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The Great Irrelevant Witch Hunters of the 21st Century. Falling Backwards Over THEIR MASTERWORKS NOW, Please?

*** June 18, 2023 S.... YOU Rupert Murdoch etc. On Behalf of Australia etc. 

Right, like not obvious as HELL ... Crops grown home feed the world better, duh ...

All News is History, especially the fabricators.

Bigger than trade, circulation issue. Well-meaning Chinese are here because their economic system did not mature. SLAVE LABOR CLASS generationally later, not growing their own food in their own fields AND OIL SPILLING SHIPPING + digging out whatever's the core of the world. Supported by AMERICAN MONEY stagnated by WALL STRRET's worst ones in eliminating retirement funded housing Mortgages + interest on deposits wiped out so everything suits being stored for loaning to fellow storagers. Conglomerate Wasteland, oh no, it's a Con Waste.
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The Washington Post @washingtonpost
· President Biden is making it clear that the United States’ rejection of full-throttle globalization during the Trump administration was no aberration, as he continues a remarkable break with decades of trade policy.
Biden’s course for U.S. on trade breaks with Clinton and Obama
President Biden is reshaping the U.S. approach to trade policy to focus on the needs of Americans as workers rather than consumers, breaking with 30 years of trade policy.
Revelations 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: For Thy Merchants Were The Great Men Of The Earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.


Harry Shearer This week on Le Show with Harry: Derek Smalls sings 'Must Crush Barbie.' Plus, Interview with Derek Smalls, News of Musk Love, The Apologies of the Week, and more! Click to listen to Le Show.

August 20, 2023 - Harry Shearer
August 20, 2023 - Harry Shearer

Let's do this Keith Rupert Murdoch and be done with it. Fathers sons. I don't care. I know the deals made and ideals addressed from such wondrous heights things became so delirious you'd thought it was all about avoiding losing your entire mess under the largesse of so much finance moving it's not really so bad. But you maneuvered the belief in anything works destabilizing everything and you are a victim. But still one to detest. Do anything, Rupert! ... You should write a TV Show on how you were maneuvered to believe digging out a lot of the earth's core for fun and profit relieved you of responsibility for anything. Good luck that. You've won this title award too. Rupert Murdoch The Fool !!! 

Hello Great British Commonwealth? 

👆 White Folks Story 👆👆

2020 Essay Witch Hunts' Relevance

    Colonialism ruled the world and partitioned capital to work from the top efficiently enough, that the top winning the game exposes the underlying deceits involved in capitalism being used against ourselves. 

On this page  Press And Journals with no advertising is THREE TOTAL TV ESSAYS1990s, written for a magazine bought by a friend of Rupert Murdoch's who bought his TV GUIDE that then eliminated the positioned magazine that could say anything other than what Rupert was demanding he could and should own being said. History's always written by the present. 

    Right up to and including that self-righteous damning belief he should own THE NEW YORK TIMESPERIOD.

    And look what happens searching Total TV & Cable Guide Magazines History and see censorship thrives in America Land of THE FREE !!! 

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