Wednesday, September 27, 2023

"The Answer My Friend, Is Blowin' In The Wind"


China Keeps Trying to Crush Them. Their Movement Keeps Growing. 

    Well, that is the historical record that the world's forces were blown in the wind by all the various conspiracies of individuals branding their powers to run over whatever was in their way. That, as often as not, was so wrong to begin with the _____hit still MOUNTS on US. 
    No matter how jaundiced the roots of deception etc. The Chinese Communist Party HAS TO FACE being formed out of STALINIST Idealism where all that is done is focus tyranny and countries are controlled! FIX IT. Physician heal thyself.
    How things were handled among tsars, kings and queens and the various assorted coagulations formed to control politics, as the Destinies of those that Control People. PUBLIC RELATIONS for good or disease, America's encompassed it all! 
    An America that should really be grown into a sense of taking care of everyone else as ourselves. Not distributed to have all the various feuds confusing the world, while potentates step in saying we'll control things now.
    The Chinese? They may have sold the Motorcycle FAKE BICYCLE battery fires to New York City! But people let them in the UNITED STATES and brought them in long after THE OBVIOUS was FIRES KILLING PEOPLE! 
    No? Now NOT LICENSE PLATED mopeds dominate the city, not even to get the more money cheated away from messengering by BIG BUSINESS' DISINTEREST in Equitability! PEOPLE, kids almost directly out of CLOCKWORK ORANGE  terrorize citizens JOYRIDING & RIDICULOUSLY SCARING NEW YORK'S CITIZENS. Constantly.      EXACTLY WHAT BICYCLE COURIERS AS A GROUP ENDED ON OUR OWN you GOD DAMNED idiots POLLUTING THE WORLD! Ubereats, DOOR DASH, GOLDMAN SACK OF CRAP etc. Steam on your stacks of gold in CRIMINALIZED LEGAL EXCESS! Own Congress? HISTORY Wrote you up for it all on your OWNS. I'm out. Fight ya'll. _uck off. I'm giving myself maybe a month to leave you to your own excessive rewards. And I don't really want that for everyone. BUT FACE IT. There's too much satisfaction knowing Chris Christie's face is the Nightmare in HELL I might not endure. Thank GOD I don't judge. People wrote your histories and idiots tell you not to know it and people make a lot of money destroying the world. At least the BAD KOCHS are so revealed as against the world's interests, that they should be understood as souls known burnt to a crispy Chris Christie _HIT LIST. Right NOW on HEAVEN ON EARTH. NOW why would Steve Howe name a son, Dylan?
And why not favorite song of "King of All Media" Howard Stern ... 
    Why NO ONE NEEDED a new delivery service, not even those given the opportunity. Because BEZOS plays power unwinds another thread. Capitalist? BEZOS IS RIGHT NOW THE GRAND POTENTATE SHITHEAD for enough faceless individuals to know you're crispy critters too! You piles of crapped up money, you distribute like tyrants among everyone you find to abuse. CHARITY? Pennies can feed people. ROBBED EVERYONE BLIND LAUGHING IN OUR FACRES so burn imagining Chris Christie as a part of your own soulless faces forevermore. Especially THAT bored member WIFE who'll grow to hate the desire to eat the bullshit artist every day. WHILE he? Faceless piece of ...
Poet Rob Sean Wilson's Post ... ME: I miss Florida all the time. Last time there, all I heard necessary was Orlando Police Dispatch wanted to know if I was "leaving the state." The cop and I talked about the vacation and going back to write that novel. ... Air Mac very useful. Florida, New York, Florida, New York, California, New York, ?. ... My Thomas Pynchon yo-yo of a mazed life pivoted. Like that, HELLO CELEBRITIZED ENTERPRISE SYSTEM! Look who Management Manages in THE ULTRA BEST SEATS! On their posteriors work! PINK! Capitalism FOR EVERYBODY! 
Stop reducing prices paying LESS FOR WORK WHILE IT LASTS.
Arrived safely in coastal California from the Florida oceanic coast…from Steve Bradbury to Rob Sean Wilson happy happy...
   So at least maybe people with prison records can be hired till Bezos announces they'll fix that problem, when he's fully a part of keeping AMERICA desperately stealing from each other and probably the prisoners still confined in pens too. That much money and power the for profit Criminal Enterprise Housing System is on that bastard too! Yeah your mother can sue me! Insult to the word midget mind!
    THE 3 Major Services, US POSTAL, FEDEX & UPS where minimum union standards are established that APPLY TO ALL AMERICAN WORK! 
    THEY can ALL absorb BEZOS' deliveries and HIRE THE PEOPLE WHO WORK! BEZOS LOVES ruining CAPITALISM! Get it! The nightmare is he knows he's ruining the world. Live out Bezos' reward? You're warned.
    AGAIN! BEZOS' Masterpiece 
exposed as pure fraud. Money for twenty years to destroy Literature and everything else.
    But we CAN blame the CHINESE for remaining Stalinist? No kidding, we can't fully scapegoat them completely when used by Detroit's morons who shipped everything cheap away from here. To come back as still unaffordable SALES and sorry we don't know what we did?
The film I was advised not to watch in Empire-Excused Nuclear Dependent France kept from evolving by BIG Socialist Money Coerced by EUROPEAN BIG OIL. 
Michael Moore confronted them and Roger in the elevator meant "it's true we can't give a shit." Ruining Lyndon Johnson who established something for the poor is just the iceberg tip how those morons intend to keep manipulating history. 
The film I could see in PARIS. Inaccurately felt safely beyond criticism? Stuck right there in their eyes, by Spike Lee himself who I've experienced look in mine.
Their 👇 tombstone 👇 sings fake republicanism out. 
Nixon's bastard can't face self ðŸ‘Ž. 

    Dopes ruling the world, filmed above. Fetanyl, distributed by corrupt people that asshole doesn't need to know. Notice all the marijuana in the world can't calm that soul in that film. 
    Really necessary killing addicts? Bad people, like mine filmed above, get carried away doing bad things! People let them control the world as they're not letting go of NOW lying STILL. Blame me for writing it for people to read? Thomas Paine.
    And they're stuffing their failures down their own throats. All that money they have to fight you and each other for? It bought them a one way ticket to historical infamy. THE EXPOSED LYING IS DEAD BIG-OIL used CHINA to deposit cars while removing money from Detroit and the rest of THEIR FEUDAL northern United States. MOSES
    And ruling America as a tyranny is on their shoulders! LIE with them and vote with them all you want! BUT GO WHERE GOD decided all along that unworthy self rewarded idolatrous people belong.  
       Stuffing your faces as HELL where bad souls are tortured with their own rewards. Sorry, that burden Christ was not given the power to forgive, "FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD ..."
    So for the record, the debater made the point that a person is GOD for her and I to have an understanding without speaking on a subject. This in reference to a woman in the MIKE HAMMER?Enquirer distorted orbit of WALL STREET/Big-Oil on our asses confusion confusers confusing. 
    A woman wouldn't sit next to me on the Cornell bus to Cornell saying I thought that same thing about myself. And I heard her twice more confidently make the declaration among larger groups. In conference over my Senior Thesis at UCF I told Professor Evans some people are trying to prove I'm crazy. He said, "they came here saying the same thing, and I think they're crazy."
    Foolish people ruling the world would resort to anything to keep scapegoating money as the reason the world can't function exactly right. IDIOTS. 
  point on which I'd obviously stepped too far. But what's obvious is that's the same accusation used in 1978 when close friends hid me away. Why on the Cornell bus to Cornell, and hearing her two more times while there, say I'm the one who thinks I am God made ridiculous sense. Here I'm told these factors have nothing to do with a relationship. 
Dear Reverend Mario Alberto Bolivar,  

GOD suggested a SOAPBOX VIEW good morning as First Presbyterian emails are from here NOW. Charles M. Fraser @ ___ still exists, but GOD is not only NOT playing but CLEANING UP  and it's just too goofy. Right out of Dizzy World nonsense smothering my life with a bragging character I've humbly faced all my life. No matter how contrived around me. 
This Email sent this morning notifying my church, pastor named above, where my mother raised me. My emails will be from soapbox view NOW as it's Just TOO GOOFY. I've heard a few times. Going to Cornell. They're the same woman twice as I walk past many people. "That's the guy who thinks he's GOD." Elsewhere in this essay, I hope I reread how this is explained or I will now ... yep SCREW em as they say and won't face wanting done to me.   

I've got $200 to commute between Wilmington-Baltimore-Washington D.C. Locking the bicycle outside Washington's train station. Probably. Probably ride down portion to save on cost. If I can, I'll take food from the free system outside churches. THEY HAVE A PROBLEM BEING ASSOCIATED WITH AS SOME VIEW aspects of Christianity as entailing some higher calling than whether the POOR are so damn bad off in a UTOPIAN WORLD then GOD is OBVIOUSLY not really pissed off about the mess no matter how everyone's lives are tied to ruining the world through it becoming so lucrative to ruin the world. BIG MISTAKE THINKING GOD THINKS HOW PEOPLE DO. Apparently I told too many of the wrong people that. Information's useless studied enough to use. What that idiot president so blatantly symbolizes dissociated with ramifications. Comes across as You People Are Kidding Me. Let history read more teeth came out, in addition to the three lost as my timing was off on saving them due to the pandemic. I need a lot on money for the novel's eventual ad in The New York Times that I had complete confidence in when undertaken. Basically just a silly guy on a bike, how's he going to represent solving the Cold War's mediocrity exposing wasting money on weaponry pure mediocrity. Well, the world already knows it's just lying, like all things can be made lucrative. Right? Trump independent? World's taken for idiots, constantly. America pretending surprise is unbecoming.    

 Everything is basically written up in The Soapbox View essays, but when a President is compelled to defend United Auto Workers who are really a part of the Big-Oil Automotive Dependence mediocrity not faced? I just write it down. 

So that's the theme. Fix the National Transportation Grid. Face actually how the economic classes are more separated by sheer insolent mediocrity by peopl;e smart enough to be shrewd and human enough to be manipulated. 

Anyway. Blocked on Facebook and hearing that Gary Harvison's involved digitally is icing on a cake. The trombones above him always grinned when he'd scoff at every different sort of idea I'd come up with that should be aired out in some way. Somewhere in an essay it's explained useless to me and everyone else what his manipulated mind thinks. And blocked on Facebook means he still can't form much on his minds to think about other than bitter rivalry. Pathetic in the Middle east. Pathetic everywhere. 

Unloading on people I learned to like? It's funny. Jim Oliver, included in this email with his brother THE COLONEL even unfriended me on FACEBOOK as a FAIL SAFE. Meanwhile our best friend Kenny Carpenter's son, Kerry Carpenter, is included among the PRIVATE TWITTER FEED to 150 celebrity New centered journalists. Maybe like all of us looking to see if the limit drops below 150 and whether Paul McCartney or Bob Dylan dropped out. McCartney and I grinned eye to eye once and the man who worked for Dylan said I can walk around the office if I want the one time I delivered a BIG SKY EDIT delivery to Dylan's office. The Beatles, YES, all somewhat in awe of what I'm seeing more of in his music NOW as planned. GOD's WILL BE DONE ... !!! ...
From facebook where I'm temporarily off my banning for this that or the other people don't FEEL like facing. Blaming the messenger IS THE JOKE.

... ME: I miss Florida all the time. Last time there, all I heard necessary was Orlando Police Dispatch wanted to know if I was "leaving the state." The cop and I talked about the vacation and going back to write that novel. ... Air Mac very useful. Florida, New York, Florida, New York, California, New York, ?. ... My Thomas Pynchon yo-yo of a mazed life's pivoted. Like that, HELLO CELEBRITIZED ENTERPRISE SYSTEM! Look who Management Manages in THE ULTRA BEST SEATS! On their posteriors work! PINK! Capitalism FOR EVERYBODY! Stop reducing prices paying LESS FOR WORK WHILE IT LASTS.

Charles M. Fraser

P. S. Thanks for the draft. My instructions are watch yourself and others, and GOD figures us all out. But then you've preached that?

META Notice: Shutting The Soapbox View FACEBOOK page down. COPYRIGHT stuff supposedly. Never know.

The Fox News host speaks out as the singer, Taylor Swift faces intense criticism in right-wing circles. 
Retire with Rupert PINHEAD!
Sean Hannity Has Surprising Take On Taylor Swift Criticism
1995 Vitriolic Email from Provocative Mega-Celebrity ____ _______, co-starring TRAYVON MARTIN   Noting here earlier that pity ...
    So The Soapbox View numbers were 241 yesterday down 3000 from the day before that was near 5000 for the week. So as a histrionic charade to play with is in force maybe. Still I can stand in front of FOX and no one offers to beat my ___ or anything on behalf of Sean Hannity. Or wait here, "Sean is coming to beat your ___." None of the promise Sean made a generation and a half ago facing the MAN who told him your entire nonsense is full of crap you BIG PIECE OF RUPERT MURDOCH ____! 

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