Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Intolerance's Bastion. Castled Disease. Mounted Ponderous Poverty. Harbored Grudges Endlessly. NOT ANY MORE

Exposing Human Self-Adultery

Idolatry Goes

Stop excavating the EARTH for fun and just profit.


No GOD before GOD except through Jesus Christ

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Mother/Father except through me.

FURTHER Translated - No one's soul is forgiven except by GOD our Creator through Jesus Christ our Lord. EVERYONE ...

--- --- ---

    Castled Disease can be explained in many ways but technically in a broad stroke, goes back to the nature of confronting aristocracy in the creation of the game chess. Positions and positioning, from impotent King, to everything else, based on dislodging power all the way up including who's King reallyso blame on DYNASTIES reigned and misery shed the Nineteenth's Imperialism into the 21st Century even till when no more remains less a mystery. Great game chess. 


 "McCarthy Has a Superpower" is one illustration as had Kentucky's Mitch McConnell provided many. KENTUCKY's perpetually lame mediocrity representing World-Wide OIL-DRIPPING PLASTIC-DUMPING, when recyclable exists, MADNESS and pretending to care about unborn babies. Your Party celebrates ruining capitalism you token FOOLS. Words thrown at dartboard. Why Mitch McConnell's family hates the environment. Spoiler alert, it's just money and wasting time regardless of what's destroyed already. Faceless Crime? 

And while photoshopping lifestyles has points?
    It is known how finance conglomerately flows across the top and blame's been laid, generationally, on those below, in, not only stats. But in how perspective's been set by idiots. Idiots who believe money, even destroying anything, is substantial enough to hold a head up all on its' own. IDIOTS', temporary  symbolic witless, CHIEF. Go to jail. Send me. I don't care, but my view on roles in history are The Soapbox View in a very many cases now. 

As witless wonders demonstrate,  ditto-fueled loyalty to the perversion of our constitution, and destruction of the Earth, is deeming themselves worthy of a Nationwide Distrust. When obviously HOAXING ALL OF US GENERATIONS.

    ... I Nominate Reverend Al Sharpton Republican Party Candidate for US President ... Democratic Party suggestion pictured below.

    Mayor Bloomberg and our moment with Diana ...
The Democratic Party Candidate, I prefer, Biden, should maintain the Party Platform until the fake Republican walled of misunderstanding wains that, in the meantime is technically a nuisance claiming any striped change. Could be satisfied with Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders running the House of Representatives. Country should feel honored if Hillary even ran for local Dog Catcher the way the idea look how we populated her life with the discoveries we idiots are behind manipulating too much stuff. Yes America. Telling us. Crime American Style has been done behind our backs long enough. Put one symbol where he belongs. Me, or Donald John Chump.

Cornell West For President Politico

The Nation? Cornel West Should Not Be Running for President

He doesn’t see a third party playing a spoiler role to Democrats as bad—and that’s inevitable


My EDITORIAL Assessing: Disgraceful, (not) headline leading to my not bothering with reading. Outlining Triped Push for less competition in the political imagery still forming a year away. Calculated and not bothering to assess which financial sponsors placated in this instance of The Nation reduced to a jargoned stance.

“for GOD’s sake, let us come to a final separation” Thomas Paine COMMON SENSE January 1776




Insulting an economy where parents hare advertised needing insurance to assist their children burying them when their bodies are done. Shrivelled up economy we have to whittle back from folks. 

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