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RITTER forced to be honest? Your culture, not mine folks.

     Giving up power is just not in human DNA. Why understandable SECURITY for the Men Controlled ABC/DISNEY Conglomerate chose to redundantly support their, Trophy of Entitlement, "GLASS CEILING" Ritter. His, "Glass Ceiling's," obvious shallowness when faced - is reflected in ABC SECURITY's basic inability to READ, contemplate or even be allowed to think. As Sergeant Schultz, of Hogan's Heroes fame, can be paraphrased, They "know nothing." 

    And of the possible security personnel in the ballpark? Like me just wishing Bill Ritter's selfish activity never started. As I said to a Friendly, supposedly, Security Man. Weird is how I've had to react to weird. He, Ritter, didn't know who I was? NOT even plausible NOW! PLUS he certainly saw WE knew enough of each other to speak with each other. Despite Glass Wall's SECURITY CEILING. 

    Just because Stalin and Mao won, doesn't mean they weren't ruthless tyrants. Same holds true of people responsible for minimizing my, destroyable by BIG MONEY, reputation. 

    In addition, LAST SUMMER, in front of me. A male executive made a point of taking inside just a fan for a picture WITH HER, at the desk where her eyes had bonded with mine, just to demonstrate how outside I STILL AM! I was away an entire month researching trains in six Northeast-Corridor American cities. New York City. Ithaca, New York. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wilmington, Delaware. Baltimore, Maryland. And Washington, D. C. 

    Then, back at 66 and Columbus, faced down 5 repetitive stalkers. Ms. Baderinwa able to phone film the first incident, as we looked in each others' stunned eyes that got me to grab the bicycle to put in front of the threatener. She no doubt knows I won't hit, regardless. 

    Twice threatened with unseen knives and the worst mouth responded to as loud, became Ritter's contrived defensive platform. "Security can handle" it, that I've watched Sade entertain - and allow one shadow to be outside that window "FIVE YEARS." Mr. "I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS" after saying and listening to basically little. Yet knew Bronx Expressway's a tragedy AND ran knowing I'm about HIS ILK FIXING & FACING MORE! Robert Moses also ran from Robert A. Caro too when pressed as to why he was undermining OUR FUTURES

    Cornell University? Some ABC/DISNEY Staff has portrayed themselves for near half a year (security stepped between me and her car door, neither of us would have opened then) wanting rid of this man who proudly highlights Cornell's Founders Wall AS INSPIRATION. Because my Aunt Aurora and Uncle Kenneth, JK Fraser's names appear on the FOUNDERS WALL next to Laurence Rockefeller. As such, ABC/DISNEY/RITTER rendered me insignificant in any context as a stalker outside their window. Preposterous. 

    BILL RITTER CREATED The Conglomerate's Malignant Perception as Ms. Baderinwa and I stuck with an entirely different observational agenda. PERIOD. I am the only journalist who'll ever visit the set of LAW AND ORDER three times because Dick Wolf respected my uncle.

    Cornell/Syracuse Weatherman Lee Goldberg's eyes goofily circled hearing "GLASS CEILING'S" jargon. Jargon covering up for POLLUTION and its EXCAVATION ruining the world. Goldberg said it. "Global Warming is faster than projected." We've taken too much out of the wobbling EARTH and BILL RITTER and others aren't caring enough for the PUBLIC TO GIVE A CRAP. 

    So "GLASS CEILING," ME described as a "pest" is A HEARD FACT. A first time seen Security that said it, gaining attention of a passing woman's eyes. Men aren't capable of being straight about this ISSUE! "TEAM GLASS CEILING!" 

    The fact that beyond interfering with Sade Baderinwa and I where HE DIDN'T AND DOESN'T BELONG, he's also had no problem BEING an actual male hierarchy figurehead in the way of WOMEN'S PROGRESS. In the way of women advancing the capability of ABC's local news. Capability so far beyond Ritter's, personally inflated, panel buttressed vision. RITTER AND ABC/DISNEY SHOULD FACE reflecting our culture's shallowness. 

    Nina Pineda should have, at least, a monthly review show of her journalism. Sandra Bookman, after two decades, finally got HERE AND NOW! Woman actually faced me down, stepping forward, leering in my eyes when I passed where she stood and a cyclist was doored and killed the day before. Oh yeah, believe it. When I face Sandra Bookman, I'm facing more than shallow male hierarchy ever bothered achieving. 

    Do I believe ABC/DISNEY is completely trapped by Bill Ritter's deviousness? I have to qualify devious, because as stands, he is represented as JUST a face at a desk not capable of responsibility for any actions or opinions. ESPECIALLY HIS OWN! 

    But even "What's a Conscience" Security JEFF will abandon "Glass Ceiling" in their own time. Right, abc glass ceiling security division, IN TUNE with gladhandedly secure Mr. "GLASS CEILING/% himself? Ethics will prevail.

    SO I don't appreciate, or even a tad appreciate, drawn into Bill Ritter's arrogant ARROGANCE. People who hold themselves in such entitled esteem, above others, SHOULD REALLY WORK AT IT. Wave Bill! 

In my opinion this man's memory holds "GLASS CEILING" contemptuously. Mr. Contentless Magnanimous Gesture. 

    Uh huh. Of course I'm mad. 
    Eight months after Ms. Baderinwa AND I understand where we are, "GLASS CEILING" Ritter and ABC/DISNEY STILL represent themselves as if RITTER didn't outright intrude and they're BOTH bigger than human institutions. As even the Stock Market, where women WILL MAKE STRIDES, must see everything "GLASS CEILING'S WAY! MEN! 30 Centuries DICTATES WOMEN'S TURN and yes face-to-face, I'll say it. EXPERIENCE HELL you earned, "GLASS CEILING." Doubtful ever really understood the actual challenges in your lives? Especially the Sycophantic Coaster on the Militarized (San Diego Naval Industry) Industrial Complex! !!!

    This gas madness of (napalmed Vietnam/"smells like victory") destruction over the centuries? That you RITTER ENDORSED in intervening in my life specifically. Up-nosed LA business writer on Occidental/ARMAND HAMMER malignancy-in-my-life time. While BIG MONEY continues the TEARING OUT THE EARTH Hypocrisy! Sure Ritter raises liberal flags. Professes objectivity like the lunatic running for the betrayed White House. But I've seen his gas isn't ruining the world shrugging. World's already ruined and needs fixing wasn't on pinhead's radar. Not my fault. ABC/DISNEY? 

    Whatever. BUT Everyone should, or will, realize, no one innocent interferes as you"Glass Ceiling," chose to do

    I, Malcolm Fraser wanted nothing to do with how Rudy Giuliani chased and manipulated Donna Hanover in her Miami television studio, numbskulls. 

    Sade Baderinwa, you are a genius. ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜‡ðŸ˜‡ 

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