Thursday, January 25, 2024

WAR's DONE. Mayhem Over. Crowd Out Your Own GOD Damned WHINING Wallowing in OIL SWILLING (KILLING) Madness. Pathetically Mediocre This Many Generations Long

     Every Filling Station in the country should include electricity or shut it down as remnants of our avoiding the obvious. Want a debate? Flush it down. Then stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Where the irony isn't that the debate persists. But that people profit from the desire to remain stupid and are exploited for simply paying little enough attention. Distracted as we are each non our own Private Utopias. Where even the homeless have pocket-sized(phone) computers on the street. Except Spock would never think it logical living there.  What happened is we overshot utopia with people scapegoating the Earth as disposable. GOD can fix it? People are missing nGOD didn't create this for us to destroy so it's for us tom fix. Global Warming is faster than projected because the Earthnisn wobbling as well from all the stuff extr4acted like this is na child's play pen. That's competitive capitalism? No it isn't. It's coercion and the PR - Public Relations involving this subject must be more than Sean Hannity shaking hi9s head pretending he doesn't haver to hear. Get it. Who cares about him, nHe's his own problem. ETC. EVERY STATION ELECTRIC or the people messing up the world still control SCREWING AROUND. Unnecessary crap. 

    Go to HELL for that, bothers people? Course it does. That I'd accept deserving that if I were destroying the world, doesn't mean everyone should fear fate. Fate's for solving. Not facing our Destroying the Earth? Is The Tragedy by which wrongly exploiting the world's minerals is blind to our own fake face. Good People want solutions seeing past Koch Brothers Mutants and politically deformed brain-twisted Roger Stones. Hundreds performed a riot just to keep events spiraling from their ever facing. Idiots. Sorry, centuries from NOWb summed up, I'd appear dull not to concur NOW. Dump Trump. Folks he's a Walking Talking Prison Empire System all on his lonesome. Hit it Don, nope click him just right he'll never shut up just to not listen to his very soul. _SS-hole.

    Irresponsible? Watch Trump. So deluded, wants to believe he isn't lying. When he's always known he is. Lying-ist President Ever Lived. Americans can be proud to know. Others? Ron De Santis pretends waking up is reciting jargon he sells but can't bother reading either. Being a moron involves busily avoiding facing a lot. Politicians, what should you know is clearly already learned not to expect? - - - As ABC7 Weatherman Sam Champion says, "Don't PR me." 

    So America, it's not biting the hands that feed us, but slapping the ones ripping us off. Money should circulate throughout the economy, not additionally ruin reality. Inflation was made a toy by professionalized ignorance. Oh well. Money's so distorted by playing with it, the idea professionals did it is acceptable? To what end? None. 

    Things went wrong. Fix them. Real Estate Economy/Sycophantic City Council(s) chased inflation and the complete lower rent Strata of NYC where moist homeless previously lived. Face the problem? Why when we can get 22 billion pretending liberals need to hide the governor off Texas pulling a frreaud having the com[p[loete banana republic mistakes of the USA haunt us further from where those lazy Texans never cared diddly about fixing anything bu7t hiding behind Johnson for Vietnam when that man was punished for what white aristocracy didn't want. Well freaks you're screwed sitting in you GOD damned mobile thrones. Electrify NOW and fix the bad consequences we can see our world suffering. Storms doubling in magnitude etc. Played with NATURE and messed up. Face improving consequences or ...

    So Real Estate cut off the bottom's circulation from THE ECONOMY. So Charity becomes evidence money's allowed to drift i8f it means nothing to anyone. Destroy thew penny and learn it's impossible to think we're even still really counting at all. Just playing mess with it and see what happens. 

    Fabulous. 30% of all your profits need to slice the lower financial regions back onto the overall pie or we're dissolving past solvency afforded for what the top 50% ultimately. That's not economics Ebenezer Scrooges. Shut up. Or what? You answered inflation for yourselves alone, by making yourselves more important than anyone. WRONG

 Peace ... 

    So days all begin the same as in their being days, but nothing is nor remains the same except the bullcrap of too many generations undermining our world. NOW is the time Women Ruled. PERIOD. 

WOMEN RULE and GIRLS beat boys especially well too!

Women rule and girls beat boys too. 

Reverend Al Sharpton's, and MY, ANNOUNCEMENT 

    Hey Sade, miss you as always ... 

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