Monday, January 21, 2013

This Is The Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is not celebrated as much as other holidays. Sure, most people, even possibly, actual bigots know Martin Luther King, Jr. significantly stands for our aspirations being better than we actually are. Asfor instance, there wouldn't be so much litter if we were, in general, good people who still weren't in so much need of improvement
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & 1964 Nobel Peace Prize
The 35-year-old was honored for promoting the
non-violent principle in the civil rights movement.

 Oslo, Norway, December 10, 1964

So its worth noting the nation's  annual slighting of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday is not just in the shadow of all our other abuses of privilege. It is truly tragic that this day can't be better celebrated, and not just from the sweet coincidence of President Barack Obama's Inauguration. Or is a portion of the country really that upset about the government forcing citizens to take a day off? In a sense that speaks well to the fact that so many private citizens own so much of this country. But that doesn't change the fact Martin Luther King, Jr. died for this country's sins. No its not that he alone stood out because many stood up, it's just he took the cause the necessary step further. 

Presidents Washington, Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. symbolize the liberation of the United States of America. A country that against its better instincts commonly does what's against our interests. Such as claiming money spent, for whatever reason, on medical care, just disappears. Or else why would it really matter how much is spent on health? Etc. 

Too many American businesses do not recognize Today's Holiday, forcing those who take The Federal Holiday off to use their vacation day or sick leave as on any other normal workday. Technically designating those businesses as abnormal in light of their dishonoring today, or just ornery? 

Rev. Ralph Abernathy, left, and Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., are
taken by a policeman as they led a line of demonstrators into
the business section of Birmingham, Alabama. April 12, 1963
Of course I'd not have a big personal grievance with Americans being paid overtime or holiday pay for the day, as, if anything, Dr. King's Day presently symbolizes how much work there is left to be done. While businesses pretending today doesn't have to be as important as other holidays, portray having a handle on productivity is just a matter of time. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Rev. Ralph Abernathy 
ride one of the first desegregated buses with 
Montgomery, Alabama, December 21, 1956 
Yes, Presidents' Day, New Years and the December holidays are grudgingly allotted paid leave by employers so business is, at least(?), partially sincere its not commercially affordable to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. But can we afford businesses that can't afford The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday? That's the question. Not whether we're noble now and less pathetically biased than ancestors who created Dr. King's opportunity to be a national hero. Because regardless of how much we've accomplished, there's, face it, more steps to go including this one made by Martin.  
The Rev. Ralph Abernathy, right, and Bishop Julian Smith, left, flank Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
during a
 Civil Rights March in 
Memphis, TennesseeMarch 28, 1968.

When Martin Luther King Jr. and Richard Nixon Were Friends, THE DAILY BEAST

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., second from left, shakes hands with Vice President Richard Nixon
as they meet to discuss race issues in the South, June 13, 1957.
Martin and Coretta Scott King