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Misha Friedman The New York City Museum and Cultural Events Calendar was my alert the gallery, 287 Spring was showing the 2010 documentary, 

to accompany 


Justice For Sergei
So instead of a gallery opening first, Sergei Magnitsky. The figurehead, martyr, by whose death (some) rich Russians can't currently shop in the United States. While Russian orphans are no longer allowed to live in a U. S. family. With Russia's rationalization that their president promised to take care of all the orphans now. Now? Moot before long, as all political promises can become. American President Bill Clinton's First State of the Union Address, before the United States Congress, insisted something should be done about the working poor. 

The law, right or wrong, is always
 about money.
But as Film is convincing, I'll just include, here, contrary perspective provided by four anonymous authors on the internet, published, Tuesday, August 16, 2011. They provide backstory, not in the film, while fanning conspiratorial flames. Communists, spies, everyone, following where the money the flows. 

Still, Mr. Magnitsky was locked up and denied rational justice and allowed to die to be shut up. The show
Photo51 - Is Corruption in Russia's DNA?  
provides the subtle explanation ruthlessness can't afford to care. How its almost normal to see  Sergei's mother, relatives and friends resolved to the pain interwoven into the tragedy of a person's principles being used against him in a court of law. Justice for Sergei was lost because he didn't deserve revenge.

Sergei Leonidovich Magnitsky
April 8, 1972 OdessaUSSR

Prison environment Sergei Magnitsky is alleged to have endured 
contributing to his early death.
now this little reminder of  
That Should, or not, Ease Wonder Over How Long This Economic Disagreement Could Take?

And this, link, in case anyone wasn't wondering how objective RT could be?