Friday, March 20, 2015


The courier said, "I'm in the Waldorf. The recipient doesn't answer her phone. And the Package Room says she's not registered under her name, Delta Blair." 

The courier scratched his head. "No sir. If the recipient isn't here or you don't find her somewhere else I'm supposed to bring this envelope back to you. 

"You're not in the city anymore? You gave me this package in your bathrobe.

"Yes sir but I really wouldn't know how to go about charging you for my standing here waiting for her all night. And possibly all day tomorrow.

"I understand it's important. Yes sir. Okay. And if I just search Delta Blair her photo will bounce off the Internet at me, you say. 

"Okay. Twenty an hour. I'll wait. 

The courier was looked at peculiar waiting in the Lobby and explained his task to the Front Desk. He went for coffee and ate the sandwich his wife always made sure he brought with him. 

He walked for a bit on the 50th Street side. Past the swanky Apartments' Entrance, 
by the Loading Dock where the luxuries are shipped in.

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