Monday, March 2, 2015

JUDGEMENT DAY: The Hollywood Ending?

Huh. As if we weren't already aware it's weird wondering when, how and if we're doomed. Just about everyone gets - understands - the senselessness?  The assumption's absurdity and superiority complex fueled prejudice. Actual people live inside Biblical Allegory ancestors threaded with cycles of revenge afflicting everyone innocent or guilty now. Where's the shame in not siding with all of humanity? 

When it would have been so much better to not be so visibly redrawn into an inherently illogical rivalry among peaceful religions? If hate is in the eye shouldn't one remove it themselves? Can't is unacceptable if this world's to ever become really civilized without façades.

Who turned off people's ability to understand universal respect? When revenge nowhere near touches the righteousness of justice, power corrupts absolutely.

Couldn't any holy war be interpreted as just another form of inevitable revolt? Wasn't culture built throughout history by revolution's victors? So. It's not right that advanced civilized societies antagonized festering disillusionment to reach such paranoid proportions. Despite reality, it's not supposed to be a war to keep us safe. 

NUMBER 1: One Allah/God is part of all of us and expansively more, and infinite, no doubt. People's squabbles have no business being blamed on our Creator. How dare anyone express God/Allah as ignorant as us? Ludicrous 
People are mad. Angry. Emotion doesn't give up. Especially where the panacea's accepted that solving the enemy and not living with them answers the perpetual crisis. The walls in our heads. One would have thought we'd be smarter than this dilemma by now, no? Was time pushed back on what should have naturally been inevitable reconciliation? Again ... ?

Soapbox View President Putin?

Compassion ends with Stalin's sacrificing individuals. That was the time and circumstances of the men who'd have just done what Stalin did except Stalin - won. The Soviet Union was grander than what satisfied that man. At its' base Stalinism's tyranny does not deserve Nationalist Awe. Pawns are Medieval. Your move?
Born: October 9, 1959, Sochi, Russia - Died: February 27, 2015, Moscow, Russia

So a righteous reaction for Russia's Federal Assembly would be allocating funds for the bodyguard protection of any dissident to remove the suspicious stain on Russian politics. Of course this political shooting involved individuals protecting territory. But the overarching issue is xenophobic Russian patriotism. 

It's understandable. American politicians reference Russians as outright thugs to emotionally distance themselves from the same buying, bullying and selling of influence that's political reality. But patriotism isn't authoritarian whimsy. Police State purview. Authoritarianism (c/o Martin Luenendonk, 9/20/2016). Countries deserve better than being objects of exploitation. Our crises in judgement problems solved by the winners throwing everyone in jail, or worse?
Because Russia's* Civil Rights Movement's 
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated? 
Skepticismcomplete skepticism. Obsessed loyalty is exploitation.

The New York Times
As Cuba Shifts Toward Capitalism, Inequality Grows More Visible
by Randal C. Archibald

Soapbox View endorses steps short of asphalting entire island. 
The Journey Writing The Hammer and Cycle

The Soapbox View pursues the Twin Legacies 
Andy Rooney and I.F. Stone?

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