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THE OCTOPUS Uber-DoorDash-Grubhub vs. THE CUSTOMERS. Plus Charles M. Fraser


Contemporary History Exposes Big-Oil Dripping Generations of Drool All Over The World

July 28, 2023 The Octopus-Uber(eats) vs. THE CUSTOMERSPlus Charles M. Fraser Fed Up For Years
 The End? 
Hey Joe, where I am situated now if I can be used for the Bicycle Couriers relief  edited 10:16AM
    I am 6 Day Suspended by FACEBOOK against Communty Standards while this post was still virtually empty. The nephew of the man behind the first Facebook, Cornell Yearbook, and it appears Corporate America knew this Orlando born Canadian would shove it up their ass some day. 1972 I'm saying what the hell is this ring of a Dizzy World Train doing circling, without extension to Orlando, WHEN THEY SAY they're part of Orlando and redneck capital Kissimmee became a center of the car driven racial massacre one more time filling gas tanks with no care for the entire world. 
    NOW ABC/DISNEY and entire FOUNDATION OF Miss-Financing incomplete circulation throughout the economies-of-the-world, is exposed espousing owning business from the top deriving sustenance from those kept from owning themselves. FINANCIAL SLAVERY BE DONE? We'll see. 
    Working on this essay. My previous posts on Facebook could disappear. This is about jerk offs thinking their conspiratorial power is everything. BUT IF THE CUSTOMER IS RIGHT, all these GOD damned bastards face a world quite well off enough to survive without CORPORATIONS INTERFERENCE. 
    Madder I get, the more I figure out. Face it. Canada could have revived Central and South America all along if the world weren't ruled by people using money against us, pretending that just defending their capital from complete circulation is a war meant to be won. THE UBER/OIL INDUSTRY SUED to keep my, and others' texts hidden? 

Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub Sue New York City Over ...

Food-Delivery Companies Sue New York City Over Minimum Pay Law

Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub argued that the city used poor data to calculate how much food delivery workers should earn and that the change would hurt consumers.

    MY EIGHT YEAR RECORD is supposed to be on file with them! As well as my contention with the IRS that no one had the power to stop this nonsense where INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORSHIP is fouling up the very essence of money circulating. You guys should be taking the money right out when processed and moved through. CALCULATED. At end of year taxpayer sees results and then thinks okay or files for adjustment. END OF RIGHTEOUS STORY. Move pawns on, you self-righteous aristocratical dopes !!!
    Just fix yourselves beanheads. Rates so low they know they're killing it. Customers TIP. When companies raise rates to catch up? TAKE AWAY tips as Couriers have lived through this too long not to create a solution NOW with or without any beanheads' help. 

Justice is what love looks like in public

Frank Norris Illustrates Lost Financial Traction

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The Octopus: A Story of California is a 1901 novel by Frank Norris and was the first part of an uncompleted trilogy, The Epic of the Wheat. It describes the wheat industry in California, and the conflicts between wheat growers and a railway company. Norris was inspired to write the novel by the Mussel Slough Tragedy involving the Southern Pacific Railroad. In the novel he depicts the tensions between the railroad, the ranchers and the ranchers' League. 

Meet the Famous Buttonwood Tree of Wall Street 

    Theoretically no myth bicycle couriers were in on designing competitive integrity into New York City Delivery. And Wall Street funded capital improvements that funded the country as stagnate interest compiled reasonable stability to hold off full circulatory responsibility. Flaws happen to fix, not stride generations so we can't get a fix on fixing even Medical Health Care the Doctors and Nurses had made extremely beneficial before profit was bought off. Truth hurts impervious Republicans or we're still messed up. 


    A plaque called for re-supplanting the entire delivery structure, that as moronically applied could be described as in that vain idiot's own style. Undermining a legacy of preserving capitalism's work for the working class. 

Unions already won everything that needs winning. The law requires even where there is no union involvement with a company's business, they're required to have their employees have the same rights. UNIONS already won. The game is paying the ten year retainers lawyers are fed to fight unions. All I care is business is fixed. MY PLATFORM: That was always my thing. Cars moving properly bicyclists can handle it. But not cosmic car speeds and now NARROWED TRAFFIC LANES designed to further alienate the majority voting car drivers. Politics constructed around we can't afford to be safer when MEDICAL INSURANCE itself is such a lucrative industry. Basic bicycle delivery companies in NYC destroyed by apps not paying state health insurance the independents were still required to pay. ALL WHILE THE COURIERS WERE PAID MORE TO WAIT AND PROVIDE THE BEST SERVICE POSSIBLE the big controlled money threw away a few years ago ending the system of competition for labor the government and everyone else let be gotten away with. Destroy an industry the public has a duty and ability to build back? That's Bicycle Delivery's Stand NOW.

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