Thursday, September 28, 2023


 As what The Holy Bible points to as the predicaments of the END TIME, can be discerned from within the pages of THE SOAPBOX VIEW for those contemplating what they read. Especially to the point of actually trying to tell me off with some level of substance. 

 See? Even my closest friends held me at a judgmental distance, that I am able to see pieced together. Charles Komanoff man behind New York City Congestion Pricing? He too just grinned, at my enforced financial maze, when told I'm controlled financially and can't afford to share marijuana I use for work when I have it. On way to see Bicycle Courier film he paid for us to see before THE GREAT HALL.  Phone, years later he brags he can write without marijuana. Why argue I can too.
   Currently, Charlie's (CHARLES KOMANOFF) tethered to an ideal whereby CONGESTION PRICING pays for all of America's sins, SO the Goldman Saks governor of New Jersey CAN CLAIM to stand against another tax of over-taxed-burdened-already NEW JERSEY! 
    We knew that when discussed 30 years ago, in my NYC East 29th Street apartment. After I told him I figured out the name Hank Greenway for the Hammer and Cycle, and then he told me Greenway was the new name selected for bike pathways throughout the area. 
    So as known then, CONGESTION PRICING should be $1 so it starts at all. Generations behind fixing the world! GET IT! Dumb-_ss Kevin McCarthy screaming - in the House of Representatives - is led believing _ullshit supplies his life with every fragrance he can smell up and down led by the hypocritical values he so espouses + so disgustingly represents!
    As MICHAEL MOORE aptly explained in the 1980s in ROGER AND ME. Detroit already threw away the money well before they soldCENTURIES-OLD-GASOLINE Technology dumped down CHINA'S throat to play the international game of fighting over money among the ruling MORONS OF THE WORLD. WHILE the vain-glorious of the United States itself ELECTED an even bigger poster child for the world's poisonous methods than even that perpetrated ogre himself, PUTIN. Who struts among people as likely to get knocked off as himself, if he makes a wrong move towards ending the abuse of money the world's bad people have incorporated the cooperation of the rest of the world in. 
    Frida Kahlo died young of stuff doctors couldn't handle apparently, while TROTSKY's knocked off as her and Diego Rivera's guests in a separate villa situation in quaint, yeah right, Mexico. History doesn't just fall forward. It's PUSHED TOO! Thank you DEAD BIG OIL VACUUMSand tributaries and various assorted eccentric prejudices found tripping through my life,  for JACK _HIT! The control Stalin formula for controlling the world went much further than Communist China and until the world's aware of our chasm's? We're not facing the overly paid for Destruction of the World. Oops, it's true.

  META is FACEBOOK shutting down the idea that CHARLES M. FRASER can be represented on the present day Facebook-Soapbox ViewHistory REPRESENTS!

 Never? No.  The TESLA & TWAIN MET  And so life as GOD's existence continues and our place as made in the UNIVERSE is obvious. The United States of America showed an example to the world of hoe embedded our destruction is in the economies of the world. From indiscriminate shatterings of how money id cut up and shared to governments in a vacuum thinking their survival as capitalists is more important THAN THE WHOLE COUNTRY'S AS A WHOLE. Right. It's a pit we're in to dig ourselves out of. Stop wallowing in the polish across all the various screens holding your eyes. The future may be seen on your tiny convenient computer phones. But it's like you need at least the screen of an IPAD or maybe several large screens combined on your desks, because everyone seems so narrowcast to not understand the manipulation game as with anything else knows how to be polite as HELL. Get it? 

 However many dramas the click-bait universe requires? They can buy. People work cheaper and cheaper every day AS AWKWARDLY planned. BEZOS with lawyers on retainer to fight UNIONS that HAVE ALREADY WON MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.  Our country fell into the trap of being run by MONEY SHRIVELING. William Shatner said it. Going up to look at earth in a gazillionaire's tourist trap IS JUST A JOKE folks!


   The moron the FRONTLINE documentary documents, is personally involved in WALL STREET's disabling of the LITERATURE BUSINESS through the coerced interests of THE BUSINESS' Executives. An employee of large publishing house said, I can be your friend, "but my boss won't help you." In an Ossining Park, where there's a New York State Penitentiary, the head of the same company said, "You're introducing me to him here?" How ya doin'? gone! 
    Man who was sponsored by poisoned money out of Dump Towerin the very early 80s, said he had a "girlfriend" in art in the same company and all I had to do was ask and he's ask her to look. Talked to like a child exposes adults to be pure idiot more often than not, probably. Huh kids?   People politicize themselves as if the MEDIA FRONTIER, instead of Open Public Forum Spaceis a big joke they pay each other a lot to play in
    That's what Rupert Murdoch is retiring from. THE MONSTROCA-CITIES he's part of building. AND legacies his children follow him, and worship at the idolatrous feet of, in judgement on? Face it! Everyone's thrown away like Trump Family Members who faced the truth about him too!  Amy Goodman & GUEST Slice up DUMPS in less than a minute! + then ...
    Good luck chomped kids. Throw a party! Invite a president!b Keep managing the world at a level that's not worth a GOD DAMNED _hiot you _SSHOLES. Sean Hannity will live up yours in judgement. Or mine? Guess which I'm gambling on, RUPERT'S CHUMPS?
  Look at those eyes! Follow or lead me wherever I go, if anyone wondered why on earth I'd ever seem confused NOW

 Social Grace and Fallboth, more meaningful than we've yet to face.  Where we're going after all. Dorothy click those heels -  
  The NATURE of POWER is to use it and throughout history a feudal antagonism's taken place between people that should have relatively nothing to do with each other. True, socialism for the rich paid for by the poor through a big type of loan system made business sense to people that think pure calculation has an authority over pure work. Hey! I'm writing it down. People contrived economic systems survival on the strength of the patterns ruining the world and people got and get satisfaction from saying, "tree hugger." As the Constitution reads: Don't become idiots listening to r=idiots who let their heads become redundant reservoirs of pure junked-out jargon!  Commuting, Monday, or so, out of the Washington, District of Columbia, AMTRAK Train Facility Station and write The National Transportation Grid TRAGEDY SoapboxView Series. As with my just spent time in Ithaca I anticipate some META or Facebook action making me null and void in their being interpreted by HISTORY. I'm not this or that. Soapbox View or the use of the name FACEBOOK, neither is told to me as the discrepancy and the supposed link to find out is closed to me. 
 With the hope of the world in my heart, and loving everyone dearly from my distance. Except "No Comment ..."
    The world's in deep STUFFmike hammerNational Enquirer idiots. a lot of people fell for a lot of FOOL CRAP. LET THEM GAG ON THEIR MONEY, For The Rest of Their Retirement Time, (with already enough NOW, more than likely, if honest) LEAVING THE POOR'S MONEY ALONE + REAL 100% VALUED PENNIES SO WE ALL THRIVE! +++ +++ +++ 
Bill ... 
The Fox News host speaks out as the singer, Taylor Swift faces intense criticism in right-wing circles. 
Retire with Rupert PINHEAD!
Sean Hannity Has Surprising Take On Taylor Swift Criticism
1995 Vitriolic Email from Provocative Mega-Celebrity ____ _______, co-starring TRAYVON MARTIN   Noting here earlier that pity ...
    So The Soapbox View numbers were 241 yesterday down 3000 from the day before that was near 5000 for the week. So as a histrionic charade to play with is in force maybe. Still I can stand in front of FOX and no one offers to beat my ___ or anything on behalf of Sean Hannity. Or wait here, "Sean is coming to beat your ___." None of the promise Sean made a generation and a half ago facing the MAN who told him your entire nonsense is full of crap you BIG PIECE OF RUPERT MURDOCH ____! 

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