take to understand attacking a shopping mall in Kenya is drawn from the exact same resentment of wealth mold that should at most be just a small element in the problem with world violence? Not the complete ball of wax, as this is one point conservatives are dead center right about: The prosperity of private enterprise is the key. 
Other than that are the right questions asked? Like why are terrorists finding their lives fulfilled as tragic reflections of centuries of in-compassion that's still, contrary to the pain of their tragedies, the elite's duty to wake up from with the rest of the world

Twenty four years ago I told Forbes magazine's Malcolm Forbes I thought resentment of wealth is the world's biggest problem after thanking him for flying his balloons advertising personal prosperity. Shouldn't life be about fun for everyone and properly fed egos without infernal publicity hound feuds? 

Grievances and tangible traditions keeping the world turned on its' head are what minds cling to for reassurance that can only marginally compensate for commercial survival no matter how that individual defines it as troops must be fed is the first lesson of history. Which as science fiction previously predicted, why electronic war is so popular for our military future. But what's the code for peace? Certainly not ascertaining the desperate are desperate and should be punished for that? Anyway, as the United States government admitted by dropping all that loose cash that disappeared in the Middle East, everyone is in this for the good life, however you choose to complain. 
With Open Eyes?

  • Charles M. Fraser
  • Astoria, N.Y.

When car commercials vibrantly encourage drivers to think of "pesky bikes" it's obvious people should be encouraged to think we should all get along safely!

Is my published comment on the article, Unauthorized Bike Lanes Created In Midtown by Colin Moynihan in last Sunday's City Room section of The New York Times. I in essence defend bicycle radicals because it's not very funny we're seen as such when aggressive vehicular tragedy is just an accepted every-day matter-of-fact part of life. Like the tooth fairy we made it all up and intend to live with it, or not. Ask ourselves whose lazy idea was it for trains and vehicles to ever cross paths to make believe that's an accident too?

While I'm arrogantly against throwing the book at everyone as that's just The Fine Society and not a solution. Soapbox View I really don't particularly care either way about punishment other than as a necessary evil. It's the solving and being done with injustices that's not accomplished. Sad really. When the epitome of the modern day civilized life is supposedly how hard we work when maximizing efficiency is lightening loads such that profits and in the end, actual work have little or nothing to do with us when we could all just be dead weight the machines carry as Science Fiction predicted. 

Jon Stewart & Robert Reich don't admit they're discussing playing with inflation.

Corporate Welfare?

Entitlements? This planet is an entitlement. Glass houses ring a bell? Uh huh, no one? The other guy? Right.
The Soapbox View Satirical Twist in pursuit of the Twin Legacies