Monday, July 17, 2023

Reshape Punishing Crime

Welcome To Damage Control Monday

United States Supreme Court Candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton and Michelle Obama

Review linked also to book's picture. Copy and Paste from book.

Woodfox’s experiences in solitary confinement are relevant here, as well. The lawyer Ron Kuby, whose comments throughout the book are humane and eloquent, tells the authors: “On the outside world, in the free world, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. In a place like Rikers, the squeaky wheel gets shut down and shut up in a cell so deep that nobody can hear the wheels squeak any more.”

Kuby is among those who are aware that many of the people in Rikers should not be there at all — they should be in drug rehab programs or in mental hospitals. The former commissioner Joseph Ponte used to say that Rikers was the de facto largest mental hospital on the East Coast. It’s the city’s bad conscience.


    Yes we are centuries down the line where the knowledge we've gained should be navigating our crevices. Among the huge are the hazards by which we've adapted to punishing ourselves.  A Kuby Defendant Passes - You unhysterical interwoven hypocrites. 

!!! SUPREME COURT'S DAMAGE CONTROL No Surprise Idiots Vomit History

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Among many who could testify holding people, or animals, in pens Is unjustified. Technically any jail should be close enough to a walled Castle Mar-a-Lago.

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Ron Kuby

Spent 41 years on this case. Loved the guy. But the living must be served. Great send off by Larry McShane.

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