Thursday, February 22, 2024

Irresponsible Lingering Public Delusion, NYC's ABC Channel 7's Bill "GLASS CEILING" Ritter ALSO 100% SAN DIEGO CONQUISTADOR Military Industrial Complex Sycophant? Ha ha. Of course he is.


    An innocent would not have interfered in our lives. Denial For A Living Man. Different bio mentions MOVE to Los Angeles. If you weren't a Dr. Armand Hammer hatched moron you could have said so. Just came across as incapable of reality's nuances. Why dealing with you for months is just boring. YOU'RE REPETITIVE, JUST SIT ON YOUR _SS Bill Ritter.
    Last evening, February 21st, made late for Church, Friendly 1 or #2, (labels unfair as in - I AM PEST 😖 here), of ABC/DISNEY SECURITY confronted me with the "what does it take" to stop me from bothering someone where they work question. 
    PERFECTLY CLEAR: NO ADMISSIONS and THEY'RE above recrimination for THEIR Male Hierarchy Figurehead STARTING The CRAP TO BEGIN WITHYour lawyers can't read? 
    Twenty minutes of my explaining his smug face was torn, somewhat, but paychecks must keep coming. AS WHEN A DECADE AGO Mike Hammer of The National Enquirer confronted me with lying, about my life, from that, not my mother, Elizabeth, who, gave birth to me, and haunted my whole life. In my editor's kitchen, who, as Mike's friend, knew what was up, so from that moment on someone to understand more broadly. Eventually, as best friend regardless. 
    But the lesson from Hammer's face was, lie, and or otherwise, these people use anything. Of course those people were NEVER ADMITTED TO ME, the author of The Hammer and Cycle Messenger Service. THE assignment was keeping AUTHOR under my reclusive wrap. And ROBERT A. CARO looking me straight in my eyes MEANT? "Your time, take it NOW!" 
    Rupert Murdoch sold TV Guide to his friend late 1990s so money that bought out my editor's TOTAL TV (notice hiding history!) had only his lingering finger prints. And if there was no me, (Malcolm Forbes insinuated I was watched) he might still have it as LIBERALISM is completely cornered in this country. Just making money is the Defaced Republican Party TOO! 
    Charles Komanoff has made MONEY fighting for CONGESTION PRICING for 30 years THAT MISSES, or emphasizes, THE POINT NOW. Parked Manhattan cars won't pay and $15 may be arithmetic and rational, but clearly more offensive to car drivers just as narrowing car lanes in Manhattan spiked the victimhood feelings for car drivers
    Programmers know how to design FLAWS that offend. 19th Century Train Technology still permeates an America forced not to afford MONORAILS! Bike Lane Design that's left pedestrians targets! OH YEAH! BIG MONEY doesn't afford caring when compromising is routinely bought off for less. 
    BILL RITTER: "Oh look, the price of used cars is going up." That's how one reads THEIR prepared NEWS? Cars over the last 5 years sold to overburden the roads with SUV size and NOW gas engines guaranteed another decades-long. Gas burning because SYCOPHANT, for the world's destroyersBILL RITTERS DON'T care for anyone but the people who haven't killed Bill Ritter yet. 
    Yes. That ruthless. Newsreader, come on? Then why did he purposely interrupt her and my life? Hobby? Uh huh. 
    I'd say Bill Ritter has the guts to kill me. Why can't he? Scruples? Not him. Wasting me just ensures his disposability. You know, what he lyingly SELLS ABC/DISNEY is okay for EVERYONE else because ARMAND HAMMER loved his BALD-FACED-LYING abilities for bad big oil's human monster driven Planet. The economy doesn't need GAS like we don't need Bill-Ritter-holes-in-the-heads. WRETCHED _SSes! 
    Where is the ELECTRIC Model T innovation of PRICED FOR EVERYONE? Or even THE (ELECTRIC?) Volkswagons EVERYWHERE when the YOUNG went for budgeting down the excesses - that the George W. Bush generation has gone on to go to the bathroom on. 
    Electric @ every gas filling station or our country's excuse riddled.
--- --- ---  --- --- ---  --- --- ---
Hey Beautiful, I really need 
Look into my EYES, Sade ... 11:02 
"And everyone's happy to be here." 11:59  
"Dragons coming out of the sea. 
Shimmering silver head of wisdom looking at me. 
... It won't be easy." 10:23 
19:30 "is no longer alone." 
"Gonna blow right down inside your soul. 19:49 
In blood, he's writing the lyrics of a brand new tune. 20:00 
And babe, it's gonna work out fine. 21:29 
... GOD's Will will be done. ... 

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