Thursday, July 6, 2023

Infamy's Sobriety Test. Guy Babylon & my Supper's Ready

    There we were three, visiting stereo stores along the highway between Guy's parents' and Baltimore. Guy driving and touring from home up to, and through, Pennsylvania's Gettysburg Battlefield to Baltimore. Where Guy, animatedly enough, showed he knew he'd be more celebritized. Obviously among Maryland's champion swimmers, The Michael Phelps would have grown up admiring. A Florida competitive swimming environment illustration used in The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service

    You have to understand my friend had said, sometime, during our university focused years. Guy had worked hard to establish himself in a lot of bands before meeting him, on swimming scholarships, then me. BOTTOM LINE GUY knew the previous generation held the music entertainment franchises, (merchandising), so, ta da, ELTON, guess who?

    Our friend ended up with a nice sound system. And I kitchen announced my week later starting my "long-awaited" Russian and Soviet History year at a different Florida school. Eleven years before 1988 when Malcolm Forbes said, "what if he knows who you are" about Occidental Petroleum Industrialist Dr. Hammer. - Hammer has an unusual tie to the story: great grandfather, Armand Hammer, spent time in Hoover's crosshairs. 

    "Crosshairs." Bullshit. Hoover signed letters that said he's a front for pretending to fight something we can just as well pretend spending money on guns on so adequate luxury destroys any and everything. Pinhead Revenge himself said military rocketry in space, wee. Dark Aged planning is history's inadequacies. While history is not made up stuff. The made-up stuff's still history. 

    I think all the politically positioned, well enough commercially, were in on the lie the world's idealisms aren't worth a good focused try. Because 21st Century results? So much mediocrity in Mar-a-Lago prime inmate cell decor. 

    "What if he knows?" Hammer's chocolate pudding. Groveland 4 symbol of racist aristocracyWillis V. McCall  lived infamously a block from where I was raised. END RESULT sorry Hammer. Historically lit, however marketed. Racist nuts So Guy's driving, I'm in backseat. We'd driven a lot and I hadn't brought pot, for my nausea, thinking Guy arrested in Maryland means me and I'm just visiting. So I'm nausea drowsy and Guy's entering Baltimore, turning to see my head down and wonders. Looks at our friend and made the decision. Sorry we have to turn around even though we both so wanted to see Baltimore and loved the Baltimore Colts.  

    Honestly I threatened to jump out of the window in Buenos Aires that near Guy. Loud and I was still laughed at with that Mike Hammer taunt, "you don't know Guy." Guess what? Why in GOD's name would I think I should explain why that's more than little enough information than I'm comfortable with. Right Hammer? When I said I was afraid? I still am afraid of how sorry I am, I'm sorry forgiving, because Jesus Christ can tell you. Happy Charles Malcolm Fraser is more than fed up with nonsense sparkling in the subjective pattern of mediocrity's self-involved advertising failure-ing. Signaling little is nothing. Spilling oil meaning money's done damage our fault's not fixed.

    Guy and I never bothered each other. He wrote a GRAMMY and I something else. But Bottom Line? No one can say I am satisfied not seeing each other in Buenos Aires was accidental, other than idiots thinking wasting my time's an occupation. I take responsibility. I didn't know and told my editor among people about wondering about Guy. He just said you better find out for yourself. Mike Hammer etc. used I don't know Guy enough or at all too many times. My fault. But judgement's not something I conceive as running from at all. Yeah I'm mad and burnt out. Investigate me, please?  

    No. The size of Argentina's and world's disproportional economic exaggerations are out of my league, so that probably rests my case. Just more centuries of generational excusing.  Really looking for reasons to call a lawyer. Directions? Apparently though walking directions are left for figuring out on your own. "Clients ancases stay with you forever.- Ronald L. Kuby

History Donald John Trump. I met Guy Babylon, first tune? Photo op you 

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