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"LIQUID MODERNITY'S" Everlasting SIN and Debauchery - DONE

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In an overwhelming inability to stop fabricating and lying about rearranging enormous wealth's circulation. Exposing Hosted Lies by bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
 The American Enterprise Lying Institute cites itself. A tooled pair of Exuberant Indifference in PartnershipC/O Linda Tripp screwed America on behalf of inhumanity to man in competition to leave WOMEN out now and forever more. What loving self-deception, those two. Shredded politics by women raised to assassinate presidents cultural reputations. GO TO HELL Racisct Scum Ownership in Capitalism's 
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Congressional originator of the Postal Union, Samuel Sullivan Cox, had his statue until rested in Tompkins Square Riot Park in November 1924. if overly bugged just ask and and names are as easily discarded as Heaven Sent Acid casualties from even the Halls of Congress. 
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As someone who'd participated in Elite Courier's 2nd floor office activities with me has asked to be discarded as relevant o whatever I have to say means. Means whatever side represented, customer service is what I see the only bicycle courier friend. because tangentially none of the interests involved have not focused on stopping what I see as important for the country to grow up appreciating history. 
    A train system should circulate throughout Florida. St. Augustine where militaries first performed settling, all the way down to Miami, as could have been done. Up to Tampa, with spur to Orlando, etc., with their own tributaries. Plus on up from Tampa and below Tallahassee to tributary up and on to Pensacola where it could connect with what already goes to California. DEPRESSION AMERICA forced to save itself driving their beaten up delicious es-car-gots, an elite decided was enough for them to have a better time in limousines charted for a ritually evasive good time. Today really, everyone can afford a big screen. So yes, true. Money management. When lying to the public makes money, the public should thoroughly know about it. Generationally lying about history? NO EXCUSE Rupert’s friends.

Samuel Sullivan Cox History

This text is part of Parks’ Historical Signs ProjectSamuel Sullivan “Sunset” Cox (1824–1889) was born in Zanesville, Ohio, and served his home state as a Democratic Congressional representative from 1857 to 1865 before being unseated. After moving to New York in 1866, Cox served again in Congress for several terms from 1869 until 1889.

Although Cox once publicly declared that his most satisfying contribution to public service was championing the Life Saving Service—founded in the 1840s to patrol the coasts and save imperiled boaters during bad weather, the group was absorbed into the Coast Guard in 1915—this statue is sponsored by U.S. Postal Service workers because of Cox’s support for their quality-of-life issues. Known as the “letter-carriers’ friend,” Cox spearheaded legislation that led to paid benefits and a 40-hour workweek for postal employees. Mail carriers from the 188 cities named on the monument contributed $10,000 for the statue in a campaign that began soon after Cox’s death.

Sculptor Louise Lawson’s statue of Cox, unveiled in 1891, depicts him orating before Congress. Lawson (186Α–1899) came from a prominent Ohio family. She and her brother, U.S. Representative W. D. Lawson, both attended Cox’s 1889 funeral at which President Grover Cleveland and General William Sherman served as honorary pallbearers. One might interpret the statue’s somewhat stiff quality as representative of Cox’s steadfast stance on issues for which he advocated.

After the statue’s unveiling on Independence Day 1891, the New York Tribune noted, somewhat less charitably, that Cox’s “usually genial countenance is strained” and “out of harmony” with the Congressman’s natural demeanor. “The likeness is not a good one, and the facial resemblance is hardly suggestive,” the article added. A New York Times account of the ceremony questioned whether the statue “will ever be greatly admired as a work of art.” Nevertheless, a reported 2,500 letter carriers came from as far away as New Orleans and Memphis to participate in the moving ceremony to honor Cox at the statue’s unveiling.

 The statue originally stood near Cox’s home on East 12th Street at the intersection of Lafayette Street, Fourth Avenue, and Astor Place. In November 1924, due to a street-widening project in the vicinity of Astor Place, it was moved to its current location at the southwest corner of Tompkins Square Park. Location of Ginsburg and Kerouac Epiphany 

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