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The Art of Delineated STUPID Ruling The World

     It's not hard to say when I first put together, the fraudulent underpinning of that fraudulence of a last president before current office holder. Borrowed not from a bookstore, but owner of company that assigned trip that didn't exist to his mighty nitwit floor in 1986. The Art of The Deal (link - fake republicans' nightmare) clearly stated the deadbeat poor grown from generations of waterfront neglect,  around Cincinnati, were his in for the skim as he left university to gorge on the Trump Dynasty's Corrupt esteem in New York City. No one's written of what Trump, Armand Hammer and assorted oddballs really discussed during the orgies back to New York City after dropping Malcolm Forbes at his New Jersey mansion. The gossiped-up story that there were disappointed Forbes didn't confront his life as necessary to back and forth guests fully entertained by his presence and lone trip back late to the pad or get roped into the image of what-all took place in his own 12th Street off Fifth Avenue brownstone pad.     If Forbes caught Hammer faking Faberge eggs, as he told me was his in, in not disclosing it, that enabled a Hammer favor that would get lunch. He'd do anything for him from that favor. Forbes also later said, "what if he already knows about you?" So ...

    I get it. Who didn't? A racist target like Sheriff McCall would have a target on me, probably since before I was born, everyone had seen more dag gum Yankees moved in. After the originals were swept off to economically better river situated Sanford. Sanford where they even presented me with personal judgement by a homosexual. Well hell. At least I was nice to him. Self-righteousness, are there points for that? 

    No Hammer wouldn't have wanted Forbes there watching when he and Trump went down on each other in homage as Hammer was a PHOSPHATE Etc. KING of hollowing out the world from within in delirious schemed histrionic economic abuse. And Dump Trump, just another unREAListic Super-Self-State menagerie. Faking money's for storing to fight enemies like his side's shallowly evading me since their own childhood mediocrities most likely. However well rewarded. 

    Hollowed Out World can't face anything in denial, as poor Roy Cohn probably told his ultimately  misconstructed rottenly childish friend like him.  Documented hiding from responsibility for undermining prosperous Real Estate and Public Housing. Conspiring with GOD Damned Robert Moses himself to build prison standard housing for their planned welfare class unable to rise competing against the suburbs run by consciences escaping responsibility till oh no. We participated in Nightmare Economics just by realming ourselves, for ourselves, right(wrong) where we are. And as Al Sharpton, Cornell West and I am telling you - "NO SHIT." And ya'll are in deep, pushing me to push a Reverend to curse with me. But then, ya'll are GOD Damned for this bullshit, that's been fixable how many centuries now? IDIOTS !!!

    A journalist did note The Idiot Campaigner's deathly afraid of snakes. As I am too, actually. Not to kill them. Just so spooky on the point of surprise. Hey _ull_hit artist? Slither at me _sshole(s) etc. 

Contemporary Elimination of History's Most Fake Americanized Witch Hunt Victim

Witch Hunts' Irrelevance in Idiot Trump's Case

    The tragic cartoon made of American politics is understood. Everyone seems to perceive, that much, while lambasting, in aroused vehemence, the apparition before us. Conjured beyond teflon, the mercurial presidency's incapable of pinning down. So as it would be, there's "great" apprehension in the fact rote-denial's become sufficiently acceptable standard behavior. 
    Plausible denial just Pandora's Box Defense. As our former president's Defense, before the US Senate, merely framed what an audience is already sold on believing. But naw. Extremely doubtful this era's versions of semi-hippies were roused into being even any little part of what's been portrayed as an incident of hi-jinxBalderdash. Scoundrels bent on disarray.
    So a type of moving on. Summing up. I missed Saturday, so Sunday, the 14th, was my last of three nights bowed, across the street, with my back facing the resident's 56th Street Entrance to ridiculed Trump Tower. Bowed, the first time, I asked what to pray about. Not for, but about. And as the first thought was The Lord's Prayer, debate ended. And let me tell you. "And forgive those who trespass against us" went nowhere near rotely smooth. Even approaching those words my mind had a sense of fear. Then, the next afternoon, some four avenues east, I addressed forgiveness realizing pity's the point. The Public Forum's corruption - as puppetry device is a slap to the integrity of our Republic. Just because one man doesn't want to grow up, it doesn't mean the whole rest of the country shouldn't either.     
    Sure, for those amply preached, the Defense's case was just getting away with a little cover-up. Except this cartoon is not good comedy. Good comedy cartoons expose reality's dark shadings, self-righteous contours, and blind ambitions. This a horror show.
     A scapegoat nightmare.  
Witch Hunts' Relevance

August 8, 2023 Demand These Losers Divorce 

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August 8, 2023 Contemporary Elimination of History's Most Fake Americanized Witch Hunt Victim

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